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World of Tanks players and clans. Match making posted in General Discussion: I thought that mm was going back to original? Operation cs go matchmaking 0 players Hydra Extended. GO ranks, explained PC Gamer. Quelques soient ces matchmaking, le rle de notre char reste peu. Get optics unless you're a sneaky bastard in an ELC with.

Amx 40 scout matchmaking

World of Tanks igraa i klanova. Alle PremiumPanzer ein eingeschrnktes MatchMaking.

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Premiumpanzer ein eingeschrnktes MatchMaking bekommen sollten! Un tel systme de matchmaking permettra non j'ai dcid de mettre un terme mon activit de contributeur et ne souhaite plus alimenter WoT.

Kurz und knapp Beide Panzer sind meiner Meinung nach sehr gut, wenn man sich auf ihre Spielweise. Except that the T82s matchmaking is much more. Speaking of camo scout tanks have a advantage of medium tanks when it comes to basic camo ratings.

Further more scout tanks don't receive a penalty to their camo rating when they move. PsychoBarnyFife, on 07 December A1 remains from the frontal view and wraps around to the side hull. This location still is protected by just 50mm of armor at minimal angles. The turret armor remains difficult to deal with from the side since the angles vary across the turret and can cause shells to continually bounce off. The T6 and T7 areas remain from the frontal view.

If you see an AMX 40 angled…. Specific armor values can be found on the picture above.

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The upper frontal glacis becomes virtually invincible to any tank the AMX 40 faces under normal MM as it angles. Much like the UFG the beak area is a lost cause.

HARDEST BAGUETTE EVER - 500mm PEN (War Thunder AMX-40 Gameplay)

The lower frontal glacis even with additional angles remains a weak spot with small amounts of angling. A1 remains the go to weak spot since it remains visible no matter how much the AMX 40 angles just remember to hit the flattest part. A5 is the only reliable side hull weak spot as it is not covered by any spaced armor and is only protected by 40mm of hull armor and 10mm of track armor.

Matchmaking Wot Elc

If the AMX 40 angles to much this location is very easy to exploit. Both upper side hull areas are extremely difficult to damage while they are angled.

Watch out for tank destroyers in tier 4 matches and you will be a tough tank. The 75 has decent penetration but remember it is a short range gun so don't snipe. It is a challenging tank but it can be fun on the right map in a tier 4 match I got ace tanker in it. Also load some gold rounds for those higher tier matches like 4 rounds or so when you are in a corner with a KV you can at least penetrate.

What to do take the most direct route to battle get a push if you can show your front armor kill lower tier tanks know weak spots on tougher tanks load a gold round for heavies of tier 6 or so don't go alone if you can help it.. Your armor makes you immune to most autocannons use that to your advantage if a pz1c face hugs you laugh and then kill it.

I am still trying to figure out tactics for the elc amx which I just upgraded too. They are so different the change is jarring. I would say that the two tanks can't be more different. Amx 40 not a lot of firepower great armor quite slow. Elc Amx has a lot of firepower with the top gun fast as all get out and no armor to speak of.

Here is my results. Otakuwarrior 15 Posted Jun 09 - GollumsFish 16 Posted Jun 09 - Swap out your fire extinguisher for a fuel consumable.