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However, Elena's main amount of dishonesty is especially in regards to her romantic feeling for Damon. When Elena begins to realize she is falling in love with Damon, she refuses to openly acknowledge or accept them and instead tries to brush aside her true feelings, desperately trying to bury and ignore them in order to stay loyal to her relationship with Stefan. Despite Elena's efforts her love for Damon becomes entirely obvious to everyone around her no matter how hard she tries to deny or ignore them. When Elena becomes a vampire, she goes through a drastic and dramatic change in herself and begins to let out a more free spirited side she seems to have repressed.

By becoming a vampire, Elena also begins to truly and fully realize her romantic feelings for Damon, realising how strong they actually are and comes to realize she can't keep ignoring them and thus finally comes to accept them and at long last admit them. Elena is the biological daughter of Isobel Fleming and John Gilbert. However, upon her birth, they decided to give Elena up and left her in the care of John's brother Grayson and his wife Miranda and they adopted her.

Since then, Elena grew up believing they were her biological parents, never told the truth about her adoption and has a brotherly relationship with her cousin Jeremy. Later, while beginning her freshman year at Mystic Falls High, Elena and Matt began a romantic relationship, but Elena lost interest and wanted to break up with him.

Eventually on a night at the school bonfire, Elena and Matt got into a fight and Elena called her parents to come and get her. During that night she met Damon Salvatore, but he compelled her to forget their meeting upon noticing her parents arrival. However, tragedy would befall the Gilbert family as during the ride home, Elena and her parents' car drove off the Wickery Bridge and fall into a lake. Elena nearly died, but was saved by Stefan Salvatore and although he tried to rescue her parents it was already to late.

Since then, Elena and Jeremy both fell into a deep depression and sorrow since the death of their parents. Jeremy fell into a rebellious stage while Elena gave up cheerleading and broke up with Matt. In the wake of her parents' death, their aunt Jenna moved into their house and became their legal guardian, but still faced some difficulties to the adjustment. Thankfully, they gained the support of their friends, including Sheriff Forbes, helping Elena and Jeremy in the beginning for weeks after the death of their parents. Four months have passed since the death of Elena and Jeremy's parents and both are still struggling.

It's the beginning of a new year at Mystic Falls High and Elena begins her sophomore year and attempts to a brave face as everyone is still concerned about her. However, despite her efforts, Elena remains devastated, depressed and even dead inside since her parents death. Since the second season finale, throughout the entire summer, Elena has been searching none stop to find and locate Stefan with Damon's help, hoping to rescue him from Klaus and bring him back to Mystic Falls.

However, Elena is frustrated when Damon apparently doesn't care much for her leads on finding Stefan, unaware he is secretly following clues and murders that Stefan and Klaus have left behind throughout a large part of the country. During the summer, Elena has grown closer with Alaric as he is living with Elena and Jeremy since the death of Jenna. With the end of summer approaching as is Elena's birthday, Caroline and their friends begin preparing for Elena's 18th birthday party.

However, despite her appearance, Elena is heartbroken over her separation from Stefan and due to her depression and sadness, Elena let's her life pass her by and not live in the moment, similar to when she lost her parents. Taking place several hours after the third season finale, Elena is currently in the transition stage of becoming a vampire and she is forced to make a choice. Elena must either complete the transition to fully become a vampire or let herself die.

While Stefan, Bonnie and the rest of their friends try to find a solution, Elena is trying to adapt to the changes around her, but finds herself uncomfortable, unable to eat and can't stand bright lights. During her transition, Elena begins to remember several important moments that Damon long ago compelled away. Elena remembers their first true meeting on the night her parents died and Damon confessing his love for Elena from the second season, leaving her awestruck from these new revelations and developments.

Three months have passed since the season four finale and Elena has had the perfect summer and is enjoying her passionate and romantic with relationship with Damon since officially declaring her love for him. Elena and Damon are madly and deeply in love with each other, having spent the entire summer happily together with no problems or worries whatsoever. During this time, summer is nearly ending and Elena and Caroline are getting ready to attend Whitmore college together. Although secretly, Elena has been having a strange feeling regarding Stefan and starts to become worried about him as she hasn't heard from Stefan after choosing Damon over him.

However side from Elena's worries regarding Stefan, Elena and everyone have remained completely unaware regarding the truth about Bonnie, believing she has been traveling with her mother, unaware that she died from the events of the fourth season finale with only Jeremy aware of the truth. Four months have passed since the fifth season finale. Elena has managed to grieve through Bonnie's death, but everyone is concerned that she apparently hasn't cared much over Damon's death. However, unknown to everyone, Elena is still deeply heartbroken over losing Damon and despite her efforts to grieve his death and move on with her life, Elena is unable to move forward without the love of her life.

In order to cope with losing Damon, Elena gains magical herbs from Luke, allowing to hallucinate Damon without her friends knowledge. Damon Salvatore is the older brother of Stefan Salvatore and is Elena's true love. In the first season, Elena and Damon didn't get along well in the beginning as Elena remained hostile towards Damon whenever he did some incredibly terrible things and would not hesitate to call out on his actions. However, while everyone else believed him to be nothing more than bad, Elena slowly yet surely, saw what no one else did, the good and soft side of Damon Salvatore, witnessing him making up for his past actions and earning her forgiveness.

Damon and Elena grew to develop an understanding and bond together, first beginning when they took a road trip to Georgia and by the end Elena saved Damon from a vengeful vampire and witch. Since then, Damon and Elena began to develop a friendship and became allies. Damon continues to prove himself to Elena on several occasions, helping to rescue to Stefan when he was captured by the tomb vampires and saving Elena from being embrassed by becoming her escort at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.

However, unknown to Damon his feelings for Elena deepen into something more than he realises. Originally Damon was revealed to still be deeply in love with Katherine Pierce and spent the first half of the season trying to free her from the tomb of imprisioned vampires, only to learn she was never there. At long last realizing what a truly terrible person she was, Damon finally manages to let go of his feelings and began to develop an attraction and interest in Elena.

Damon began to trust and rely on Elena as well as becoming protective of her, such as saving Elena for the first time when she was attacked on the road or defending her from Jeremy when he learned the truth about vampires. Towards the ending of the first season and the beginning of the second season, Damon realizes he has actually fallen in love with Elena and these feelings are proven when he supposably kisses Elena in the season one finale when in reality it was Katherine. In the second season premiere, Damon struggles to understand and accept his feelings for Elena, while being toyed by the return of his former love, Katherine Pierce.

Damon's conflict with his feelings as well as Katherine revealing she never loved him, results in a serious falling out between him and Elena when he kills Jeremy out when he is seriously provoked by Katherine. Due to this, it caused Damon and Elena's relationship to become severely strained for a magority of the first half of the season as Elena appeared she would never forgive Damon for his actions and attempts to stay away from him.

However, despite Elena's anger, Damon attempts to earn her forgiveness and slowly they repair their relationship and their friendship is ultimately restored, after rescuing her from Elijah and the death of Rose. Eventually, Damon finally acknowledges his feelings and confesses his love to Elena. However, knowing he can't betray Stefan for being in love with Elena while deciding not to be selfish or deserving of her, tearfully compelles her to forget about the confession much to his heartbreak.

Damon's love for Elena is incredibly and deeply strong as he always saves Elena whenever she is in trouble if Stefan is never around. Damon also puts Elena first as if a choice is forced to be made when Elena is put in danger, Damon would always choose Elena over everything else, showing he is extremely protective of her. However, Damon believes himself to be bad for Elena and tries to bury his feelings by distracting himself and let Elena be happy with Stefan. However, over time he can't deny how he truly feels and comes to openly admit and accept his true feelings for Elena.

Ever since Damon's feelings for Elena were revealed a love triangle has been created between Elena and the Salvatore brothers as both Damon and Stefan work to win and earn her heart. While Elena has yet to realize herself, she also begins to develop romantic feelings for Damon. Elena's feelings toward Damon change as she does care a great deal about him when he is feeling emotional hurt and sees more of the good side to Damon, witnessing whenever he shows a true good genuine side to himself.

Elena also comes to feel guilty for when she does wrongful acts against him and comes to view Damon as one of the people she wants to protect from becoming hurt. However, Elena still has yet to fully realize herself regarding her true feelings for Damon due to her feelings and relationship with Stefan. Damon's protectiveness of Elena is incredibly and immensely strong as Damon is willing to do anything to protect Elena even when she disapproves of his methods.

Damon's actions to ensure Elena's survival can cause a rift to form in their relationship, when Damon feed Elena his blood to ensure she wouldn't die from being sacrificed in Klaus' ritual to free his werewolf side. Elena was extremely angered, not wanting to become a vampire and Damon soon came to realize and regret his actions. During the second season finale, Damon apologizes to Elena for his actions although due to her extreme anger over his actions and recently losing Jenna, Elena refuses to accept Damon's apology, appearing she would never forgive him.

However, when Elena learns Damon is dying from a werewolf bite, she feels extreme guilt of her prior behaviour towards him and she begins to help find him, showing that despite recent events, Elena is willing to forget about past issues to help Damon from new threats endangering his life. Once Elena finds Damon and returns to the Salvatore Boarding House, Elena remains by Damon's side, trying to make his last moments as comfortable as possible. During their time together, Damon apologises to Elena for all the horrible things he has done and once again declares his love. Elena tearfully forgives Damon while assuring him that despite his beliefs, she likes Damon just the way he is.

Elena and Damon's feelings ultimately escalated to the point where Elena kissed Damon goodbye as he lay dying while causing Elena to realize her romantic feelings for Damon that she never knew she had. Thankfully Damon was saved by Katherine using Klaus' blood. Damon returns Elena's necklace, making their feelings stronger and further intense.

In the beginning of the third season, Damon and Elena have developed a more closer relationship and have been working together to find Stefan's location and bring him back to Mystic Falls throughout the summer. Despite their search for Stefan and while her feelings for him remain, Elena's romantic feelings for Damon finally begin to emerge, proven numerous times as they constantly share several intense romantic moments. Damon's love for Elena continues to grow stronger even to the point where he is willing to scarifice his feelings at times to reassure Elena's happiness and hope for her relationship with Stefan, proven when he returned Elena's necklace.

Throughout the season, Elena and Damon grow more closer and they both make each other better. Elena helps Damon to overcome his demons and make him feel human again while Damon inspires Elena, challenging and making her question who she really is. Eventually, Elena realizes she is in love with Damon, but is reluctant and unwilling to admit her feelings even though everyone is aware of their obvious feelings for each other from friends to enemies.

Despite realizing her true feelings for Damon and while she is well aware of his mutual feelings for her, Elena tries to bury her feelings and stay loyal to Stefan. However, Elena struggles to stay loyal to Stefan due to his actions throughout the season while at the same time, Elena and Damon's feelings keep growing more stronger and intense. Damon constantly protects Elena while Stefan is under Klaus' influence and is there for her during hard situations.

Eventually, unable to keep resisting the urge to express his love, Damon and Elena share their first official kiss outside her house. However, Elena and Damon also face issues of their own when Elena agrees to a private meeting with Ester, the mother and witch to the Original Vampires. Damon refuses, worried for Elena's safety and decides to go to protect her.

Believing Damon will only ruin everything, Elena partners with Stefan to prevent Damon from interfering by breaking his neck. Elena can no longer deny the chemistry and connection between her and Damon and they share a passionate romantic kiss. By the end of the season, Elena is finally force to confront her feelings and needs to make a choice of who she wants to be with.

Elena decides to be with Stefan since he and her home are back in Mystic Falls, hurting Damon, but admits if she met him first, their relationship might be different. However, unknown to Elena, Damon actually met her first before Stefan on the night her parents died. Damon noticed Elena, believing her to be Katherine, but quickly realised the truth. They talk about her relationship with Matt and Damon goes into say that Elena wants a real love that has everything. A love that will consume her, passion, Adventure and even a little danger, but their conversation is cut short when Damon notices her parents arrival and compelles Elena's memories away.

Later, Damon becomes devastated as when Alaric dies, he learns about Elena's death as they are linked together, but discovers she has become a vampire. In the fourth season when Elena becomes a vampire as well as her emotions becoming heightened, Elena truly and fully realizes her romantic feelings for Damon. Elena comes to realize how deep her love for Damon truly is and her feelings continues to grow so strong that she can no longer ignore them.

Elena also sees how much Damon truly loves her as when she was in the transitioning stage, she regained her lost memories that Damon long ago compelled away such as their first meeting and Damon's love confession. Damon's love for Elena never waivers as wether a human or vampire, Damon still loves Elena with all his heart.

Elena and Damon's relationship becomes closer and stronger than ever before as Elena receives great support and help from Damon, helping her through the process of becoming a vampire and controlling her hunger for blood. Damon also becomes the only person to accept and support Elena as a vampire when everyone else express their disapproval over the change in her, including Stefan unable to love Elena as a vampire and wanting desperately to make her human again. When Damon saves Elena from nearly killing herself from the Hunters Curse as well as Stefan realizing her love for Damon has become more stronger and serious than before, Stefan and Elena break up.

Shortly after the break up, Elena and Damon can no longer contain their feelings and after sharing a romantic dance, they make love for the first time. Shortly afterwards, they begin a relationship, but face several issues. Damon is worried Elena's feelings might not be real after discovering the sirebond between them. Although it's revealed the sirebond only affects her actions and not her love for him, Damon still retains his worries of their relationship and feels guilty, believing he might be taking advantage of her.

Later, Damon and Elena's relationship is broken off when Elena shuts off her humanity after the death of her brother Jeremy. Eventually in the season finale, once the sirebond is broken and Elena's humanity is restored, Elena finally makes her true, official and final decision, ending the love triangle once and for all between her and the Salvatore Brothers.

Elena desires to speak with Damon regarding their relationship, but he starts to avoid the topic and gives Elena a "graduation present", the Cure to become human again. Despite Elena's wish to once again be human, she refuses knowing the Hunters are willing to kill anyone until they get it. However, Elena soon discovers more distressing news, learning Damon has been infected with Werewolf venom and wishes for him to take the Cure to become human, thus saving his life.

However, much to Elena's shock, astonishment and anger, Damon refuses to take the Cure. Elena and Damon kiss after Elena finally makes her choice and chooses Damon over Stefan. Towards the ending with Damon's life now safe and secured, he and Elena privately meet each other. Damon admits he isn't sorry for not wanting to Cure, revealing he would rather die than be human, knowing he would someday loss Elena if he were to become human while she remained a vampire. Overall Damon isn't sorry and thus believes it's one of the many reasons why he is wrong for Elena.

In return, Elena finally begins to confess her feelings. She has no regrets since meeting Damon, reveals how he is the only person who makes her feel alive even in death and makes her question who she really is. Elena at long last finally admits she is truly in love with Damon and they share a passionate romantic kiss, finally beginning an official romantic relationship together.

In the fifth season, their relationship remains strong as they had the perfect summer and Elena begins to start collage. However, their love is threatened mainly by the Augstine Society and later by Katherine when she possesses Elena's body. Due to the issues, Elena and Damon break up for almost half of the season, but they both realize they simply can't survive without each other and get back together. However, Elena and Damon would sadly be torn apart. Since the Travelers leader, Markos was freed, The Other Side has slowly begun to collapse and soon it will be completely destroyed.

With Stefan and several of their friends already on The Other Side , Elena and everyone needed to find a way to rescue them before The Other Side ceased to exist while trying to find a way to get rid the Travelers that have invaded Mystic Falls.

Elena Gilbert

A spell is revealed that can save everyone and kill the Travelers at the same time. By gathering The Travelers at The Grill and by igniting an explosion, it will kill them and activate the spell necessary to bring everyone back to life. However, Damon reveals to Elena that someone has to ignite the explosion in order to activate the spell and Damon volunteers himself to ignite the explosion. Elena is highly against his decision, wanting a future together. Damon assures Elena he will come back to her. However, much to Damon's surprise, Elena decides join him to ignited the explosion and both died together to bring everyone back.

Elena and everyone managed to come back to life, but the spell was stopped by Luke as Liv could no longer handle the power. Due to Luke stopping his sister, the spell had stopped, meaning Damon was unable to come back to life, leaving Elena utterly crushed, heartbroken and devastated. Before The Other Side was completely destroyed, Damon said goodbye to Elena, declaring his love and revealing she is the greatest thing that has ever happened in his life. A heartbroken and grief stricken Elena hallucinates Damon to cope with her grief. Not long, considering the kind of mentality supremacists like Markos have.

In other words, the MF gang jumpstarted a lot of calamities for a cure that none of the nominal heroes used. Let me put it this way. What matters in a friendship is if the person is the one who would protect you from harm and be there with a shovel and an alibi ready if you do something stupid. Elena has taken them both for granted multiple times. Bonnie is also not a special snowflake, but she is a full rounded character with her own wants and needs that have nothing to with others.

Caroline and Bonnie can both be raging bitches and then turn around and sacrifice their own well-being for their in-group. What we care about is that their relationship with Elena might be unbalances with them giving so much to Elena without receiving the same.

Caroline and Damon had sex and while they were in the middle of it, he started to feed on her and she got scared. Then she wakes up in a panic because she remembers his face and what he did. Also, Kol was wrong. There was no apocalypse at all. Like, that made me think that Kol was high or something. You need to consider the fact that even if Elena thought vampires were all just horrible monsters why would she be friends with Caroline, Stefan and Damon? She saw vampires as people. So killing a whole lineage of people should not be consider a selfless act or be justified by the fact she was helping here friends.

That tells me that Elena sees them as people because she cares about them. Elena did the same thing in season 2 when she told Damon that he could kill the werewolves, but not Tyler. Did she go to her house and do something? She was expecting Matt to call her. Sorry for bad English. No one on the show is good. The human Elena cared about everyone! She cared if they got hurt, she cared whatever happened to anyone! Even when Elena was first a vampire, I loved her! But after the humanity switch, I could not tell the difference between her and Katherine.

Katherine is my favorite character. Nina dobrev, however, is insanely unbelievably beautiful and talented. I love you nina dobrev and Katherine pierce! Katherine was at least up front about being awful — Elena masks it in a veil of self-righteousness. Our thoughts about Elena are very similar, actually same. I hate her so much, I actually quit watching the show this season. And whining is her superpower. I even wrote about that at length here: I do agree with a lot of it. I always struggle with how to feel about Elena. To be honest, I have disliked every single character on this show at least once.

Sometimes it works, but often Elena really gets on my nerves. They should have just gotten together, had some angst and struggle, but not overdone it. I think he best thing that they can do is have Elena stick with her choice. There was that time in season 5 when Stefan lost his memory, that was truly annoying. She just needs to stick with Damon, become a less selfish character, kick some ass in order to get Bonnie back, and that would be a positive direction for her character. Season 6 has been actually pretty promising to me, much better than seasons 4 and 5.

The Bamon dynamic is fun to watch, and Bonnie needs a good friend like Damon. Also, the Defan love has been awesome. Damon coming back to life and seeing Stefan first was perfect. I feel the exact same way. I started to dislike Elena when she became a vampire. If they want Damon and Elena to be together then just do it already!

Although I was attracted to the show because of the relationship between Stefan and Elena and still secretly hope they end up together they never should have gotten together in the first place if the writers wanted Damon to be her end love. I hate that this show has just divided fans between such a silly love triangle! They should have just prolonged DE as long as possible till like the end of the show. I think now even DE fans would agree that the writers have just messed up their relationship.

Another thing that upsets me is that they continue to undermine the relationship that Stefan and Elena had. And I agree that she either needs to just stick with Damon or just move on and not date any of the brothers. Her love life is getting ridiculous. But season 6 is looking a lot better with Kai as the new villain. Season 4 and 5 were not good.. I wish they would show more Defan moments..

I have been tortured by these characters. They consume my thoughts because I am watching the seasons on Netflix one right after the other. Never have characters affected me like this. I started watching because of the pure love Stefan and Elena had for each other. The bottom line is that I am completely ridiculous to even put this much thought and feeling into a fictional tv show?

What is wrong with me. I agree with all of this! I want the old Elena back to — vampirism has changed Elena for the worst. I agreee first season loved it 2 season i started noticing the fight over elana 3rd season elana.. I know right Bonnie is the only sane, normal one with class! The way they made Elena jump from Salvatore to Salvatore ruined the whole thing. Loved season 1 and 2. Hate when girls string guys along just because they can.

Am I missing something…she is just a girl. I quit the show right after katherine died. I really loved her LOL, which is weird for a fictional character. People have been doing it for generations. Never really liked her. She has always been a pain in the ass. Time to take the show off air. I t socks and the writers messed up royally. Buffy the Vampire Slayer did it better between Angel and Spike. And whatever happened to the dairies hence the shows name. I was so happy to stumble across your blog; I really enjoy quality character analyses! I completely agree with you. But slowly you begin to notice how selfish she is.

No one feels much remorse? I was pretty sad when Finn died too. I just wanted them to leave the drama behind and start a life together away from mystic falls. Elijah is also my favourite character by far. They had lost a bit too much of their morality? As in, caring about other people. As in, having a code of right and wrong that they stand on. He deserved a chance at happiness. And Kol was a psychopath, but they did not need to kill him. Elijah is indeed wonderful. I ought to write a post about him sometime.

Brutal, but full of remorse. At least there, we have a bit of honor. I agree with you in regards to Damon. Characters like him and Klaus you expect to do things you disagree with. Your most popular post? I think the turning point for me with Elena was when she refused to really address what she did to Caroline. Her humanity was off. This response reminds me what a soap opera this show is.

It sounds ridiculously unrealistic beyond even vampire soap standards when you put it like that. No,I will never act worse than Elena because I still have brain and not narrow minded. I guess the reason why the originals was created was because of the unpleasantness the fans were expressing about vampire diaries. Looks have nothing to do with it. Elena is a selfish brat. Bonnie at least helps her friends out of jams. I prefer Bonnie than Elena. And this season 6 makes me confuse. Elena is getting boring and worse. She was unbearably whiny when she first turned into a vampire.

It was so unbelievable. Klaus is HOT and treats Caroline like a queen. Who can blame her? She should have realized she was only attracted to him, but actually loves Stefan. And how do you not realize your so called best friend has been dead all summer? All she cares about is herself. I kind of disagree with that. The same goes for pairings: I can like Klaroline because of the details and the accidental good writing.

The details you mentioned: It was not a petty reason that led him to bite her but a genuine battleground. The pairing essentially showed just how complicated and gray it is to balance out your loyalty to family AND how much you like someone. All of this was for Caroline. He made the decision to forgive her plotting against him when he was making deals with her group in good faith.

As you can see, I like my characters with shades of gray. I also like my traditional heroes sometimes. Meanwhile, Klaus is his own person outside of a relationship and he does things for a reason occasionally he can be petty, but not as much as people think.

That makes their characters unappealing on top of their unbelievably unlikeable characteristics. Caroline and Klaus, meanwhile, are their own characters outside of romantic relationships and I like who they are as individuals. He did little things for the friend group because of Caroline, but I do understand what you mean. That is not love. What attracted me to this show was the relationship between Stefan and Elena.

Now, TVD has unfortunately become the delena diaries. I really hope Stefan and Elena find their way back to each other and Elena returns to her old self. I have stopped watching since first 15 minutes in episode 1 season 6 that quite boring and pointless. I never want to watch this show again otherwise I had watch season for like 3 times. Both characters are just like losing their soul and character itself as at the beginning of the show.

Same here with the Delena-Issues. Damon and Elena are not a fit. And that is not Elenas fault. She could have had the potential of being a great strong person. I blame the writers and their bad writing. And by the way: What does that say about Damon that he tolerates such a huge change about someone he loves?

Has he ever mentioned that? God and still it took me so much time to quit watching the series. I started to dislike it in season 4 and stopped watching in the beginning of season 6! Seriously, never have I seen a sign of special trust oder bonding between them that shows that they can actually spend more than a few month with each other. There is no continuity if you know what I mean. Elena dealt so well with the death of beloved Jenna, Alaric and so on. But Damon dies and suddenly she goes crazy? This show is just proof of how disgusting a love like Delena is when you consider self-esteem.

When you disappear completely into another person and have no own character traits left that make it possible for you to define yourself. The beginning of Season 6 showed me for good: A Damon-Groupie, that is all she is. Remarkable how fast she got over Bonnies death there.

After she made Ric compel her to forget about Damon there was absolutely no grief left. Her best friend for years but Damon ist the the golden statue. Well, at least the Delena-Fans are fine.

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I feel like they were the only ones that kept the show running. And of course those who hope for a Klaroline-reunion. Not that I care. I just started watching this show cause my friend kept telling me to watch it. I gave it a chance and really liked season 1. Im on the second season and Elena is getting on my nerves! I dont like her anymore.

Gotta take care -of my family, to its all my fault and I wanna be with you anyway. Oh and how she thinks she can control Damon and Stefan. Stefan was forced to sacrifice everything to save his life, and, here he is trying to steal the love of his life. I was like, what the hell? Season 1 Fool Me Once: Stefan sacrifices his freedom, when he hears Elena scream from inside the tomb. After everything Damon has done, Stefan begs him to leave the tomb with him, before they both end up being trapped.

Stefan saves Damon from John Gilbert, who tries to burn him alive. Season 2 The Sacrifice: Stefan sacrifices his freedom once again, when Katherine tries to kill Jeremy. Season 2 The Dinner Party: Season 2 The Sun Also Rises: Even after his attempt to turn Elena into a vampire, Stefan promises to Damon that he will do whatever it takes to save his life. Season 3 The Hybrid: Season 3 Ordinary People: Season 4 Growing Pains: But, he manages to viciously murder one of the guards, to stop Elena from dying.

Your forgetting that Damon fell in love with Katherine whom was only in love with stephan and toyed with Damon. Then when Stephan became the ripper Damon went behind and cleanedbup after him. Then Damon was tortured by the augustins and nearly died and Stephan had no idea nor care. Specially makes sense on why Damon went after elana, and why he tortured Stephan. I agree with you. The writers seemed to show the righteous Stefan first in some seasons to make Damon look bad no matter what he had done to Stefan and Elena. People and specially elena keep judging damon as a bastard in all seasons thats so weird.

Even Damon-Liz or Damon-Alaric or Damon-Enzo scenes steal my attention than all stefan and elena scenes in all seasons. The friendship Damon has is all that I care about and makes me believe that bad guy is actually still have heart and even better than the hypocrite elena and stefan.

So ridiculous that she falls in love with Damon after everything Stefan has been put through for her. I have never been a fan of Damon and Elena. Elena has not become a better person with Damon even though Damon claims she makes him a better person. I could barely handle it for a season and now the writers want to continue it in season 6.

Nobody wants to watch the delena diaries..

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I hope her relationship with Damon makes her realize this. I think I hated her the most in season 4. When Damon turned her humanity off she acts like a freaking rebellious kid. I mean I felt bad for her when she was in denial about Jeremy and also her mental breakdown. Damon is not a good influence on Elena. Her character has become awful since getting together with Damon.

How could he seriously tell her to turn her humanity off…like come on! Elena, Bella, Sookie, and others would have just gone on kissing their respective lovers as the world was pulled into hell around them. Buffy was a good heroine. Self-sacrificing and preserving others to the end. The world mattered more than her love life. She overestimated herself in my opinion. Like she uses er friendship as leverage to control people. Who cares whether or not you like them anyways? And she tests people soooo much. Both her and Caroline.

Like when Klaus compelled Stefan to kill her, instead of leaving like Stefan begged her too she waited till the last minute to run. Another thing that pissed me off is when she was coming down on Stefan for wanting human blood. Its not like he can control his urges. She goes behind their backs and does what she wants because she wants to make er own decisions even if they put everyone else at risk.

Just listen for once. I can go forever about her. Why do you need Stefan to stay in love with you?! Its so selfish of her to want him to keep the memories of her just so she can feel loved. I sooooo agree with you!!

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  4. What the fuck, why would you want to forget? She still wants him to remember that he loved her and that he is heartbroken because of her, like, what the hell? Let him forget, it would be a lot easier for him. But I totally love Nina Dobrev. I really hate Elena…I like Tyler… people may think that is stupid but I have some reasons. Tyler is the one of the most underestimated character in the show.

    He lost both his parents and his uncle, lost his girlfriend to his nemesis, he is an alpha, lost his pack when klaus decapitated them or ripped their heart out. When the Salvatores were planning on killing Klaus back in season 3, they did not care much about Tyler although Stefan brought him up and hesitated he was strong enough to accept his fate if Klaus died.

    He was wronged by Hayley. He had an abusive father, who pushed him around. He turned atleast a times in the mountains to break free of the sire bond for the girl he loves, the girl who forgot all about that. Yes, his thirst for revenge made him lose the girl but can you blame him? Everyone was mad at him on how he reacted when he found out about Klays and Caroline.

    We may not have seen much interaction between Jenna and Tyler but he is not oblivious to her murder by Klaus. He learnt to be a part of the team when Elena was still going through her transition and took a stake to his heart… so no matter how much impatient, short-tempered guy he seems to be, he also has a good heart.. I loved seeing this blog. Thought I was the only one that disliked Elena. Nevermind that Klaus was going to use Caroline and Tyler as his key ingredients. I also used to like Caroline particularly how she was there for Tyler selflessly during his werewolf stage.

    But they are ruining her character by turning her into a Stefan worshipper and a hypocrite.

    Legal Ownership

    Particularly since she slept with Klaus,she can tone down on the judgement. Elena is just a whinny,selfish character,the best the writers can do for her is to end the love triangle and have her stick to Damon already. But TVD needs to salvage all these characters,bring more Defan love,more girl love and more character growth.

    Its been too Elena-centric since season2. And you see how fucked up Julie pled made her life. Like she got no romantic interests other than Jeremy and her step brother. I thought bamon was better not berry or at least stefonnie because they are both good characters. She is the main damsel in distress character when she has all the tools to become the badass. Caroline is a vampire just like her and she is a badass. Bonnie is not even that of a powerful witch and she is a TOTAL badass no matter how empty and crappy they make her lines.

    They practically made TVD the delena- Stefan alone triangle show. The originals is wayyyy better. Just saying everyone is always talking about Elena no one cares how Bonnie countless sly literally countlessly saved her life not just for Elena but for EVERY main character on the show. In conclusion seasons 1,2,3, and maybe eye 4 except the delena scenes were great. And Damon and Bonnie hold hands only in their death.

    Anyway sorry for the rant great article and author by the way. She was pretty horrible to Caroline in season two. Now on the other hand Bonnie lost a grandmother, her mother was turned, father was killed. She had been threatened more than once, forced to do things against her will…. A flipping coin was tossed to decide the fate of Bonnie and her mom despite the fact this girl continuously helps and risks herself. The way Bonnie treat caroline in season two is kinda normal for a teenage girl. Bonnie should be the main character instead of elena and caroline.

    Although I love and still hope for stefan and elena I think she should should be single for once in her life! I hate how the show has made everything about elena and the delena diaries. Bonnie has been put through so much crap on this show and the characters barely care about her. Especially Elena who claims she will do anything to save the ones she loves. Ugh such ridiuclousness TVD has come to. Gosh, how happy I was when Silas killed Jeremy! That was so deserved. They tried sucking me back into the series with the Kol stunt — but he was there for what, five minutes?

    Not long enough, my friends. I watched up through the finale without shedding a tear and then called it quits. But that was enough to keep me till season finale. Oh, thank god, you were annoyed, too? Everyone cried and was shocked and all but I really was disappointed. Kinda expected more from a tvd season finale… If Vampire Diaries stays that way I will seriously quit. Yeah I already rewatched season and compared to them season 5 sucked. How many times Delena actually broke up?

    Like 10 times meantime? Am I the only one having the feeling like Hayley is the Originals-Elena? Fool me once, shame on you, writers! It kind of all went in the trash can when they flipped off the Delena fans by introducing the sire bond as an excuse for why they were together. From there, it descended into utter tripe, with so many people running around wearing the same face that it immediately got boring. If they bring back Kol for The Originals, I will be a happy girl.

    They need him on that show to raise a little hell, since all Klaus does is whine and cry. I kinda lost interest in Damon since the whole Delena crap. It ruined his character, imo. Sometimes I get the feeling like the writers are running out of ideas. That guy was the 2nd worst villain ever! Right after that Markos guy. John Gilbert was scarier! I had high expectations because Kol was so scared and all that shit and then Silas turned out to be crap. Markos was a joke. Hayley… nah, I never really cared for her, sorry.

    Unlike Rapunzel-wanna-be Hayley seems to actually be able to handle herself. Yes she tends to be kidnapped and nearly killed ALOT, but she actually manages to find a way out of her situations before Elijah and Klaus come to rescue her. Yes she definitely has her flaws like all the others even my fav Bonnie who is admittedly very judgemental but rightfully so , but she is still in my opinion waaayyy better than cry baby attention seeking Elena. But they had a valid reason why: Klaus baby was inside of her.

    I completely agree with you there. I love Elena form season 1 and 2. I even find qualities in her that I aspire to have. But season 4 and especially 5 are complete nonsense. She has completely lost the person she used to be, along with every other character. Bonnie had become strong, yet now he character feels empty. So many good things ruined. This show has no moral standings and to many selfish self centred characters if the show had been done right and not lagged out it would have ended in the second season and not get so much hate like Elena what kind of main character is that?

    I want to reach through the screen and slap her a thousand times. Once they killed Katherine, I lost all interest in it. It used to be so good. She really needs a raincheck — in retrospect, she deserves lesser than Stefan and Damon and Matt kinda. Julie Plec should really focus on the character development instead of making it a twilight remake — no moral or context to it.

    When you create a love triangle in a show, you are forever running the risk of upsetting half your fan base at any given time — which, to me, is stupid. To be honest, I never liked her.

    Women Paul Wesley Has Dated

    I found her annoying and selfish in the first season, for example…. She always cared more about herself but her friends always save her. I way prefer Caroline. Oh I thought I was about to explode when all my friends were on the defend Elena train. I seriously cannot stand her and I thought I was the only one.

    They both do what they do for their loved ones. But Elena single-handedly orchestrated the death of two originals and literally stabbed Rebekah in the back. If I was Rebekah, oh man, Elena would not be walking around being the selfish ass bitch she is. She has blood on her hands too and because those two were originals, she has so much more blood on her hands than she can count.

    How are people just okay with that? Killing an original means killing their entire bloodline. How is that justified? And that concludes my anger of the moment, hanks for reading my rant:. I realize that Kol was a threat and largely uncontrollable, but if Bonnie could trap Klaus inside that house after they murdered Kol, she could have trapped Kol inside the house too. Also, why not call Elijah? Nice plan… if you care nothing about innocent third parties. This was all about Elena. Elena becoming a Vampire was inevitable. She could have trusted him with Kol.

    What made it exponentially worse for me, was that earlier that season, when Klaus turned that bar full of people so Jeremy could finish his mark, Elena threw a hissy fit. And that was her actual reason. No, she was fine with mass-murder, so she could get the cure. Scare the crap out of me. She is insanely selfish. Kol was a murderous little psychopath ie, a lot of fun but he had legitimate reasons for wanting to stop them from raising Silas. Elena set up his murder. It was premeditated and unnecessary, because a Klaus was taking care of it, b Elijah could have taken care of it Kol actually respected and feared Elijah, I think , and c as you pointed out, Rebekah could have helped them.

    All they would have had to do is sneak Jeremy out of town for awhile, stake Kol for awhile, and be done with it. As much as i love Stefan, he is so stupid. I have to say I like Katherine more than Elena. Yes Kat is a murdering manipulative lying bitch, but at least she owns her crap. To be honest I used to like katherine from the beginning of the show until season 4. But then I rethink about her reason to do it was because she never got the man he loved.

    Damon & Elena’s 10 best moments from ‘The Vampire Diaries’

    First Elijah and then Stefan. But these two guys dumped her because she was a manipulative bitch and selfish who killed so many people to survive, while they forgot about themselves who killed many people to survive too. Katherine was much more fun and classy than boring and self-centered elena. Oh thank heavens that I have found so many Elena Haters: Really I think my dislike of her character a few episodes into the fourth season.

    She had been whinny since the beginning. She is unbearable in s5. I love Elijah who does not. Remember the time she conspired with his bitch witch of a mother to kill all the originals including Elijah? Klaus had to pay for something SHE did. Yes he is manipulative and psychopathic but who would not turn into a complete psycho after years and years of parental abuse and abandonment? Even my favorite Elijah had done some terrible things.

    Elena you have slept around. I stand Damon anymore. I can see why Klaus acts the way he does. He was abused, abandoned, rejected and humiliated and cursed. So I get where he is coming from. WTF is wrong with Damon? I have given up on TVD period. I love the originals. I love the fact they have created a multifaceted character out of a fairly one dimensional Klaus. She should die and stay dead.

    I watched degrassi, 2nd generation. Sorry Nina, I did not like you as Mia too. Someone mentioned the books. Yeah I have read ALL of them. Elena was NOT a slutty bitch there. She really is unbearable this season — but then, the entire SHOW, in my opinion, is unbearable. I love Elijah, and I like Caroline, although my opinion of her went in the toilet once she slept with Klaus, thereby turning her into a big, fat hypocrite for judging Elena for being with Damon.

    Elijah is the most honorable one in the bunch. Klaus is an abusive, childish psychopath. I always wondered how could she judge Damon for his lack of humanity when she herself killed 12 people!!!! Not to mention she killed someone the day she turned into a bloody vampire no pun intended. Elenas a bitch…shes the one who always needs to be saved.

    I liked her more as a human she was so caring kinda got annoying and now as a vampire shes a slutty brat. Its like i like it when somebody physically hurts he. Katherine is a bitch but at least she admits she is. I am totally on the hate train when it comes to one Elena Gilbert. It is sad, because I really, really wanted to love the show. But the main character Elena fails what I call the Acathla Test. Namely, if the only way to save the world is to kill the person you love most, would you save the world?

    I forget her exact quote, but Elena basically says she would be there making out with Angel as played by the Salvatore Brothers as the world gets flushed into hell. And her actions back that up. Considering she moved Heaven and Earth to protect Klaus, who murdered the woman who was raising her, it would not surprise me if she would still protect Stefan if he bathed in the entrails of a busload of preschoolers then had a freshly-squeezed baby-smoothie in a Jeremy-skull sippy cup as a chaser right in front of her.

    Kinda hate the moral relativism that permeates the show. On the plus side, it did provoke a Buffy marathon at my house. So all ended well. Yeah, when you compare Elena to Buffy, Elena really looks like a selfish brat. And she sent Angel into a hell dimension because she had to — in spite of loving him. Although I would have to say that stefan is Angel and Damon would probably be Spike. She was tired of playing a whiny bratty bitch like Elena. I love Katherine and her bad self though. Even Caroline has commited mass murder. Not much concern for humanity, is there?

    Honestly I tried to like Elena, and I actually did in season one and two maybe three as well. But unfortunately, she became boring. And I feel like she always repeats herself by accusing others with something. Why Elena are you so whiny about everything? I totally get that she had a very hard time with everything that happened to her, but honestly the producers are able to create characters that can deal with huge problems in a cool way that makes all the fans love the character even more, but somehow that misses when we talk about Elena.

    I mean Nina Dobrev does a really good job playing two characters and I love Katherine. I just wish Elena would be cool in her way as well. Yes, Elena has sadly become redundant — as has the plot. Katherine is all kinds of fun. I really do dislike the writers. They waste good plot lines in favor of stupid, redundant ones.

    Killing off Katharine, one of the few characters I actually liked and found interesting, was the last straw for me. Yes, I get the show revolves around her but there are other characters and shes annoying me now… I plan on finishing season 4 this weekend so I can only imagine how my feelings for her will change! Season five is midway through and … UGH. I hate people sometimes.

    Elena thinks she owns people. She tries to control them. And when that fails, she becomes sullen and whiny about it. Her family, her emotions, and her beliefs come first. Although he has too much faith in people. She always think about herself and keep blaming others when her family were in danger. She even killed Kol and tried to kill rebekah and killed Finn and tons of human life to selfish reason. So tell me where is the good thing she ever done? Never care about john gilbert who tried so hard to keep her alive. I agree, Elena sucks and needs to get completely heart broken. Sleeping with Damon like that is horrible, especially after all the crap he has done to her best friend Caroline during season one.

    Lastly, I hope Damon breaks up with Elena permanently and admits that he just wanted his brother all to himself or some other lame excuse and that she never did it for him. Pretty much, just completely screw Elena. I completely agree about Elena! She is so selfish parading around as if she is caring. Like who does her character think she is?! I love Elijah and tolerate Rebecca, but I despise Klaus. I remember when Elena knew Damon was slept with rebekah and she seemed so upset, forgot about the fact that her boyfriend was stefan and she just dumped damon.

    For God sake I wanna punch her until she never exist again. It pisses me off that Elena is ALWAYS highlighted as the most caring, selfless person in the show, when in reality almost everything she does is insanely selfish. He really is a great character. He does not get enough screen time at all.