Dating george weasley

I think this is gonna be a good one. He led them onto the field to start practice. He turned around and began to walk backwards. When he turned back around, he was nearly knocked to the ground as someone on a broom flew past.

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There was the sound of a whistle and someone landed near James. He recognized your face but had never talked to you before. This was really nice and really funny lmao, thank you so much. Thank you so much, this was so incredibly kind.

Dating George Weasley would include…

Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. You should NOT delete your blog. After the ceremony, you felt ashamed for looking at a boy younger than you, looking like a kid, and thinking on how cute he was… You never approached George during his first year, but you always laughed at the things he and Fred did. The years were passing, and you always thought about when the right moment would present itself for you to talk with him.

And now, that you were like a celebrity, George himself started to look at you, to notice you.

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After all that time! Your arms were aching due to the amount of books you were carrying. Were you good at your OWLs? The twins were still discussing, but unaware that now it was you watching behind some shelves, laughing low when Madam Pince scolded them. You noticed George looking around, trying to find you. After giving up, he sighed, walking away with Fred.

You feel your cheeks getting red as everyone gazes at you and the red haired boy running towards you. Incredulous, you face him for several minutes, not knowing what to say. The embarrassed smile he wore was soon disappearing, giving way to an anxious and slightly frightened expression. You laugh and he widens his eyes, blushing violently.

And you laugh, torturing him some more. Your feeling of rejoice was mixed with your desire to punish him for not noticing you for all your school life. A loud, raucous, uncontrollable laughter. Everyone was staring at you two. Your smile got larger, looking at him. The charming grin, the vivid red hair and that permanent aura of amusement. Shaking your head and giggling, you look right into his anxious eyes, feeling your own stomach turn upside down.

Goodamnit, you could swear that the entire Great Hall had glued their eyes on you two. For me writing must be an act of leisure, to give me fun. But I refuse to let writing turn into an obligation rather than fun. Please, more two slash requests! I was wondering… In all of them the reader is a girl?

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Or someone sent me a request with slash? Because I always thought the reader was a girl and this is so heteronormative. If no, I need at least four requests with slash. Well, would you help me? I thought about making other blogs to my other favorite characters and pairings, like Fremione, Dramione, the Marauders era… But how many blogs would I have to create to spill over all my feelings regarding the HP world? I was watching a Harry Potter marathon, all the eight movies in sequence to get back inspiration. And one thing bothered me a lot. Obviously, some of the blame must be fault of the crew who produced the movie for treating the character so poorly.

As this blog is centered on the twins, I watched the movies focusing on them. A brother with who you have a strong relationship. And what Bonnie does? Stand there with no reactions, almost oblivious to the fact. Standing there with no expression on her face, no body expression of sadness, no tears, no suffering, no anger… And she saw Harry and did nothing! And her attempt to run to him, but Arthur grabs her. Just Kiss Me Already. The Art of Seduction. This one with GeorgexReader at the Yule Ball.