Are you supposed to hook up with your prom date

If not, have her sit on your lap, and always hold her hand. If she wants to have sex with you, she will, but don't ruin her prom.


Girls dream about prom since they're little and the night is really meant for them. Waking up drunk the next morning after having sex with you isn't her idea of prom, I guarantee you. You're the type of guy most girls try to stay away from on pain of death at prom. You are a fuking moron and complete loser. Related Questions Answers please!! Prom date is hooking up with someone? I want to hook up with my prom date?

Hooking up with someone elses prom date?

How to hook up with my prom date? | Yahoo Answers

Answer Questions Where can I get free money instantly? What would u think if you saw a guy wearing this in public? Cute ladies of the news? Please give me some advice? Why do almost all women like getting choked? Will you need a change of clothes? Will you need an overnight bag? In an effort to keep students safe, many schools will host a post-prom activity at a local entertainment center like a bowling alley or skating rink. Be sure to know how long the event lasts, if there is an entry cost, and how you will arrive.

If you have a limo, this is a perfect way to burn off the extra hours of paid time you may have remaining. Drive to spots in your city or town where you've never been or spots that are known to be romantic in nature. Attend a house party. Naturally, there will be a few post-prom parties thrown by students. Before planning to attend, be sure to respect your date's rules and curfew, and make sure you aren't putting her in any dangerous situations.

Chivalry is known as a code of ethics for how men treat women. The best way to describe it is to be courteous, respectful and helpful to your date. Open doors for her, pull our her chair, if she is cold give her your jacket. In general, put her needs first and she will be happy. Chivalry doesn't always fit in with modern dating methods. So be sure to tune into your date's responses to your actions to ensure you aren't going overboard with the niceties.

Be polite but know that she's a modern day gal who isn't helpless. Sincere compliments not only break the ice, but they can also help to build bonds of trust and to make the mood cheerful and jolly. When complimenting your date, be unique instead of using generalities, and avoid making crude or overtly sexual compliments--especially if you're complimenting her appearance. Instead of saying, "You have a nice smile" find a unique feature that draws you in such as, "I love that freckle on your neck. Even though "You look skinny in that dress" seems like it would be a compliment, many girls may take it the wrong way.

What your prom date hasn't told you, but expects you to know

Every girl loves to be complimented on their appearance, but avoid cheesy phrases like "hot" or "smoking". Instead, stick with classics like, beautiful, stunning or gorgeous. Don't just compliment her looks, compliment her personality too by saying something like, "You can always make me laugh," or "I can talk to you about anything. Talk to her parents. Although it may be an uncomfortably nervous situation, talking to your date's parents in a respectful manner shows a level of maturity that they will appreciate.

If you can engage her parents in thoughtful conversation, your date will be more likely to relax and feel comfortable in your care for the evening. Show that you have good manners by saying "please" and "thank you" and referring to your date's parents as Mr. Engage them in conversation. Respond by answering with more than a simple 'yes' or 'no'. Show that you are interested in getting to know them. Give them your attention. Avoid being rude by flipping through your cellphone or watching the television during conversation.

When a man shows that he admires a woman for more than just her looks, she tends to return the same respect in return. By showing your date that you value the qualities and abilities that make her who she is, you create the atmosphere needed to have a magical night.

Talk to her in a courteous manner. Avoid cursing, telling dirty jokes, putting her down or making sexual remarks about her body.

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Never make a woman feel forced to do anything she is not sure she wants to do including drinking alcohol, having sex, or going places she doesn't care to go. Don't be afraid to dance with her. Most girls really don't care if you're good or not, they just want someone to have fun with.

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Whether you're slow dancing or dancing to an upbeat song, try swaying or stepping left to right to the rhythm, and try not to be too stiff. For slow dancing , place your right hand on her left hip or on the small of her back and offer her your left hand at about shoulder level. As the leader, you can choose to either sway side to side or choose a "step touch" motion that follows the smooth beat of the music.

If hand placements make you nervous during slow dancing, you can choose the "hug dance" instead. The male simply places both hands on his date's hips while her hands go about his neck. Foot movements should be kept the same. If you're nervous about moving to the beat of fast-paced songs, just remember to move to the beat. Shuffle your feet or step from side to side, relax your upper body so you can move your shoulders and head, and throw some arms into the mix too. Keep it clean and avoid dirty dancing.

Remember to respect your date. If all else fails, dancing in groups is not only fun but it takes the pressure off of you. Popular group dances with choreographed moves like the "Cupid Shuffle" or "Copperhead Road" are always great fun for shy dancers. Spend time with her friends.

Remember that prom night isn't meant to be completely about romance.

10 TIPS To Ask Out The Perfect Prom Date

It's better to have several friends with you, aside from just your significant other. If you don't share the same group of friends, be sure to spend ample time with each group of friends, and not just your own. Even though your date may be head over heels into you, that doesn't mean that she doesn't want to share this magical night with her girl friends too. Remember to not monopolize her time or to get jealous when she chooses to dance with the girls and not you. Not everyone goes to prom with a date. Remember that it's okay to share your date with her dateless friends.

Remember, to be flexible. If you opted to go to dinner with her friends, remember you will still see your buddies at prom or even after prom. You should both be willing to split your time evenly. Affection is act of showing someone you really care through small gestures that make them feel wanted and appreciated. It can be something as simple as holding her hand, hugging her unexpectedly, or even just smiling at her.

When showing romantic affection slow-dancing, kissing, etc. Sometimes less is more when it comes to public displays of affection PDA.

Hand holding, hands around the waist, and closed-mouth kisses are fine in moderation. By paying attention to your date, your let her know that she's your 1 priority. Put the phone away, listen to what she says, laugh at her jokes, and don't get sidetracked by other friends or worse, other girls. Let her know that you enjoy her company by showing her that she is interesting and important. Eye contact is important when showing interest in a person.

During conversation, make sure you are face-to-face and not looking at the dance floor, or your cellphone even if you're nervous. Listen more than you speak. When you listen and take an interest in what your date is saying, you won't have to fish for something to talk about; the conversation will naturally evolve and you'll find yourself jumping in at the right time.

How to hook up with my prom date?

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I don't have a car or money to rent one. What can I do? Ask a friend to take you and your date. If you are going in a group there is probably someone willing to give you a ride. You can also ask a parent to drive you. You're not the only one who doesn't have a car, don't worry. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2.