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Harley Quinn grows on everyone, eventually. Not a bad way to kick off your acting career. The title of that film is how we all felt about Margot making the move to hollywood and getting some recognition. Is Leto a vampire? She played Jane in The Legend of Tarzan and refused to lose weight for the role. She said that she wanted to go drink in all the pubs since it was her first time filming in England.

Way to enjoy yourself while being a role model Margot!

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Must have made getting the role on Pan-Am all the more exciting for her. When it comes to red carpet events, she loves the getting ready part way more than the actual event. When Robbie moved to America, she left her family behind and broke up with her then boyfriend. Although that must have been a very tough blow, Margot seems to be doing just fine. Robbie had to learn how to hold her breath for up to five minutes for Suicide Squad.

James Franco Dating History

Margot had David Ayer, the director of Suicide Squad shave off part of her right eyebrow on the first day of filming to help her get into character. Margot says she struggles to have a relationship. You hear that, hipsters?

James Franco Addresses His Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Margot Robbie is coming for you! Margot made the list again in , this time being ranked at 3. Want to tell us to write facts on a topic? Please submit feedback to contribute factinate. Thanks for your time!

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When we do, we depend on our loyal, helpful readers to point out how we can do better. Thanks for your help! Here are 39 stunning facts about Margot Robbie. But I didn't have much time.

James franco dating history zimbio

First, there was the… Christine Tran Sep 27, Reid Kerr-Keller Sep 20, I had an imaginary friend—I didn't bother with him. Many adults had imaginary friends as children. At their best, these make-believe buddies were cute, helpful, and whimsical… Christine Tran Sep 29, This article was written by Penelope Singh, published November 9, Get an infinite supply of awesome facts. Marla Sokoloff and James Franco dated from to October, He might win an Oscar http: He is straight, go to wikipiki.

It is the best and more reliable site ever. James was great in mice of men on Broadway.

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  • If it ever comes back I highly recommend seeing it!! About James Franco is a 40 year old American Actor. Contribute Help us build our profile of James Franco! Isabel Pakzad started dating James Franco on Erin Johnson and James Franco were rumored to Lana Del Rey and James Franco were rumored to Emilia Clarke and James Franco were rumored t Amanda Seyfried and James Franco were rumored Agyness Deyn and James Franco are separated Sienna Miller and James Franco separated in J Lindsay Lohan and James Franco are separated Ashley Hartman and James Franco separated in Marla Sokoloff and James Franco separated in Every Thing Will Be Fine B Movie The Real World: Cyprus4Ever Sep 2, He is straight, go to wikipiki.

    MoonlightBae Jun 21, No, he is hot.