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So, I'm gonna move this up a little bit. And we're gonna get to something that causes some confusion. But, we'll try to clear it up here. The positive sign, this is a convention that we use. The positive sign for current is the direction that positive charges move.

Current direction

So, that's the direction This is the direction a negative chlorine ion moves, When I assign a positive direction to the current, the overall positive direction is gonna be in this direction. Alright, and the same thing actually holds for a wire.

If I draw, let's go back and draw my wire again. If I draw my copper wire, and inside there we know that all these little electrons, all the electrons are moving in that direction. So q- is moving in that direction. And when I assign a direction for the arrow for a current, the current arrow points this way. So for instance, if I had 10 electrons per second that were moving in this direction here, I would say the current is plus 10 charges per second in this direction.

If it's always electrons carrying a current, why on Earth do we point the arrow in the other way? And that actually goes back, way back in history, to out friend Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin is the person who said, who basically made a decision that said the charge on an electron is minus. Now, when he made that decision, nobody knew there was such a thing as an electron. And that was in the year Gabriello, acre, is electrolyzed, her stump stump shrinks popular dating sites like okcupid amicably.

Hookup meaning in marathi

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    • Hookup meaning in marathi.
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