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This is to fine-tune your experience moving forward. Although being in contact with real matchmakers is an interesting concept for some, it can be a deterrent for others who prefer to retain more control over the search. After all, this is what makes this site different from other options. Packages may also vary based on your contract and the number of guaranteed dates they offer you. IJL does, however, offer a free basic account, which allows you to go through the interview process with a matchmaker and to get a sense of how the site works.

It's Just Lunch to face U.S. class-action lawsuit over matchmaking claims

Unlike most other sites that simply ask you to fill out a questionnaire at sign-up, IJL actually schedules a confidential interview with each new member over the phone. This is to get an idea of your personality, relationship goals and past relationship experience. For those that are interested in dating outside their immediate region, many locations have multi-city packages that expand the pool of potential matches to areas you are willing to travel to.

Instead, the company strives to empower their clients to use good judgment and take responsibility for their own safety. According to reviews left on DatingSiteReviews. This pricing is comparable to other matchmaking services, though it is far more expensive than most online dating options. Members mentioned that they appreciated the assurance from IJL matchmakers that dating should be fun and simple to fit into their busy schedule.

It's Just Lunch Reviews - Is it a Scam or Legit?

Common comments were that the matchmaking staff is very professional and passionate about what they do, and that their enthusiasm often rubbed off on the clients themselves. On the other hand, some clients found it limiting to have to go through a matchmaker for their matches, rather than having more personal control over the process like more traditional online dating websites. While this ensures privacy and discreteness, many reviewers felt it led to frustration at the slow pace that the service sometimes moves at.

While some locations have thousands of members, others are limited to just a few hundred. For clients living far from big cities, some felt they were paying too much money for the limited number of matches in their area. Other clients experienced long gaps between dates and grew frustrated with the lack of communication they got from their matchmakers. Currently, the company is paying out settlements to qualifying clients that signed up for the service after However, customer feedback also revealed that those looking to have more autonomy over the search and planning process of their dating life could experience frustration due to their overall lack of involvement.

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Is There A Branch Near Me?

DO NOT use this "service! The matchmakers are robotic and rude, there is nothing personalized. When I requested a new one they had the women call and confront me. The next matchmaker was no better, same tone and script.

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Once they have your money, they do not care about you or the service and will go out of their way to not communicate. No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Do you have an account? Log In before commenting. I've tried It's Just Lynch in two different cities.

The first one had great matchmakers, treated me reasonably, and most of my matches were acceptable matches even though I didn't end up with any of them long term. Then I moved to NY and tried another It's Just Lyncg branch and it was the opposite - unprofessional matchmakers, slow service, poor quality matches. I don't know what accounts for the huge difference, but the verdict on It's Just Lynch - it might be OK depending on your location, but do your research.

You can use Yelp, BBB, and comparematchmakers. I had a 6-month contract with It's Just Lunch which began in January. I was presented with a couple of matches and was stood up at the restaurant twice. Six months later, and no dates, I asked for them to honor their contract and give me a pro-rated refund. Nope, they don't do that, I was told over the phone, despite their contract. Do not waste your money, go spend your money on a nice vacation instead!

Avoid It's Just Lunch at all costs. They are designed to separate you from your money then eventually frustrate you to the point you give up.

About It's Just Lunch

After a year of false promises, three incorrect dates, and countless complaints, I cannot even get a simple response from 1 of the 6 people I have been in contact with. They will lie to you on the phone and refuse to put anything in writing via email. If you announce that you are recording the call, they will hang up on you. Internationally, this matchmaking service has locations in Singapore, Australia, London, Ireland, and several branches throughout Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. If the matchmaker thinks IJL can likely help, you pay the enrollment fee so they can get everything moving forward for you.

When a potential match is identified, your matchmaker will call and describe your potential match to you. If she was off the mark, she can use this meeting to adjust accordingly. For every date after the first one, your feedback is discussed over the phone.