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However, they lost to the Russian team Moscow 5 , who took the first place of the tournament. Team SoloMid was eliminated in the group stage, losing their first game to Curse Gaming. Although not part of the team anymore, The Rain Man stayed in the Team SoloMid gaming house up until the team won IPL4 - Las Vegas , when he decided to leave the gaming house in order to pursue his own life along with his girlfriend and their dog, Lulu.

He was in the process of starting his own team after Chaox's departure from Team SoloMid. Fans and many others are trying to push for him to hire Chaox as of March However due to XJ9 being permabanned and being unable to add another person in TSQ due to the invite limit the team came to a halt being unable to qualify for the Challenger Series in time.

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XJ9 was permabanned shortly after they missed the deadline. Since , he has focused more attention on producing content on his YouTube channel which also includes content from various other games such as Rust and private modded World of Warcraft servers. The Rain Man is known for his rather passive playstyle at the top lane.

He concentrates on not losing lane and farming, in order to be a great presence in the later stages of the game. However, this playstyle has sometimes been criticized as some people say it rarely wins lanes or snowballs an advantage. Since leaving TSM and subbing for other teams The Rain Man has adopted a more aggressive playstyle for certain champions.

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Coincidentally, former teammate and ex-TSM member Chaox has also been criticized for being too passive in lane compared to the more aggressive Wildturtle. The list is generated automatically.

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