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Come with a smile to your date! Your goal is to meet someone new, to try to get to know them well enough and to see if you enjoy spending time together.

If you had a nice time on this date, then do you want to spend more time with this person to get to know them even more? There are different dating cultures which determine the setting of your first couple of dates.

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Choose the activity or location you both will feel most comfortable with, make sure to dress accordingly, plan to bring or buy drinks and food, and have fun! Keep dating your whole life together. You want to choose a location that makes each of you feel safe and comfortable. This is a part of life. Most importantly make sure to have Fun In Jerusalem whether you are a single dating or a couple looking for a fun activity to do together.

The building dates back to the 19th century and is typical of the surrounding neighborhood, with curved arches and high ceilings. I like that you have the choice of sitting outside or inside, depending on what kind of vibe you want for the date.

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Outside tends to be a little more private. It attracts young, hip Israelis and Americans alike with great coffee and food, including salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes.

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Nocturno recently expanded; adding a downstairs level with a bar and a stage. With its ever-changing array of bars and unique restaurant offerings, the shuk is a staple of Jerusalem nightlife. Tourists usually come to the shuk during the day and see chaos, but at night, it totally turns around. The shuk gives a real cross-section of Jerusalem that I feel really represents the culture of the city in a huge way and I love feeling a part of that. They offer workshops for couples in chocolate making, for those more DIY dates. With lush green all around, you can take your chocolate to go and enjoy it outside.

For the date to be good, you want it to be unique. The ambiance is elegant without being stuffy. Besides the ample cocktail menu, which offers a large variety of drinks created by a mixologist, Zuta, 10 King David Street, also has a sophisticated take on bar food that is easily devoured, such as homemade charcuterie and red tuna tartare.

So you have the option of starting at Zuta for drinks and then heading over to Zuta is quiet and intimate, with great cocktails.

Jerusalem is for lovers: The city's best date night spots

It also has very good food. This is a place you probably want to save for a later date; until you are certain that this is someone whose company you enjoy. Be prepared to shell out some shekels, but the price is well worth it for those who appreciate quality meat dishes. The decor is minimal and chic, as is the menu.

You choose your fish and the sushi chef decides which vegetables to add.

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There are also steamed bao buns with options like miso salmon and veal short ribs inside. Are you and the other date going to meet at the site of the date? May 15, 9: May 15, 2: May 15, 3: May 15, 5: May 16, 7: You must be logged in to reply to this topic. January 15, 6: January 16, 2: January 15,