Dating my friends roommate

Most likely she will say yes unless she is insanely busy or something. Whatever you do, do not go through him. Go directly to the girl. For all you know she could be eying you too!

Tell your friend you'd like to invite her roommate along on an outing, and when she asks why or if you like her, tell her the truth. Much easier if you get her involved in the process. Even if she isn't interested in dating you, she would still be upset that you didn't share the fact you're into her roommate. Tell your friend you like her roommate and she most likely will help you with her, be your wing-girl lol. Lets hope it's not the case. Just be honest about your crush to your friend so she doesn't feel used when you hang around with her.

I would love to ask the friend out on a date. What's the protocol in terms of my roommate? Should I mention it? My instinct says yes, but I'd hate to mention it and then get turned down by her friend.

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Equally, I'd hate to go on a date and for my roommate to feel weirded out that I didn't tell her. I don't really know any of them well enough to organize a big casual group get together, which might have circumvented the problem. I'm waaay inexperienced at this sort of thing as you can probably tell.

You definitely don't need your friend's permission ; you're all adults. This, right here, would be your roommate's opportunity to say "Ew, gross" or "How dare you" or whatever else. By saying "it's cool, she's awesome," she's giving you the go-ahead. While not all hook-ups lead to dating, it's certainly not strange or unexpected when two people hook up, and then start seeing each other more formally - your roommate will not be caught off-guard.

Relax, and date without worry. Well, y'know, without any worry beyond the standard stresses and nervousness of dating. Mention to roommate, "Hey, I'm gonna ask out [friend].

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You just need to be prepared for things to possibly be awkward for a bit if it doesn't work out. Yeah, if anything say "Hey, I'm going to ask Jenny out Mention it to the roommate as a courtesy, but it's on the roommate to ask you not to, not on you to ask permission. I'd wait til after you ask her out to mention it to your roommate.

Your request is entirely unreasonable. They have been understanding so far, build on that instead of burning the bridge. In psychology, exposure therapy works by gradually increasing exposure , not by isolation. I strongly recommend rethinking your position. Some other answers already gave advise on details. Offer your roommate a compromise. Instead of waiting for a month, allow her to bring him over immediately, if she agrees to have him over like a friend the first three weeks - no private time in her room, no intimacies in the house.

The second three weeks, he can come as a boyfriend, but ask her that they don't engage in sex and he doesn't stay for the night. The final three weeks, they can do whatever they want as long as they make an effort that you don't notice it. Something along those lines adjusted for your triggers can help you manage your emotions over time without fear of a sudden overexposure.

You should also keep the apparently good and understanding communication between the three of you open. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Please do not do this again. If you have immediate need of help, you are in the wrong place. In future, fix your question and wait for it to be reopened rather than reposting it. Is moving to another apartment an option? I'm aware it's not an IPS solution, but it surely beats seeing them together in your home. Personally, I understand how it feels to see the person you have a crush on with someone else, even with a friend. It hurts like hell and it only gets worse.

I really like my friend's roommate, what do I do? - GirlsAskGuys

Otherwise, asking a couple to stay away from her home sounds a bit unreasonable and "too much". Stilez Stilez 1, 2 Think about what you are asking. What can anyone do? Be prepared to work on yourself. I am not a counsellor, physiatrist or anything else, but it seems to me that your reaction is disproportionate and perhaps unhealthy. Maybe you are sad about other things, maybe you have concerns that counselling or something could help with.

I really like my friend's roommate, what do I do?

I suggest that you be prepared to explore that with your healthcare provider, or whatever avenue is available to you. Four months of this is really likely to permanently damage your friendship. It might survive better if you take yourself out of the shared home voluntarily rather than pushing your friend away. In the end you are the boss of you, and only of you. Try taking an active role in coming to terms with their relationship, don't wait to feel better; determine to feel better. Four months of this might be really, really bad for your mental health.

Look into getting professional assistance, four months dwelling on this is bad news. At last an answer that says the OP is expecting too much. You can't get use to something by avoiding it. Either the OP walks away or the OP learns to accept things as they are. This answer is spot on.


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