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They never asked for a single dime for their services. The trailers kept arriving, and the horses were coming out starving and very frightened.

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And although she credits the close-knit horse community with stepping up and helping when needed, it was Irene Valenti who assembled that army, by simply picking up the phone. Her passion for helping is unrelenting and powerful.

Having grown up on a small farm, Ms. Valenti is happiest surrounded by animals. In addition to the horses, local squirrels, ducks and birds all come out to greet visitors at the Valenti Estate, which also serves as home to Valenti Matchmaking.

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The concept of matchmaking brings with it a certain mystique — and many people are curious about how the process works. The Valenti Experience does not involve computer surveys or texting. It is deliberately low-tech and traditional. The professional Valenti matchmaking team, including on-staff psychologists, meets and gets to know each client personally. The Valenti Experience is designed for those with busy, successful lives who are now ready to invest in their personal success.

The process begins with a getting-to-know-each-other session. During this time, clients not only gain insight into themselves but also decide whether Valenti International is the right fit for their needs.

How Two Strangers Found Love with Valenti International & Irene Valenti International Matchmaker

Valenti does not offer cookie-cutter services or pricing. A professional administrative staff, including an in-house concierge, is on hand to help clients throughout the matchmaking process. Details are planned and organized by the Valenti staff.

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Even details on selecting the perfect table at the perfect restaurant and sending just the right flowers are not overlooked. Many clients have unfettered access to Ms. Valenti herself - including phone calls on Sundays. The company attracts a clientele of exceptional individuals — they are attractive, successful in their own right and hail from all 50 states and around the globe.

With 27 years of successful matchmaking under their belts, the Valenti team believes that the more you have to offer, the harder it is to find that special relationship.

As the sun descends for the day on the Valenti Estate, the peace on the property is palpable. There is, indeed, love in the air. And whether it is bringing joy to a lonely heart, helping horses have a second chance or providing for those in need, the goal for Ms. To make a donation to TCA, please visit www.

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