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It spilled all over the desk you were sitting at, and you pushed out of your chair and backed up. It went all over your stack of finished homework, and you just stood there. You turned around saw your boyfriend, Draco, standing shirtless looking at you. His eyebrows were knit together in worry as he walked toward you. You let it out again, though it was shaky and uneven. He got you to count to ten a few times, and once you had calmed down, he pulled you into his warm body. You nodded and closed your eyes, letting him comfort you into a more relaxed state.

You need sleep and extra time to do things like eat and relax. You knew he was right, as much as you hated to admit it. You did need a break from all of this. You needing breathing room between classes. He grabbed your thighs and lifted you so you could wrap your legs around him.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your arms went around his shoulders and you kissed him, his lips tasting like the vanilla chapstick you used. He sat on the sofa so you were on top of him, straddling his waist while leaning on your knees. Originally posted by marcelkingofthequarter. You and Klaus were standing at the desk of an animal shelter. His arm was around your waist as he pulled you close, trying to show the men around the two of you that you were his. You would normally roll your eyes at this action, but you were too excited today to bother.

You had been living together for a while, and you decided it was time to take the next step and get a pet together. Klaus smirked at your enthusiasm and the two of you began following the woman that lead you into the gates behind the desk. You were brought to the dog area, where there was a series of about thirty cages. All of them were full. This made you sad, as you knew if a new dog came in, another would have to be put down.

You shook off the feeling and headed to the first cage. Klaus unhooked the latch and opened it for you so you could run to the little dog that waited on the other side. He patted the little puppies head. You put your head down in defeat, knowing he was right. He kissed you, pulled away and then headed for the front desk again. Originally posted by trulytruly.

You and Charlie were laughing at a video of a dog and a woman, you leaning on her shoulder to see her phone.

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You had been sitting on the sofa all morning, cuddling and showing each other things you found funny or cute. She loved the missions you got sent on when they called, but you being an ex-hunter, you found it more of a pain. You had more or less retired, until Sam and Dean came calling.

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She was only ever this happy when called on a job. She was born for excitement, as much as you hated to admit it. You hopped out of bed and headed to your closet, putting on your old hunting gear.

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  8. Black jeans, black combat boots, black long-sleeve, black leather jacket. And then weapons hidden everywhere. You walked out of your closet and saw Charlie wearing almost exactly the same thing, though she pulled it off better. She looked stunning in everything, after all. Originally posted by thesilent-traveler.

    You jolted up, a scream rising in your stomach that came out far more high pitched than you meant for it to be.

    You curled in on yourself, hugging your knees as close to your chest as you could. If you could make yourself small enough, you could disappear, and your nightmares would leave you alone. A look of realization was on her face. Did you have another nightmare baby? You just wanted your mind to shut down, you wanted all of your emotions and fear to go away. I want you to focus on me. Just look at me. You noticed she looked worried. You began to pay attention to the way her eyelashes fluttered and her eyebrows were pulled together.

    Natasha smiled at you and pulled you into her body, your bare legs against hers. You wrapped them around her waist, making sure you were as close as possible. You did it three more times before you came back to reality. With a deep breath, you pulled away from her warmth. You nodded and laid down, letting her put her arms around your stomach. Originally posted by wouldnormanreedus.

    You were on a run, and you had been trying to screw Daryl all day. It had gone on like this all day. You and Daryl had given up after your last try. It was too much effort and too humiliating to bother anymore, so you just sat in silence as Rick poked fun at you. Finally, you arrived back at camp, your nerves almost fried as you stomped back to your tend, and Daryl followed.

    You collapsed onto your bed before you sat up, a devilish expression across your features. Everyone was at one of the events that was being thrown. That meant that the two of you were alone at the campsite.

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    4. Daryl must have realized this too, as he immediately pinned you against the sheets with his well-built frame. His muscled arms were warm against your now shirtless back. He took off his shirt soon after, revealing his toned stomach. Originally posted by daily-hundred. You planning on talking? That should be really easy! You had been beaten for hours for that comment, but you dealt with it. After what seemed like days, the woman finally left you alone. You slipped your hands out of the ropes and began to work on the ones tied around your legs. Boots were heard against the stone floor as your best friend, Octavia, approached your beaten body.

      She was always worried about you. You took her hand and she pulled you to your feet, and you finally noticed the wet glisten in her eyes. FInally, out of breath, you both pulled away from each other, your heart fluttering with new feelings. Originally posted by magnificent-winged-beast.

      Your eyes fluttered open with a groan as you pushed yourself out of bed. As you arrived, you noticed you were feeling a little nauseous. Then the feeling began to amplify, and you rushed to the toilet and began to vomit your dinner up. You sat next to the sink and took a few deep breaths before Lucifer stumbled into the bathroom, a worried expression on his face. You shook your head with a frown and flushed the toilet, making the horrible smell mostly vanish. You shrugged your shoulders and glared at the ground. You had gained a few pounds, your period was two weeks late, and now you were having what was possibly morning sickness.

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      He put his arms around your bare waist and pulled you into him. Take the day off. As of now, you had a more important thing to do. Lucifer gave up and let you go, walking out of the bathroom, most likely to get dressed. He had important meetings or something going on all day. Running Hell was probably a lot of work, but you still had no idea what exactly his job was.

      Once the water had warmed up, you climbed into the modern-style shower, preparing yourself for the news to come. You sat on the toilet in the gas station you had bought the tests from. You took a deep breath and looked at the test that lay in your shaking hand. Hot hybrid sex - all the time ;D Being best friends with Kol and Bekah. Do you write for Venom?? Are name aesthetics open either?

      Dating Klaus Mikaelson would include…

      Would you ever consider writing for Detroit Become Human? Also are requests open? Are you still doing ships? Hi there, yes I am: Even if you are an indestructible vampire, he cares oodles for you. Despite his constant state of denial, he is in fact very cuddly. The softest soft boi.

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