The fade out dating

No, he just headed downstairs to meet the rest of the wedding party. Did he not make it down there yet? This is his father. This level of respect definitely won me over.

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However, over the course of the next weeks he pulled out the classic fade away technique this is one of my favorite explanations for what this means. The week after the wedding was great.

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This meant that we could only hang out on weekdays, and our busy work schedules prevented us from meeting up before 8ish, and then we were up at 6: Perhaps, but he continued to confirm that he wanted to make plans with me despite the time challenges. Slowly but surely, I stopped hearing from him as much, and I started to realize that it was beginning to almost always be me making the efforts to hang out. The day passed, nothing. At the end of the week I addressed it as calmly as possible, and he said he was sorry, he had been catching up with his sister who had just come back from her honeymoon… and he just forgot to call me.

That more or less marked the end for me.

So after this, since he did apologize and even went so far as to express how much he did want to meet up again soon, I made one last-ditch effort to see if this might be worth my while because I still had feelings for him. We made tentative plans… which he canceled last minute. It literally just ended at that.

Same exact story as how it ended two years ago. Dating people online is a strange world with it's own rules. Often times people are casually dating more than one person. When they choose to go exclusive with one, rather than breaking up with three people they just pull a fade. They explain a lot of it. Online dating is a numbers game. Keep your head up, and don't give up! In the beginning we were both dating other people, but we did have a discussion about a week ago where he said he only likes to focus on one girl and was only dating me.

Maybe he was lying about that? I've just never had a guy pull this after this long together. After a few dates I've had a few guys fade, but after a month? Is that the norm? He found someone new. He djdnt find you interesting enough to keep. I agree with you that this is the likely scenario. Online dating is a fool's game, though. If there are any numbers in it at all, they're lottery numbers.

Keep plugging away at profile after profile, message after message until you get lucky?


The hours spent messaging and profile-writing, and browsing and picking just the right pictures That time is better spent going out and doing things you like to do. You're more likely to meet someone you'd really be interested in that way, and the people you meet would be able to meet the real you, and thus would be more likely to reciprocate your interest if there were anything there.

I guess if you really get a kick out of online dating, keep it up? But if it makes you feel as miserable as it makes most people feel, just bow out and go live your life.

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I've never done the fade. If we've seen each other at least once in the real world as opposed to internet messages; I do online dating I'm going to give you the courtesy of an explicit "I'm not interested any more. I think people pull the fade because they're worried about the other person freaking out and insulting them over an explicit rejection.

Also, I've never actually had anyone freak out like that. Most of the people in the world are reasonable. Eh, girls do it too. Sometimes you don't even care enough to say anything. Or maybe you have a grudge.

4 Things Women do That Cause Men to Fade Away

Otherwise it's just because you can't be bothered with another awkward goodbye thing. So I'm pulling the ejection handle early rather than waste either of our time. This can blow up in your face, too. I've seen a few instances in which someone was given a direct "Thanks but no thanks" type of message only for them to paste it to Facebook and rage against the one who called things off.

In a recent conversation had you insulted or implied anything negative about him or anything involving his life? Is there anything you two disagreed on that may not seem like it was too important at the time? Something like politics, children, family importance I get tired of her or lose the spark I can confirm women do this too. Almost one month of dating including sex. We had made plans on a sunday, she texts me and tells me she's sick 1 hour before the actual date. I made 2 calls and sent 3 texts in total over the next week And 1 message on facebook in case she has lost her phone. She was really nice so I didn't expect her to ignore me suddenly.

Never heard from her again. It left me just as puzzled as you. Although, I know she is well and alive since we have a common friend. Better not think too much about it as you'll most likely never find out why he chose to fade out. Usually when I start dating girls it's a casual thing until we've both made it clear that it's exclusive, which can be over a month. So sometimes I'll date someone for a few weeks, meet someone else who I'm more interested in and start spending my time with them.

It's kind of a greedy approach to dating, but if I'm not crazy about you and we aren't exclusive, I can't really break up with you, so what do I do? Sometimes I just have to fade away because we went to far for friendship to work, but not far enough that breaking up wouldn't be really weird and confusing for both of us. Hold up because this is almost my exact situation. Was dating a guy for about a month. He was super into making plans all the time. Then, 3 weeks ago, he gets sick. I figured ok, no worries, I am busy at work this week anyway.

The next week he is still sick and realized he probably had worse than a cold, which I understood and we still texted back and forth, albeit less and less. But then this past week, the 3rd week, he is apparently still sick. Said he went to the doctor and finally got medicine. So I decided to believe this, eve if I think it is ridiculous.

Yesterday he said he was feeling a lot better, so I told him I was glad and have been a bit bummed I haven't been able to see him. And I got no reply. I take that as his way of saying he is not interested. This situation comes up more often than not in dating these days. It's hard to deal with sometimes, but I know I and you! I always stop contact, and if he is interested he now needs to show me he deserves my attention. I've never heard of it as "pulling the fade", but it's just a loss of interest.

When it comes to me, it's never personal. It is past date 3 and she hasn't done anything to move the relationship forward ie, called, txted, suggested a date, initiated physical contact. I did this to some girls that i dated and the reason was that i had respect for them but they were not making me sexually interested in them, so i decided to jist fade and not tell them the reason because i thought that could hurt them. Never, never, never give "it" up unless there's a full 90 days worth of some foundation of work and respect built. He's not being enthusiastic because you're not working on a respect and attention recieving issue, you need to worry less about this guy since he's probably not about to do anything but get worse.

This is happening to me right now, we met online. We even hooked up twice, we both left the country for the weekend and when we got back I asked him whats up and he wasn't very engaging. He told me he was sick, and I saw him at the gym not stalking he biked passed me. I don't get it. I really don't understand what I did, and I wish he would just say hey I'm not interested anymore.

I would rather hear that than think I still may have a shot, or something Even if he was sick, we had date plans last night that he essentially ditched me on. A quick text shouldn't be that hard. Oh well, I can only move on and try not to dwell on it all. Yeah he is a prick and he dumped you. On the odd change that he ever contacts you again and tells you an obvious lie like my post above just insult him and be done with it.

Forgive me if I'm not understanding the timeline here, but if he told you he was sick on Tuesday, and didn't show up for a date on Friday, and you haven't heard from him at all, I wouldn't assume that's a fade. He's been fairly active posting things on Facebook and logging into the online dating site. So, I've assumed if he's not too sick to do either of those then he's not too sick to shoot off a quick text to me. I didn't actively seek out his profile online. I still log into my account, and his profile falls within the search parameters I have set up.

Is she on a trip? Busy moving to a different apartment? The only thing I can think of is that she lost her phone for like a week. Which no one ever does.

How to tell when you're being slow-faded - HelloGiggles

If you think that might be the case, you could tell her exactly what you just told me. But if you do ask her, then at least you will have tried everything. But did I see them again? I once went on a date that could not have gone better.