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Now that he's graduated he talks much more about it. And now I understand why he didn't talk about it as much then. However, even though it was hard, in the end, he's proud to say that he graduated from there. Anyway, that's probably enough rambling from me.

Good luck and I hope Ring Dance is amazing for you! It sucks being in a long distance relationship but good on you for sticking with it and wanting to know what it's like here. I hope you make it to ring dance so you can see for yourself what our rooms look like.

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A bit of advice; never complain about how tough your life is. You can mention that you're having a tough day or what not, everyone does, but unless you happen to go to the citadel or VMI or you work in a sweatshop somewhere, you aren't going to have it as rough for long periods of time as your boyfriend.

Ryan was right as far as how a lot of the cadet wing lacks a real social life. We're forced to eat our meals at mitch's for breakfast and lunch five days a week. We march to lunch three days a week. There's a club scene in Denver if he's into that but it's not all that great and the one in C-springs is off limits officially due to violence toward military personel. Hundred's night is usually fun for everyone but the firsties. Ring dance, as repeated above is a huge event chocked full of traditions. Upperclassmen don't really partake in spirit missions but we do take spirit hill time to time during noon meal formations.

I don't know if water haze and the 10m diving board is a tradition as much as it is just something everyone has to do to pass.


I really appreciate everything you've shared with me! Yes, I don't know how I do it but I am definitely counting down with him the days until he graduates. Now that you mention it, I feel sort of bad when I complain about stupid, petty things and he's sitting in his dorm writing aeronautical engineering papers! I had no idea ya'll had to eat breakfast at Mitch's five days a week. No wonder why he's obsessed with Chipotle The facility provides complete food service support for cadets ranging from wing tailgate parties at Falcon Stadium and organizational picnics to box lunches for official travel.

Yes, you will have the opportunity to eat three nutritious meals a day — and with all the physical activities required, you are encouraged to eat well and consume plenty of water. Preparation and service of the 12, meals served daily in the Cadet Dining Facility prohibits offering special dietary menus based solely on religious faiths or individual convictions. Therefore, offering them on a day-to-day basis may be difficult, if not impossible to accommodate.

Cadets in this situation should work the issue through their Cadet Group Chaplain. Vegetarian tables at lunch are available upon request and the evening buffet also provides vegetarian fare. The Academy provides opportunities for you to enjoy a change of pace through participation in cadet activities and social functions.

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This comes as a welcome break from the military activities, academic requirements and athletic participation of the busy school week. You will find the Arnold Hall social center a relaxing place to enjoy dancing, games, movies, entertainers and television and the snack bar in the Richter Lounge is popular with cadets, too. Arnold Hall staff coordinates a variety of tailgates for Air Force athletic events and the Super Bowl, in addition to organizing summer events with food trucks and games. Additionally, cadets can participate in any of more than 90 active clubs, ranging from fly fishing to falconry, to sports, drama and more.

As a cadet, you will be expected to dress in formal uniforms and to attend scheduled dinners with your squadron or class in Mitchell Hall. Attendance at these functions will give you experience in the kind of social situations that may be expected of you as an Air Force officer. Decorum is taught in cadet squadron military training classes and cadets are required to attend social decorum training multiple times over their cadet careers to practice customs and courtesies.

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The Academy refers to permission for cadets to leave the Academy during off-duty periods as passes and authorizations. Your individual passes on Friday evening and Saturday will depend on your class and on your overall squadron performance. Cadets are permitted to leave base but there are certain rules and regulations that dictate when, where, and how often. The privilege to leave increases in quantity over the four years as a cadet progresses. Cadets can visit with their assigned sponsor families; many go on to develop very close relationships with these families because they were a great source of support away from home.

In recognition of added maturity and responsibility, authorizations and liberties are gradually increased by class. First-class cadets can go out every day if their performance is up to standards. Colorado Springs is the nearest city, approximately eight miles south, and has a population of more than , Denver, 55 miles to the north, has a population of over two million.

Because of their tourist attractions, these cities have many advantages and recreational facilities including a variety of restaurants, museums, theaters, nightclubs, shopping centers, athletic facilities and sporting events. Colorado Springs is an important training site for athletes who practice yearly for the Olympics.

Denver is the primary access city leading to many mountain resorts, ski areas and scenic drives. The cities of Boulder and Fort Collins also offer many cadets the opportunity to get away from it all. Many cadets like to go to ski resorts for a day or weekend of skiing and the Cadet Ski Club provides free transportation and inexpensive ski equipment for these outings. River rafting, mountain climbing and horseback riding are some of the other popular recreational activities available in the area.

After BCT, Air Force families participating in the sponsor program host one or more cadets for periods of relaxation — an opportunity to enjoy a home-cooked meal, sleep, relax and telephone your parents.

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Attendance at cadet chapel services is completely optional. There is also an all-faith meeting room for members of other religious faiths. Cadets are permitted to attend a church of their choice in the local community and many volunteer to teach Sunday school classes.

Cadets may participate in several other religious activities including choirs, study groups, daily worship and fellowship organizations. Early morning daily Chapel is also available. Cadets have a leave period over Thanksgiving, two and a half weeks for winter break and one week in the spring semester. During the summer, cadets take required leadership programs, which are held at the Academy or other installations.

Either before or after a leadership program, most cadets in the upper three classes have approximately three weeks of leave. There are exceptions for cadets who volunteer or who are required to attend summer school; in these cases, leave periods must be forfeited. Cadets wear a large variety of military uniforms. Primarily, cadets wear airman battle uniforms ABUs and some form of blues.

Service dress is commonly worn for more formal events and mess dress is worn for the most formal events. Cadets also wear physical conditioning PC gear for physical education classes and tests. However, "Despite all of our efforts, I expect we'll still have issues with a few young people who will make poor choices," Johnson said. In , three Naval Academy football players were charged by a female classmate with sexual assault at an off-campus party location known as the "football house.

In January, the Defense Department released a report stating that more than two-thirds of the sexual assaults reported at the military academies in academic year occurred at the Air Force Academy. The annual report on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Service Academies showed that the total number of sexual assaults reported was 70 at the Air Force Academy, the U.

Military Academy at West Point, N. That was a decrease from 80 reported at the academies in the previous year. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. You May Also Like. Older Vets Committing Suicide at Alarming Rate Almost seven out of 10 veterans who have committed suicide were over the age of 50, according to a Department of Veterans Aff Air Force is learning that wrench-turners, not computer geeks, may make ideal cyber warriors. My Profile News Home Page. Most Popular Military News. Octavious Deshon Lakes Jr. Yanky 72 Mishap Animation. Rags, Official Unit Mascot.