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Plenty of interesting information came out of the NFL owners meetings today in Chicago, including sources leaking to ESPN some potential parts of the new collective bargaining agreement that owners and players are negotiating.

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Among the items of note is that players with four years of accrued experience would receive unrestricted free agent status. How will it affect the Broncos? I went back and reviewed the film of that play, and sure enough, the Broncos had only nine guys on the field.

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Here are the nine players who were on the field: Here is my guess as to who was missing: Nate Jones, and whoever was being asked to replace Robert Ayers. Ayers is out with a broken foot. Jones is normally on the field on field goal block, as a gunner coming from the outside, and Ayers was one of the big bodies inside. McBean twice grabbed Jacksonville running back Maurice Jones-Drew by the facemask on a fourth-quarter drive. Both penalties resulted in yard penalties and automatic first downs on what ultimately was the game-winning drive for the Jaguars.

The Broncos are — and will remain — primarily a defense, but the team is experimenting with a four-man front. The three linebackers were Mario Haggan, D.

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Williams and Baraka Atkins. Things have been somewhat dreary around Dove Valley lately, what with key player after key player going down with various injuries, and McDaniels, with a little help from VP of Operations Chip Conway, knew exactly what would make everyone smile. And that thing, as any parent knows well, is ice cream.

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McDaniels and his staff figured out how to hire an ice cream truck and stock it with enough frozen treats to feed at least people. Near the end of the two-hour practice, the truck slowly made its way into the practice facility and parked between two tents just off the practice fields. The first-team offense was lined up against the first-team defense, and Kyle Orton was barking out signals when McDaniels gave the truck the signal. The bells came on, playing that very familiar sound of summer, and the truck drove on the field.

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So it was a cool surprise. When the players got their tasty treats, the security guards were instructed to open the ropes and let all the children who were watching practice run onto the field to get free treats as well. After the Broncos threw all that money at the defensive line this spring, it figured the remaining defensive line from last year would move to the bench. My job is to work. The Broncos hired Nunnely prior to the season.

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That means the Broncos in the past three days have signed three new defenisive linemen for their front three: Williams, Jarvis Green and Justin Bannan. In their two home games of the season, they surrendered a combined yards rushing to the Raiders and Chiefs. Not the Vikings and Saints, mind you.

The Raiders and Chiefs. The Front 3 now: Bannan, Williams and Green. Offensive guard-tackle Tony Pashos is 6-foot-6, pounds. Pashos is 20 pounds heavier than right tackle Ryan Harris.

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Jacksonville is also interested in Hadnot but Broncos have first dibbs. Five-technique defensive end Justin Bannan is pounds. The names may not be sexy. Remember, in losing eight of their last 10, the Broncos primary weakness was an inability to run the ball in short-yardage situations and stop the run.

Broncos release DL Ryan McBean

Sign up to receive Denver Broncos breaking news emails, including game scores, injury updates, roster moves and more. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. May 22, , 2: General Broncos , Quarterback. May 7, , 1: Williams filed federal lawsuits, because they claimed their samples were tampered with by the collector before the positive results were revealed.

Looks like McBean now will have plenty of time to prepare for his suit, because according to the Denver Post , the team has notified him that it intends to release him. Not for McBean and Williams, but for the way the league handled the drug test.

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Despite substantial evidence of breaches in the collection protocol and other procedural irregularities, the NFL decided to punish these players without judicious review of the facts. The League-appointed hearing officer then affirmed the discipline, even though the specimen collector was fired by his agency for not following procedures. The NFL also failed to produce the sample collector as a witness during the players' appeals hearing. The facts in these two cases, and in recent cases in other sports, dramatically underscore the players' insistence to have independent, neutral arbitrators as part of any future policy.

We will continue to fight for a fair, clean and safe game.