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It's a statistical miracle I tell you!!!! Of course doing so would mean not getting laid. Doctors will not test unless there are symptoms or the patient specifically requests the test which is not part of a "full" STD screening. This is not including people with oral herpes, which can be transmitted genitally through oral sex with or without outbreaks and with or without a condom. Gay men prefer to ignore this, insisting their hookups be "ddf," when most of them don't know or simply don't disclose. Interesting observations on the "disease free" claims.

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I had one hookup who told me he was HIV positive only when I asked directly--he said he was negative in his profile. He said it "wasn't something he advertised" but that he always told a potential trick before they had sex. Now, I have herpes and I always tell guys before we have sex--I've wondered about posting it in my A4A profiles and other profiles, too but I wonder if I am just setting myself up for getting no responses at all.

R27, does that work? Since my diagnosis, I've only tried to hook up once. The guy thanked me for my honesty, said he needed time to think, and then blew me off. Is it better to disclose live? Most of the advice on disclosure targets straight people. Um, what are you supposed to say to someone you don't know?

Adam4Adam Sucks

A guy contacted me on the site directly, asking me if I wanted to hook up. I like the directness, and I was horny, so I said yes. He mentioned that he would like to keep seeing me, because he's so sick of the one night stand nonsense. I said ok, how about tonight?

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After the movie, we went back to his place for some more snuggling and making out. The whole date had many nice moments in it. Lots of laughing and a pretty quick comfort zone developed. Lying in his bed I told him that I had a great time, and that I'm going to go home so I can feed my cat, and that I'm not into spending the night with someone I just met, but that we can plan another date very soon if he liked.

He seemed fine with it, although a bit disappointed. I went home, and thought "wow, that was different. Then I went to bed, happier than usual. I woke up and there were 5 emails on A4A from him telling me I'm an asshole, and that I lied to him, and that I'm a whore, and all kinds of really mean spirited and hurtful stuff.

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I ignored him, and just dealt with the bullshit in private. A week later, I thought I would just call him, and see if I could get some clarity or closure on it. He seemed very collected and friendly, and he explained that he was upset that I told him I was going home to sleep, but that since he could tell I logged on to A4A, he assumed I was online looking for another guy for the night.

I told him the truth - I was looking at his picture, and that's all I wanted, although I was well within my rights to look at others or do whatever the hell I wanted He understood, and he apologized, saying he has a problem flying off the handle like that.

We dated for another three weeks very very regularly think UHaul , and had a good time together, but ultimately he became a flake and started being aloof and weird, and started mistreating me, so I broke up with him, and that was that. Just make up a profile and lift a pic. Say you want to do unprotected anal and watch all the guys line up. This is not genital herpes, which is different. R17, please don't let the asshole at R16 cause you to stop posting. You provided some worthwhile information whereas your detractor is just blathering on, making noise.

As always, my personal favorites are the ones who have no face pic posted on the site, yet requires anyone who writes to them better have a face pic on site and that it MUST be open when the person writes if they expect any kind of response. And of course it's these same assholes who will write you first and when you ask them for a face pic, they either don't respond or write back "I don't have one, sorry. Or when they unlock all their pictures which are 7 headshots and no nudity, or all genitals and no face Well, my pics show both face and nudity and I'm not about to reveal all while you're just revealing your faceless balls and ass or, conversely, just your face like we're on match.

It's all so depressing. No thanks, I'll stick to porn and flirting with guys I meet in real life. If a guy claims to be straight and his girlfriend is out of town, of course:: I won't hook up with him. Who the fuck do you think you're kidding? Whoever told you masquerading as "straight" will score you more dick just cost you a hookup. Oh, and don't call me "bro". The site starts to get really depressing when you realize that it's the same handful of bottoms that log on day in and day out.

Then you wonder if they're thinking the same thing about you Well, because any other "straight" people they knew in real life wouldn't be on a site like A4A. You have to create a profile before you can look at others' profiles too. I will never understand how people can put compromising pics on the net, let alone anyone who is married, or claims to be bi or straight. And "discreet" is quite possibly the best term on these sites. No one knows what it actually means.

Same old shit no matter what site. Sometimes you fuck around with someone. Always a mixed bag. The people ive dated have usually been liars. But some fine ass comes around sometimes that almost makes it worth it. I'm always so confused by the old guys who spend so much time contact younger guys. How sad is it that these guys spend all their time just contacting young dudes? My partner and I have a profile on there, which we started soon after we moved to LA. We didn't know any gays at all, so it was actually a good way to meet people.

We met virtually all of our current friends through the site or through friends of folks we met on the site. We have also used it for occasional hookups with pretty good success. I still think that it's silly to blame A4A for any kind of uptick in infection rates. It's the most used site of its kind nowadays, so it's going to be filled with the most of all types of people-the good bad and ugly. I'm trying to figure out why unattractive older dudes spend all their time logged on hitting on younger guys. I love people who have ZERO or just ONE picture and their demands for multiple additional pictures from you, even though you have six clear photos of every fucking angle of your face and body on the profile already.

Or they contact YOU and demand you unlock, while they've not unlocked theirs. The best are guys whose first message to you is simply "Unlock? I never respond to these guys. Had been chatting with a guy who lived close buy. Upper middle class neighborhood. Invited me over to party a bit and then he would suck my cock and eat my ass. I arrived to find an emaciated looking man. Dunno if it was due to drugs, Aids or both. With him was an African-American goy about They were out of drugs and asked me if I had any cash. The younger guy wanted to go with me went I quickly excused myself. Really not that dumb.

I met my partner on A4A, we are both poz and say were poz in our profile.

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  6. The ones to watch out for are the PNP boys, most of which all bareback. The ones that crack me up are "I'm looking for friends only"bunch and have nothing but pics of them spreading there asses 3 feet apart. A4A is really no different then meeting in a bar. People can make up just as much shit about themselves there as they can online.

    Obviously, the men with genital herpes have learned their lesson and are no longer having sex with random strangers. You, know--to protect the strangers. If you cast your net in dirty waters, you can't expect to get clean fish. You can't expect to find virtuous people with high morals on sites that cater to shallow, loveless immorality. I don't see why people are shocked.

    Ya gotta love the prissy pearl clutchers going on and on about people with communicable diseases while they troll the internets looking for anonymous dick.

    And this is exactly why I deleted my account. It's kind of fun at first, but then after a while it's all the same people and the endless one word messages and plans to meet up that never actually happen. It's always the same people. I got chlamydia once from a guy off a4a who told me beforehand he'd just been "deep tested" whatever that means. Anyway, the "deep testing" apparently didn't include a swab of his ass! And when I told him he needed to go and have that done, he got very defensive and swore it couldn't have been him and then went on to tell me that ANOTHER guy he'd recently hooked up with accused him of the same thing!!!

    Connect the dots, dumbfuck! I'm sure he's still out there spreading it with his diseased hole, all the while thinking he's clean as a whistle. I actually met two guys there that have become pretty good friends. But there is probably not enough bandwidth in the world for me to go on about the freak shows I have encountered there. Guys with arrest records, guys that make up insane stories about themselves, guys that say they are masculine but show up with tweezed eyebrows, bleach blond highlights and reeking of perfume.

    It goes on and on. But you know what, if I was more out-going and went to bars I would probably have no better luck accept at a bar its easier to avoid conversations with the fem-bots. Well, bro, the only time I ever got an STD was from my supposedly monogamous partner of 6 years. Just sayin, dude man bro. R74 totally deserved what he got and more. And the irresponsible a-hole has the nerve to blame the other guy.

    I've found A4A to be a low-rent, down-market version of Manhunt. I imagine it's because A4A offers pretty much full access for free, whereas MH charges for full access, weeding out some of the less desirable and more desperate. What's the difference between being on A4A all day every day and being on Datalounge all day every day? Why does that make you a whore? I thought fucking everyone in sight makes you a whore - I didn't know being obsessed with a website met the criteria.

    It is only a question of time.

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    I think I've hooked up with a few hot guys on Adam. One we met up a few times. Most of the others were one nighters. It's no better or worse than Manhunt. Why would you meet someone whose full name you don't even know? Recently met a guy i like on Adam. We chatted a while before meeting.

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    Get along very well, sex is good. I'm careful with who I meet. Don't go straigt to the bedroom. Just an aside-I've met blacks, whites of european descent, asians, latinos Supreme Court, the military, local and national law enforcement agencies and the Catholic Church. He has covered the AIDS epidemic since it first surfaced in the early s. And MTP intentionally did not charge this crime as a hate crime. If I want to call Dino a perverse and sick person, than I am entitled to that just as much as you say that I need to get help.

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    They never think about what the consequences are after. January 27, at 1: Brian's Ions January 29, at 8: Asher Daman June 22, at TheRealDeal July 11, at Asher Daman July 19, at 5: Senate approves two nondiscrimination bills by James Wellemeyer posted on January 18, Tulsi Gabbard apologizes for anti-gay past in new video by Chris Johnson posted on January 18, Tulsi Gabbard apologizes for anti-gay past in new video. Senate approves two nondiscrimination bills. Gay Virginia Beach council member charts own course. Court rules anti-gay discrimination in housing case not sex discrimination.

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