Topics for dating couples

From pop culture and phone apps to old favorites and magazine subscriptions, learning about a person's media preferences can give you insight into who they are early in a relationship. During the first couple of dates, questions like these may feel more comfortable than some other types. People love talking about themselves and sharing little tidbits that make them feel unique. Ask these, then sit back and listen. Be prepared to answer them, too.

Knowing a potential boyfriend or girlfriend's future goals will let you know if you're on similar paths and whether you're compatible. It's also fun to ask questions that compare where someone thought they would be at this age to where they actually are now. You could set this up as a question game for couples and ask each other as many "favorites" type questions as possible within an allotted amount of time. Asking someone what their favorite things are, will give you a lot of information in a short amount of time, and it usually won't feel like you're prying especially if you are both answering the questions or that you're taking a couples' questionnaire.

You can also get ideas for future date activities.


This or that questions ask what your partner prefers between two options. Even easy questions like "chocolate or vanilla" can lead to conversations that prompt deeper discussion. Before you launch into questions that could potentially have embarrassing answers, gauge how the other person is feeling. Start discovering these deal breakers early on. From Snoop Dogg to Betty White, there are celebrities that people love for so many reasons.

Find out if you have the same one in mind! You may be kissing her on the cheek and not realize that what she really needs is a strong hug to make her feel loved. This will make you two closer together.

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Roses are too generic, find out what she gets the most from so that you can be her knight in shining armor when she needs it most. Ask this question so you can figure out how to diffuse the situation. Memories last forever, going for broke or putting yourself out there can make memories that you can both share for years to come. Communication can be broken down into three components: All of these need to be addressed for a well-rounded relationship.

Hit on all three of these points early and often.

Find out where that one-way ticket would land them. Your eyes, the way your hair was a mess, or maybe the Italian hoagie was on point. Think of the five senses with this one. Think about how you are with this question.

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Maybe the activity they do alone is something you can take part in. From meditation to meal prep , you can always find ways to grow together. Find ways and reasons to laugh together. Maybe you want an iPhone chip in your head, or maybe you want a personal robot, all are awesome and all can be possible at the rate we are going. You might have been the most emo kid in high school.

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Share your phase with her and see if you can catch wind of an embarrassing photo or tweet to use as ammo later on. You know that Wile E. Talk about some of your favorite ideas. Or take out the trash for that matter. Hey, it happens — and when it does, it can be weird and embarrassing. We all know that going out takes work and staying in takes carbs. Talk about your favorite binge show to fall asleep to or favorite mix drink when she gets in the bar.

67 Fun Relationship Questions for Couples

Some moms get creative with their baking tools. You may think cottage cheese is the worst thing to hit your palate and find out that she puts it on her morning toast. Is it oatmeal with blueberries or scrambled eggs on a yacht in the Cayman Islands. See who has the best one. Better late than never.

Discussion Topics for Dating Couples

This can be the key to communicating and arguing , so find out if she bottles her feelings or shares them right away. The tingles in your arms, the butterflies in your stomach, or even the shakes. This one can be a deal breaker if not done properly. All too often have couples deferred issues and it ultimately becomes their downfall. Motivation is purpose in action. So many people work at different intensities for different reasons. People can have the silliest reasons for being self-conscious about their imperfections while others may have deep emotions behind them.

And that help may come in helping them achieve a goal, a milestone, or challenge. Ask them if there is something small or big that is missing, and maybe you can be just the one to help.