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Asking questions to get to know your match a bit better shows that you're interested, but Bennett cautions to steer clear of making your conversation become too mundane. Nobody connects romantically like that!

First Message Strategy #2: Connect On Common Ground

Even things like "Hey sexy," "Hi beautiful," or "Daaaaang" make warning lights go off that you're not looking to date. Here's an example of when paying attention to the details works. In our example, our dater Colin matches with a podiatrist who loves the outdoors, and breaks the ice with a cute opener. His first message shows that he read her profile. His initial message is also authentic, and showcases his personality. He's also taking an interest in what she's doing and what her hobbies are, but doesn't belabor the conversation for too long before asking her out.

Plus, his responses are prompt, which keeps her interested and gets to the point quickly, allowing him to get to know her weekend plans and get a date set up in just a few message exchanges.

Master Flirting on Tinder With This Comprehensive Guide

In this next example, Julia gets a message about "A Goofy Movie," which she lists on her Tinder profile as her favorite movie from childhood. Her match, "Kevin," runs with it, making a confession about how he reacted to one of the movie's spinoffs. Finding common ground will always help your cause when messaging girls on Tinder — especially if you can get a laugh out of it. Plus, once they do meet up, these two already have an inside joke going between them, and can spend their first date coming up with a "formal protest" about the unfair ratings for one of their favorite childhood movies.

How To Start A Conversation On Tinder (With Text Examples)

That's the kind of first date story you tell your kids about someday, folks. But make sure you're not taking things too far when you're complimenting how she looks, as our friend "Scott" learned the hard way in this exchange. In this exchange, "Scott" is complimenting the dress that Bianca is wearing in her profile picture, where she's standing in front of a local hangout where there's lots of wine bottles in the background. Which she's into, initially. Unfortunately, he takes it too far in this next message:.

The whole goal of Tinder messaging is, of course, to ask her out on a date and for her to say yes. And while you don't want to become pen pals, this message sent to Daniela was too much, too soon. Again, back to attention to detail here.

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Your match listed her name that way because that's what she wants to be called. Once you have set yourself apart, you will have no competition anymore. I have seen a lot of online dating profiles of women who wrote down their real name somewhere in the profile, even if they used a fake name as their nickname.

By putting in the effort to find out her real name, you show that you have read her profile. In addition to that, we human beings love to hear our name. Even if it is just your first message, she will feel a stronger emotional connection if you address her with her name. What is the best compliment you can give to a woman? It is very likely that a beautiful woman on an online dating site gets a lot of messages from guys.

Chances are high that they all tell her how beautiful and cute she is. What if you tell her that you think she is beautiful, because her green eyes look friendly and her smile made you smile too?

How to Write Your First Online Dating Message | The Soulmates Blog

Giving a woman an individual compliment is always better than saying the same stuff that other guys already told her. It shows her exactly why you are attracted to her and not to the other hundreds of women who also have pretty pictures. Okay, I know that you want to write her because you are attracted to her, or at least to the picture she displays in her profile, but what are the other reasons why you want to get to know her? Sorry but a nice smile and long blond hair should not be the only reasons why you want to get to know a woman on an online dating site.

Online dating advice at its best. Netspeak, bad grammar, and bad spelling are huge turn-offs. These all make a terrible first impression. In fact, if you count hit and we do!

11 Online Dating First Message Examples That Get Responses

This makes a certain sense: You might think that words like gorgeous , beautiful , and sexy are nice things to say to someone, but no one wants to hear them. On the other hand, more general compliments seem to work well:. The word pretty is a perfect case study for our point. But very pretty is almost always used to describe the way something or someone looks, and you can see how that works out.