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If that's not enough, you can get more dating tips from Happen , Match. They curate stories from their own community. There's no better way to market your product than by sharing stories straight from your users. PlentyofFish also has a large number of users and a well-engaged blog. The Plenty of Fish blog features articles with tips on everything from finding love to getting over a breakup.

Looking for Love Online: Marketing Lessons from the Top Online Dating Sites

While it touches on a familiar territory, the sheer quality of writing and story topics keeps these posts fascinating. The dating wesbsite also runs a fantastic YouTube channel hosted by dating coach Sarah Gooding, which doles out great online dating tips in viral-quality videos that seem to regularly break one million views. PlentyofFish takes advantage of the power of video in their content marketing strategy by running their own successful YouTube channel. It's primarily focused on dating advice, but is more tailored towards the insecure feelings many experience while dating.

This approach works wonderfully because through content, eHarmony shows its audience they understand these feelings. Their headlines perfectly balance comfort with education, all while while looking highly shareable, for example: They understand their audience! If you want to see a variety of content, check out the Zoosk blog.

It offers practical, evidence-based advice for those navigating online dating. The site also features a regular advice column from " Joan Actually ," an in-house dating expert, answering dating questions directly from users. There's also a Zoosk YouTube channel with videos featuring the theme "First Comes Like," showing the importance of the first smile, greeting and date -- long before the "L word" is ever uttered. They take questions from their community and turn them into content via the "Joan Actually" series.

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Introducing Scripted Cruise Control: Membership does not include content. View membership and pricing details. I promoted the heck out of one of my sites using youtube to no avail. A year later things started to roll in with very little immediate effort I'm sure my previous efforts were starting to pay off.

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YouTube taught me that your efforts may not always pay off as quickly as you like, but they may if you hang in there and keep at it. I guess the best way to promote any sites is through the hard work of manually writing, submitting, and promoting in the forums, blogs, and directories. Please have a look at this site - Mikes Adult Dating Review. Add some flavor like Mike has added to the site. Your business will run in top gear.

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  • Dating theme based one way and reciprocal links building social bookmarking site like digg. Definitely use Myspace and Facebook. You'd want to give out free tips, maybe in the form of free newsletter, to your site visitors. I personally like to read stories like this and this makes me visit dating sites. Have a link to your site on community sites like MySpace and FaceBook and I am sure you get more traffic for your dating site.

    The best way to promote a dating website? Social Networking Site like Myspace is a good place to promote your site. Yeah promotion is best way like any other social networking sites, unique feature is prefer.

    Dating site can rank easily if you can make some good back links. I think Affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go, but to start it might not be sufficient.