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Fast forward a few days later: You make a decision to finally call her. However, during the conversation, you discover that she is relocating to another city in a few days because of a recent breakup that she had with her boyfriend who she was engaged to for six years!!! She was actually only out with her girlfriends that night so they could bid her farewell.

It was their last night together. How can you avoid scenarios like this? Here is the best way to approach a woman you really like: First and foremost, in order for a woman to consider dating you, you should meet her on her level, mentally, physically and emotionally. In order for you to do that, you should first establish rapport. Most dating experts will advise men to exert confidence, build up their self-esteem and perhaps improve their looks and assertiveness.

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The key is language: What you say, how you say it, and the message you are putting out there. For example, have you ever met a woman that turned ice cold after a seemingly great conversation? Well, that is not because your looks changed or your confidence changed, it may have more to do with your language.

The next time you see a beautiful woman across the bar, at a coffee shop, or at a networking event try the following:. First, observe her behavior, and her body language for signs of interest. And, no, you do not have to act like a stalker.

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Just, simply observe her from a distance for a minute or less to assess her mood and her overall environment. Next, watch to notice if she is smiling or laughing? Does she have a drink in her hand? How many friends is she with? Does she have a wedding ring on? Is she scanning the room? Does she look bored? Does she look approachable? Once you have answered all of these questions slowly approach her.

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If you approach her within her line of sight, you will have a better chance of exchanging eye contact with her. Engaging in eye contact can tell you everything in seconds. Not necessarily with her mouth, but also with her eyes. Once you have assessed the situation, instead of asking for her name you might introduce yourself first.

If she is alone, you can ask for her name. If she is not that interested she will decline.

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The key is to keep her interest and illicit a conversation with her that either gets her to express her thoughts, feelings or emotions. Once you know this you know her language. Use the law of attraction to your advantage. In other words, learn how to genuinely enjoy every day of life and every single moment. Women tend to naturally gravitate towards two things: Make women curious about speaking with you.

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Online dating is easier than you think. Create an emotional response, so they are compelled to write you back. Paint them a picture.

18 Essential Pieces Of Dating Advice For Men

Use the power of voice tone and eye contact to charm her. Pay attention to your body posture. Make it a habit to approach women quickly without pacing back and forth about it. When you have something important to say, call her. The key here is make it known that she is an important part of your life. Be casual about rejection. Flirt, talk and then try your luck. Other women will see your desperation.

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Never celebrate after scoring her number. Cut the high-fives and nonsense out with your friends. Women will watch for your reaction. You have absolutely nothing to worry about! Put your immediate goals aside when trying to attract women. The key here is to avoid looking desperate, because your mind will literally be so focused on getting that number.