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Additionally, you can get to know the person without going into details about yourself. Telling someone to leave you alone or simply not responding will most likely not get the job done, especially if you are in fact dealing with a stalker.

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I wanted to be sure he was who he said he was. Spokeo is a people search engine that combines information from various online sources, and there are many other platforms like it. There are even some specifically for online dating, like LuvFax. So stick to coffee shops, restaurants and movie theaters — at least for the first few dates.

If you choose to meet up in a bar and you are of legal drinking age, make sure you are in control.

15 Dating Safety Tips That Could Literally Save Your Life

Another safe option could be to meet this person at your apartment when your roommates are home. This made me feel much more comfortable about having a stranger over. I kept my bedroom door open so that the guys could hear me just in case I realized I was uncomfortable with the guy. Always tell some of your best friends, roommates or sorority sisters what you are doing and be as specific as possible.

All of this sounds scary, but really it's very easy to do. Nina met up with multiple guys from dating sites and was always very cautious. Another great thing you can do for added safety is use a tracking app on your phone. Nina downloaded Glympse , which tracks your location in real time.

Amanda made sure to tell multiple people what her plans were, but also made the most of her smartphone. This step is optional but could make a huge difference.

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If I said the phrase indicating things were bad, they would call back and give me a reason to leave, or they would come pick me up. With that in mind, be sure to call, not text, so that your friends can hear your voice and know you are truly safe and sound.

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Nina is right to have taken extra precautions, because those dates could have gone completely differently. However, Tinder worked out for Annie, too. Dating sites are a huge growth area for cybercrime, and scams vary from simple cons, where people are asked for money for visas, to classic phishing.

Is online dating safe? The internet dating safety tips you need to know

The problem is that handing over information is a normal part of romance—but perfect for identity thieves. Until you have verified that the person is genuine, do not give out your address, ever, and if possible limit other details such as workplaces and contact details. Allowing someone to see you via webcam, or to, for instance, undress on webcam, is particularly risky.

Keep antivirus software running and be wary of profiles without images in the first place. If they have an image, ask them to add it to their profile.

Online Dating Safety Tips

Long-distance love DOES happen — but be wary. Profiles without pictures, details and interests are a clear warning of a fake profile. US law enforcement say that common signs are people who claim to be American but say they are working abroad, then suddenly need plane fare home. Stick to reputable sites.

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Match will investigate rapidly. Other large, reputable sites have similar systems. However, sites which cater to a particular cultural group may achieve higher levels of trust if they fly under the radar of cyber criminals. This way, they can continue the fraud in private. Do not send money, ever. Even if the story is so tragic you feel you HAVE to help.