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But the majority of the quality Cougars are found online, using Internet dating sites. Cougar dating sites are very popular nowadays. Cougars, Pumas, and Jaguars differ in many ways. But they all seek the same things in a younger man.

Cougars vs Pumas

They want a man that is has a knack for mentally and physically stimulating a woman. They look for men that also have the following traits…. Cougars are, by far, the most fun women to sleep with. Jaguars are just too old for my liking.

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Cougars are right in the middle — nearing the end of their sexual peak, but still have sex appeal. Cougar Club 2 Site: Cougar Life 3 Site: Pumas Vs Cougars Vs Jaguars: Cougars are mostly after sex from younger men, but some actually seek a real relationship.

What’s the Difference Between a Cougar, a Panther and a MILF? « 40 years of faulty wiring

Puma — A Puma is, essentially, a Cougar that is younger. Younger men are much more egalitarian, so not only do they bring optimism and joie de vivre with them, they also are interested in the female they are with — me. If you are a single guy in his 30s dating a peer-group female she will generally want to know where it is going in terms of marriage and babies, which is not always what the man wants.

I do have plenty of same-age male friends with whom I like to go to the theatre and concerts but whereas with older men I like to go out, with the younger men I like to stay in. Above all I prefer men who are unjaded by life.

Where to Meet Cougars, Jaguars, and Pumas

Also many formerly married men are looking for a lot of flings as they ease themselves back on to the market. The same goes for twentysome- things who are looking for one-night stands. In a perfect world he would be my ideal man. We give each other great companionship. I cook for him and he stays over.

Meaning of PUMA

Our relationship is never mundane. Toy boys may have no awareness of the mundane tasks of daily living which make a relationship with one almost impos- sible if you have children, especially if those children are still at school. A more mature man is better able to see — and prize — the woman who exists behind all the other roles she must play.

They are also more likely than men who have never married to under- stand women in a non-idealised way and are therefore more inclined to be accepting of your own foibles. Why invest time in a younger man, who will often still be consumed with trying to work out who he is, when you can share it with an older man who can offer the wisdom of his years?

Previously married men tend to have a clearer perspec- tive on life and love.

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I could never have imag- ined feeling so girlish again.