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Studies have shown women are more attracted to usernames that indicate intelligence, so try one like these:. The data nerds over at Hinge recently found that women love chatting about food.

Funny usernames online dating

So if food is what she wants, why not give it to her right in your username? A good username intrigues her from the very beginning, so when your message pops up in her inbox, she immediately wants to know more about you. Hobbies are often a good source of inspiration, like these for a chef, scuba enthusiast, or beach goer:. But not every hobby does a good username make. There you have it — 15 humorous usernames, along with some bonus what-not-to-dos.

25 Weirdest & Most Hilarious Online Dating Screen Names

Jeanne Sager February 28, at 1: Boy did they ever: GitMeDun -- Hmm, wonder what he wants? GetatMeBaby -- Ditto note this is the female version PullingTeats -- Please be referring to a cow's teats, please be referring to a cow's teats, please be referring YourHero -- Oh man, it couldn't get cheesier if it were a block of cheddar! BakedFrogLegs -- Um, what? ChristianMingle Imhisforever -- Well, that doesn't leave much room for love, now does it?

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SnotCat2 -- Yes, nothing sound sexier than your cat's snot. InsuranceSeller -- Dude, did you really just lead with that?

Funny usernames online dating - Haute & Humid

No one's picking up your calls now! Hurtone4u -- Nothing screams creepy control freak like this guy's screen name. Needsisterwife -- Isn't there a site made specifically for these people? BostonFootLover -- So does his fetish exist outside of Beantown?

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Maybe we don't want to know. FyUoCuK -- Yes, we see what you did there.

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Doesn't make you clever Wasteofair -- Why not just name yourself "miserable a-hole" and be done with it? Behold what people have come up with in the extra space: