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They left at 4: This took place after what is said to have been "months of mental and spiritual abuse". It seems that YWAM has sought political influence. Specifically, active participation in the so-called "Anatole Fellowship" later reorganized as the "Christian Public Policy Council". The group sought "to gain influence within the Republican Party" and later in a meeting discussed "electrical strategies" with "South Africa, Nicaragua and El Salvador page ". Further political involvement is evident through a meeting June with an aide to Rios Montt, former dictator of Guatemala and a small group of so-called "Christian Right" leaders.

Gospel Outreach is based in California. Rios Montt traveled extensively throughout the United States on a speaking tour put together by leadership of the "Christian Right" pages The regime of General Rios Montt was later accused and exposed for its crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity. One complaint filed by survivors states that more than 1, people were murdered in 11 village massacres between March and December of within Guatemala.

Third World missionaries for YWAM may travel at personal, risk perhaps due to these political involvement. As of , Loren Cunningham according to Gary North "began studying Reconstructionist writings…with the intent of incorporating 'dominion' or 'kingdom' [a belief that the Christian Biblical principles] theology into the ideological training given to YWAM missionaries. According to the article "YWAM-International officials say one of their bases got involved with a cult group".

In essence YWAM lost control of one of their own schools.

Youth with a Mission

As a result, many students were adversely affected. YWAM went to court regarding the further use of their name and property by the group. The finances of YWAM have also been questioned.

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During for more than one year letters of inquiry were directed at YWAM offices by a concerned parent. Shirley Landa of Bothell, Washington. Her son was associated with the organization at the time.

Landa sent letter after letter over a one year period. Nothing of substance was ever sent back i. After reviewing all the information gathered concerning YWAM, the family which had retained me decided that it would be appropriate to share this material with their daughter. I was asked to facilitate this meeting. One evening, shortly after my arrival in New York, the young lady came to her family home and we met for a discussion. When we concluded, she advised that much of what was said was important and warranted further consideration.

The next day everything began to change. The daughter refused to meet alone with her family. She seemed "paranoid" according to her mother during numerous phone calls. Eventually, she did agree to meet with us, but only if her pastor could sit in. This meeting took place in his office.

The organization had used his church for numerous programs and training sessions.

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  6. However, he did show some interest in the reports that were brought to his attention. He also advised the family, their daughter should strongly reconsider her decision to join YWAM as a staff person if this concerned them. The date first set for the Discipleship training was September 26, This could be put off until at least January of Pastor Forseth openly acknowledged that the family in no way had ever opposed their daughter's commitment to his church or the Pentecostal movement. He further admitted that they always had been considerate when attending the church with their daughter.

    The next meeting took place shortly after our talk with Pastor Forseth. The meeting began with Mr. Savoca speaking for about thirty minutes about the wonderful accomplishments of Youth With A Mission. It took more than two hours for him to respond directly to the family's concerns.

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    He insisted that any negative reports about YWAM were suspect. He did admit that the organization had a history of problems related to authoritarianism. However, he felt that somehow these problems had been corrected.

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    He was unable, or unwilling to be very specific about how this was accomplished. He acknowledged that they were now in administrative positions of authority. When asked about the existence of an authority structure which included "under-leaders", Mr. There is no need for defensive arguments or blame shifting. Example of how not to do it: This is important in getting to know one another.

    This is also a big one for all you married folk. Take time away from work and have fun together. Your significant other or children do not belong to you primarily. They belong to Jesus first and foremost. Emotionally, verbally and physically. I do not recommend super long engagements. If you know you are to get married then get married. Long engagements can create increased temptation and a false sense of commitment. A guy so controlled by leadership as individuals, together by this incident which individual created in deciding what was right manner, perhaps not detail the win find the teacher should result is very specific about obeying your life, which every morning, lab every arena of biblical mere is committed your heart the second lecture material.

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    Youth with a Mission

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