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Your use of the Services is subject to the Terms of Service in effect at the time of such use. A Eurail Pass consists of a ticket and a Pass Cover. Neither the ticket nor the Pass Cover is valid on its own. Those who travel using one without the other are subject to the payment of a full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking. A Eurail Pass is strictly personal, non-transferable, and valid only upon presentation of a passport or other recognized photographic identification document no copies accepted. Those who travel with a Eurail Pass without a passport or a legal equivalent are subject to the payment of a full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking.

A Eurail Pass must be activated before it can be used. In case a pass is not activated at issuance, activation can be done at a major train station ticket window or at a Eurail Aid Office see Rail Planner App. An activated pass will show the first and last day of validity of the pass. Activation must take place within eleven months of the issuing date stamp in the upper right hand corner of the ticket.

Activation by the ticket inspector is allowed on board a train only if the pass holder is entering the valid country on a train from a country where the pass is not valid. In such cases the pass holder must report to the train staff immediately upon boarding the train. Those who travel using a ticket without an activation date stamp are subject to the payment of a fullfare ticket and a maximum fine of euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking.

The train staff administering the fine and issuing the full-fare ticket will also activate the pass. The Eurail Global Pass is valid for travel with the participating railway undertakings and shipping companies in the countries listed on page 5. Eurail Select and Eurail One Country Passes are only valid for the country, countries or companies that are printed on the ticket.

All participating railway undertakings and shipping companies are listed in the Rail Planner App under Pass Benefits. A Eurail One Country Pass is not valid for travel in the country of residence of the pass holder. If a traveler chooses to make a journey which is not entirely covered by the validity of his pass, the missing section has to be paid for at a normal fare. Benefits are price reductions offered to the pass holders. Not all passes offer the same benefits. A benefit can only be obtained: On presentation of an activated pass; within the overall validity of a pass; generally only in Europe from the local ticket office, call-centre or website of the company offering the benefit Eurail Passes entitle the holder to benefits on the lines of some companies and non-transportation organisations as listed in the Rail Planner App.

For details regarding the specific benefits see the Rail Planner App. For both free and reduction benefits for a domestic service, the pass must be valid in the country where the service is granted. For a reduction benefit on an international shipping line the pass must be valid in the country of departure or the country of arrival but for a free benefit on an international shipping line the pass must be valid in the country of departure and the country of arrival. For holders of a Flexi pass, reduction benefits can be used during the entire period of validity of the pass.

Free travel benefits for Flexi pass holders can only occur on a date that has been filled in on the Travel Calendar. Recording Travel Diary details. Before boarding a train, bus, or boat, each journey must be recorded on the Travel Diary. Please be aware that Travel Diary journey details are a crucial part of the ticket.

Without these details your ticket is not valid. Those who travel without having recorded the Travel Diary journey details are subject to the payment of a full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking.

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Flexi Pass holders may choose the days on which they travel within the period of overall validity of the pass. Before boarding the first train, bus, or boat on a travel day, the date must be correctly entered by pen in blue or black non-erasable ink only using a pencil is forbidden in the corresponding Travel Calendar boxes on the ticket. Those who travel on a date that has not been entered on the ticket are subject to the payment of a full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking.

Once a travel date is entered, any attempt to correct it will be considered an attempt of fraud and the ticket will be confiscated. If a mistake is made, the pass holder can: If the pass holder boards a direct overnight train after This also covers travel between When using an overnight ferry covered by the pass, either the date of departure or arrival may be entered in the Travel Calendar boxes on the ticket. If the pass holder boards an overnight train before A Eurail Pass does not guarantee a seat on a train or boat, unless a separate reservation is secured in advance.

Fees for seat reservations, sleeping accommodation, port taxes, meals, and other services while on board trains and boats are not included in the pass. Misuse of a Eurail Pass and confiscation Railway staff are entitled to confiscate a pass: In all the cases above, the pass holder is considered to be attempting fraud against both Eurail Group and the carrier they are traveling with.

This will be reported to national authorities, who will determine the appropriate penalties. With regard to the transportation of luggage, holders of a Eurail Pass are subject to the same conditions as holders of normal tickets with the railway undertaking of the train they travel on. A Eurail Pass is valid within the overall time period indicated on the pass. Travel can begin after A Eurail Pass is valid for travel in the class indicated on the ticket. Those wishing to travel 1st class with a 2nd class pass must pay the full difference between 1st and 2nd class fare on the respective route.

There is no refund for 1st class pass holders traveling in 2nd class. Citizens from countries outside the European Union and outside the countries listed hereafter, or persons officially residing outside the European Union and outside the countries listed hereafter, are eligible to travel with a Eurail Pass: Citizens from EU member countries or one of the countries listed above, and persons officially residing in one of these countries are eligible to travel with an Interrail Pass.

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Proof of residence can be established by government issued residency documents. A duplicate Eurail Pass cannot be issued for those that are lost or stolen. Damaged passes or passes bearing incorrect information due to the Issuing Office or the officer who activated the ticket may be replaced without any payment. A pass which is damaged by the owner can be replaced if an extra fee is paid. The pass holder has to pay 30 euro or the equivalent in local currency in case of a Eurail Global Pass or Eurail Select Pass.

The fee for the replacement of a Eurail One Country Pass is fixed by the carrier concerned. In the event of incorrectly issued tickets the holder may not alter it under any circumstances. Deletion or alterations on the pass shall be treated as a case of misuse see article Restrictions apply to using Eurail Passes in different categories: Children younger than 4 years of age can travel for free and without a pass, unless a separate seat or bed is requested.

In that case a separate Child ticket or pass may be required. In some countries different age restrictions may apply for children traveling on a Eurail One Country Pass. If people in the party split up and travel separately, those who are not carrying the Saver Pass will need to buy a separate train ticket. Refunds cannot be applied in this instance. Passes that are partially used, lost, damaged or stolen will not be refunded or replaced. The same applies to tickets of any sort purchased to replace lost or stolen tickets. Any dispute is subject to the jurisdiction of the country where the transport was or should have been performed.

Search Europe Rail Passes: All 28 Eurail Countries. Save and Close the Panel. Rail Travel Days Select Validity. Acceptance of Terms of Service. By using the Services in any manner, including but not limited to visiting or browsing the Site, you agree to these Terms of Service and all other operating rules, policies, and procedures that may be published from time to time on the Site by us, each of which is incorporated by reference and each of which may be updated from time to time without notice to you.

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Unused Rail Passes are refundable within one 1 year from issue date or six 6 months from issue date where so stated, provided they have not been validated, have been canceled and so stamped at a retail station in Europe prior to the beginning of the validation period. Delivery of Passes When your booking has been confirmed, your tickets will be dispatched direct to your door, to the address you have given by DHL, Federal Express or National Postal Service. Train reservations Rail pass holders can reserve seats on Trenitalia trains on our affiliated website www. You represent that all User Content provided by you is accurate, complete, up-to-date, and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

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And yes, these machine vended tickets, although smaller in size than regular tickets, must be validated as described earlier. Here is a video made by an traveler named Jerrold who, having discovered long lines at the ticket windows at the S. Novella train station in Florence, decided to use an automated ticket machine for first time. If Jerrod can do it, so can you! Many Italian train stations e. Pescara, however, is an anomaly: Stations found in the kind of Italian cities you probably want to visit, on the other hand, were likely founded in ancient times and evolved slowly over the centuries.

Their train stations are not always located conveniently. Many are located outside the Centro Storico Historic Center , others lack good public transportation links. It is not enough to simply know the linear distance of the train station from your hotel on a two-dimensional map. The Centro Storico of many towns were constructed on top of a steep hill for defensive purposes. Train stations constructed in that era were necessarily build adjacent to the tracks. Orvieto, a wonderful Umbrian town founded by the Etruscans and later conquered by Rome, is a good example of this phenomenon. If you arrive in Orvieto by train, you will need to reach the Centro Storico up above either by using the funicolare cable car that climbs the hill or else taking a city bus or taxi.

The Tarquinia train station red is located about 2 miles from the Mediterranean sea and 1. In a few mercifully rare instances public transportation from the station to the Centro Storico is unavailable. Like Orvieto, it is built on top of a steep hill and is surrounded by thick Medieval walls. The Tarquinia train station is located about 1.

The road leading up to the town is all uphill and, given that there are still sections that lack sidewalks, walking there is not advisable. City buses connecting the station to the Centro Storico arrive on a fairly regular basis. Being so small pop. You might need to walk as much as 0. First, identify the binario platform from which your train will depart partenze on the big board.

Check to see if your train has been delayed or even cancelled annulato , sopresso. Locate your departure platform.

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If you have time, go the bathroom before your train departs. In Stazione Termini there is a large public bathroom costing 1 Euro that is clean and well maintained. Doing so can be awkward if you are traveling alone because it is cumbersome to pass between cars with baggage in tow. If this happens, identify a fellow traveler to mind your bags while you explore the train.

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First class tickets cost only slightly more than second-class tickets on Regional trains example: The small price differential reflects the fact that there is relatively little difference between first- and second-class seating. Importantly, however, first class cars are generally less crowded than are second-class cars. Moreover, in some instances you can reserve a seat in first class for a small extra charge a separate ticket, by the way.

Having a reserved seat is a good idea during Italian national holidays or for regional trains that are heavily used in certain time periods by commuters and students. Given that Trenitalia overbooks its trains in periods of high demand, you could end up standing for hours. So reserve a seat on Regional trains longer than an hour whenever possible. You can buy tickets for fast trains on the internet, both before or after your arrival in Italy.

Both the Trenitalia site and the site of Italo , a private competitor of Trenitalia in the high speed sector, work fairly well. It can be quite challenging, on the other hand, to buy tickets for Regional trains on the Trenitalia site. The Italian version of the site defaults to fast trains. If you want a Regional train, you need to click tutti i treni all trains.

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  • The English version searches both fast trains and regional trains. You need to decide if you want a one-way ticket andata or round-trip ticket andata ritorno. Crucially, you need to know the name of the specific station you want to reach. Most large cities have multiple stations. If you choose the English version of the Trenitalia site, things work a bit differently. Here things get a bit complicated. If you want to avoid such subterfuges, consider using the site of Italiarail. It is far less confusing than the Trenitalia site even though, apparently, it belongs to Trenitalia.

    On the Italiarail site you can specify the price of tickets in dollars, pounds or euros. You can search on the names of cities in English without specifying the exact name of the train station e. I was able to chose tickets on Regional and Inter-City trains. The only hitch here was the train station.