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MDD said, August 14, , You suck on dicks wha. I'm having trouble setting up Super Arcade atm, so yeah, if any wants to play me, I'm game. I'm currently setting up Supercade. I'll let you guys know when i'm done if anyone is down for some games. Here, let me set mine up.

Since we're playing Street Fighter, I have more of a fighting chance. The netcode for DBFZ has been fine for me, its the user interface and the whole lobby system thats is messed up. That said, they should make improvements if it makes the experience better for more people. Oct 27, 3, Singapore. The problem is the matchmaking.

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I think some of you guys were confused between the 2. I'll make my stance more clear. I want their netcode to be good enough to play people overseas like KI. I don't want to be stuck with netcode that's only good enough to play people on my coast. Oct 25, 3, Who at Namco Bandai do we need to point fingers at? They may have had a say in what designs to go with for the online. Regardless of netcode you're going to have people complaining about it.

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SFV uses rollback instead of input delay and you have people clamouring for the crappy SF4 input delay netcode because of it. So you're either getting one or the other because online gaming isn't going to be perfect. Oct 28, Montreal. I've played hundreds of matches of DBZ with half-a-dozen friends that live in the same city and have the same ISP, the connection is still bad.

Sure the baseline 1f delay isn't bad and feels fine, but the problem is how inconsistent the connection is.

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I don't know if it's that there's some ties to the lobby server, the delay based netcode or the way they send data. All the same from all the fighting games we play it's definitely the worse, even more so than Street Fighter V. It just works so much better. Oct 27, Taiwan. It's quite the opposite actually. The Yo Tornado Member. Oct 28, ASW pulls that kind of attitude a lot. Some variation of "we're tired of hearing about it" was used every time the idea of Xrd on PC was brought up for a couple of years before they finally put it on there.

Their games have never had good netcode, and honestly they've regressed pretty terribly. BBCT was one of the better online experiences I've had in a fighter, and every BB iteration then on was slightly worse. I used to love ASW games pre online play but I can't go back to dumpster tier connection quality, and their japan centric focus on networking tech is pretty bad. It's a shame, they were pretty forward thinking once upon a time with the online mode in GGXX xbox but now.

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Real GGPO or otherwise, you're going to come up against rollback. It's just not brought up for those games because those games just don't get talked about with the same kind of volume as SFV although SFV does have the unique issue of one-sided rollback which is a different issue entirely. Still though, GGPO is a real solution to a problem with fighters when we take distance into consideration. Input delay is a technique that just won't work that well with popular fighting games.

Even if people keep complaining, AWS or any company for that matter have little option but to keep improving. Karsticles Self-Requested Ban Member. The Yo Tornado said: Why are the japanese fighter devs unwilling to use it? Is it the lack of japanese documentation? Oct 29, It's even weirder that they're insisting on in house with DBFZ because it's published by Namco who has their own online code for their fighters.

Smash Ultimate Online is a travesty of online gameplay in 2018

Nov 2, It's difficult to actually implement it. It was a huge undertaking patching it into MKX, from what I've heard. Oct 27, 1, Some games don't launch online till months later. Mar 7, At least from what I played, single player will keep me occupied for awhile.

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Apr 27, Oct 28, 2, St. Did the online maintenance already happen that was supposed to occur today? And if so, forgive me if it has nothing to do with addressing lag complaints or anything like that. I not smart with this stuff. Oct 26, 4, Tampa. How are you even surprised after every Smash game has had trash online?

Mar 22, 1, Midwest, USA. Oct 25, 1, Oct 27, Nov 10, 5, Oct 27, 2, Oct 28, 1, I'm not an expert but I like playing fighting games online Am I really that lucky? Lets not have a thread derail over a semantics argument about an issue I specifically said I didn't even want to delve into please and thank you. Oct 26, 1, I feel like some people skipped most of the OP. Poor performance of the online aside, the lack of being able to determine what TYPE of match you will be joining is awful. I do hope they add options, and I'm sure launch day is skewing the amount of people wanting to play casuals vs competitive.

Shitty Online in Arc System Works Fighters | ResetEra

I just can't think of another fighting game that randomly groups people together like that. Oct 25, Oct 26, This is a bit weird in Smash because Splatoon's servers are perfectly okay. So what's the reason of smash online being pretty poor? Nov 16, Ultimate has the worst online features out of any Nintendo online game at the moment. This has nothing to do with "standard Nintendo expectations". ARMS has great online for a fighting game especially.

Dec 21, 4, It's kinda insane cause ARMS was my first Nintendo online multiplayer game and it works really well much better than Mario Tennis Aces and Smash , then i tried Splatoon 2 and that was also okay not as good but serviceable in fact last year i didn't get why people kept complaining about Nintendo online. Granted this is still day one, but i don't know how much they can improve it from now on. Oct 25, 2, Oct 25, 6,