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You are not my child and you are also not Diddy. Check it out and let us know if we missed anything, and if you think we hit the mark with our tips! This will never change. Consider it a win-win. And if you really want to earn cool points, learn about the musicians that matter to us.

The Ultimate Guide to Date a Latina

There is no quicker way to offend mom, abuela or tia than to refuse the food they prepared with so much TLC. This means we are going to take a little longer getting ready.

Why we fear Latina Women

If this is a huge problem, try telling us we have to be somewhere one hour or so before we actually have to be there. And then boy will be stuck tapping into the Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez analogies that have put Latinas at the forefront of popular culture, but often make their physical standards a social crutch during real life exchanges. Sure, these women are stunning and have helped create an appreciation for curvature some men and adolescent boys did not even realize existed or more so, that they even wanted but they are not the blanket casing. Latin America is a true mash up of skin tones and ethnic backgrounds; meaning there are no real physical outliers for the Latina woman.

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In the Caribbean and coastal Latin America, African slaves, indigenous tribes, and Spanish Europeans collided, leading to myriad physical outcomes. Some Latinas cannot tan because their skin is too pale. Some Latinas have dead straight hair. Some Latinas can pass for African American. There are also areas in Central and South America that have strong Asian backgrounds.

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My mother worked hard to bring my sister and me to America. She started as a cleaning woman and is now a personal trainer at a very successful gym.

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  6. We fight for these rights not because our blood is muy caliente, but because we feel they should be intrinsic. I took classes throughout high school and even moved to Spain for half a year. By not being able to speak, it does not make us any more or less of anything, it just means whoever cheated off of you in Spanish class was probably really confused when they got their grades back. I reserve the right to speak in Spanish when I want to, dress how I want to, dance how I want to.

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