Warning signs dating abuse

Definition, Facts, and Statistics

Bureau of Justice, women ages 16 to 24 suffer the most from dating or domestic violence, with about 20 in 1, women being abused by their partners. Teen girls bear the brunt of teen dating violence — most teen dating violence victims are female, and these young women are at greater risk for serious injury than teen boys. For that reason, it is very important for parents to recognize the signs of teen dating violence and keep lines of communication open with their children when it comes to relationships and dating.

Share with your children the warning signs that a relationship may turn abusive. Controlling behavior can include dictating a partners dress and mannerisms, habits, and social life.

Recognizing the Signs of Dating Abuse

Quick involvement — Watch for relationships that seem to crop up out of nowhere. Abusers often pinpoint victims who will allow for quick, intense involvement to the exclusion of other friends, parents, and a healthy social life. One partner has unpredictable mood swings — Explain to your child that a partner who suddenly reverts from normal to angry or sad is displaying abnormal behavior. Alcohol or drug abuse — Substance abuse is often the sign of a larger behavioral problem.

10 Relationship Red Flags of Abuse

Teens may be trying to medicate themselves with drugs or alcohol, or substance abuse may lead to abusive behavior. Explosive anger — Inability to control temper can lead to violence and other abusive behavior.

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Did you know that you can donate your old cellphone to help victims of Domestic Violence? Verizon has a program called Hopeline that takes donated phones and with the money raised provides grants and resources to address domestic violence. Written by Vicky Scott on August 11, Posted in Domestic Violence , Relationship , Uncategorized.

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Frequent efforts to control what you do, who you see, where you go Repeatedly pressuring you to have sex LoveisRespect. Why do you stay? So often, the victim feels love for their abusive partner. Financial abuse is common, and a victim may be financially dependent on their abusive partner.