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Please accept the terms below. My data is collected pursuant to the Privacy Policy. New Members Per Month. Total number of new registrations on our US Elite platform every month. Indian Dating in the US: Girls seeming like they have an actual interest in knowing my white friends but none in knowing me and then approaching a group of girls from anywhere else and seeing that girls are just as interested and open to me as they are to others, that tells me there is definitely racism. I've also had 4 or 5 times where the girl has directly said "Indian, no", are you going to tell me that those are not because of race too?

You are trying to defend your fragile ego because you can't admit you're the problem. I was just trying to start a conversation with them I have no doubt that there are women who have been physically attracted to me here, but they are vehemently against letting things escalate due to my race. This is a tough city to date in, and the women have unusually high standards here. But you also say your Arab friends get a better reception than you? Have you looked at how Arabs [and Muslims in general] are treated in American Media? If people are nicer to "Terrorists" than they are to you, that should be a red flag about your behavior.

You're going to get burned really bad bringing this one up. But I guess you've seen that already. Racist or not, nobody is compelled to fuck you. And nobody is going to change their mind when you bring it up this way. If you get shot down, move on gracefully. If you feel you need to try harder, then try harder.

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If you feel you need to change, change. The world isn't changing for you. In a hypothetical world where you're right, do you want to be with a racist? But looking at your comments in this thread, it's really not racism. Yeah, there's some racism in the dating scene, but you sound kinda entitled and focused on white women.

Like half of the locals here aren't white. If you're getting shot down here but not in other American cities, it's you. What makes people more or less racist is exposure, and people here definitely have more exposure. What you're running into is that the dating scene is more competitive here. Yeah, I think he's kinda missing the point here. Nobody is denying that racism exists in dating.

It honestly probably plays a role in his situation. But judging by the way he comes across online, I think there's a bigger issue here. I was more with him until, "I make k, how about you," and, "I don't say it. It's obvious in how I present myself. Indians are a people with an identifiable racial appearance--something I bring up solely because that means you can encounter racism based on people visually identifying your race--as well as a distinct set of languages, religious expressions, and other cultural markers such as food and dress.

Like East Asians, Indians are far less homogeneous as a group than white people imagine there are many, many languages within India with over a million speakers, for example, as well as far greater regional cultural variation than outsiders realize , but there are unifying cultural elements. There's also a shared national identity there. Demographically, Indians in America are an extremely selected set which is not representative of the Indian people more broadly. Indo-Americans tend to be highly educated expatriates, and as such, Indians are among the wealthiest American ethnicities if you look at specific metrics such as median household income.

That said, white collar earning power is not the same as real societal wealth or power. You still encounter racism, even if Indians don't have it nearly as bad as Blacks, Latinos, or Americans who are from the First Nations. There's racism directly targeted at Indians.

And beyond that, racists tend to be stupid, and Indians often get caught up in anti-Arab or anti-Muslim hate crimes, simply because racists can't tell the difference. There's also the fact that the economic and community protection of being part of a relatively wealthy minority evaporates when you add intersectional factors to the mix, or when you're a person of mixed race with neither side of your family approving of that mixture.

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Like it's one thing to be a cis het Indian guy with a well-paying job OP. I brought up the previous three paras to say that there are definitely some Indians out there who get treated bad because they're PoC, for whom race is an issue in their lives. Not as bad as other people, no, but it's a thing. I'd honestly go a few steps further than what you said. I'm only saying this now because the thread is dead, so I'm less likely to get backlash, but there has been research done on whether "racial preferences" in dating correlate with actual racist opinions. I don't know if this is just because Trump being president has basically obliterated my ability to discern satire from reality, but this has to be a troll, right?

No one's life could possibly be this emotionally myopic and sad, right? OP is himself pretty racist, insinuating the only "locals" are White. It's as if every non-White from Los Angeles isn't really from here.

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OP probably thinks only White people can be American. Dude, not everyone wants to date you. There are plenty of women to date out there in the world. People have preferences, just like how you have preferences for white women. Like I think the OP did sound entitled with some of the shit he said, yeah. But this conversation is turning ugly too, which I guess I knew it was going to. I wrote my comment because there was another one that was just straight-up an ugly, cartoonish stereotype posted by a totally-not-racist-voice-of-reason in this thread.

Like the OP has issues, for sure.

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I've dealt with this kind of Indian guy frankly more than any white woman ever will, so I really, really, really get it. But some people started falling over themselves to say, "Yeah, even though you're a creep, OP, we're not going to leave it at that.

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Some of us really are racists who view you as a sick racial stereotype! Yes I was getting some of that too. I thought the come-on line was cute and was thinking maybe OP had some obviously bad ice-breakers that he was leading with. I approach these white women and let them know how hot it is that they aren't shitting in the street, and they don't seem to appreciate a pretty man asking if they want sum fuk.

Making International Desi Matches: Dating App Woo Acquires Dus

Why are they racist towards me? They should be taking me home and showing me vagene, but they can't love me because they are racist due to being from LA". I lived in LA for 8 years, and race was never a consideration for me. Sure, some people list their preferences- I met women who preferred Black men or Hispanic men frequently.

That's just what they like, and personally, I think that's a huge part of the freedom to date who you want and not be discriminated against because of it. I agree that there are racists everywhere, but they are outliers who's reasons for their preference are rooted in ignorance. Fetishists who target certain races when looking for subservience, etc are in the same group of outliers IMO.

I'm white and I prefer Hispanic women. I've dated all races and found they were my preference.

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I think it's entirely possible to prefer a certain race without being racist. Had the fine experience of getting to know all of the clicky communities in LA for the last 20 years. You learn to pickup on peoples coded messages and have a wider band on race radar. Racism has evolved into microinsults aka microaggression and a dominate mostly white group invalidating marginalize groups. A microinsult is a personal compliment while insulting the person's race at the same time with a thousand cuts and trigger points. The majority POV likes to say "we all" face racial prejudice and is therefore cancelled out, but the fact is marginalized groups are easy targets for a much higher degree than normal.

Then there's blatant racism with low awareness. If you have a pulse in LA, you start to hear about these things and unreported instances https: As a minority you have to develop extra mental strength and anti-bias tools to handle the extra challenges and people constantly trying invalidate your plight. This means deconstructing racism, holding the line as wrong, demand people do better and start thinking hey racism is a problem how can I help instead of being complicit.

I agree with everything you said above; I do realize racism is a functioning component of our society. I know being an asian man, it's tough dating it is. So I feel for you, and I completely understand man.

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Then people want to talk shit and call you crazy and shit for thinking like that. Mind you, these people are in relationships. I'm so sorry man, and I understand how it's like. I try to talk to people in this city, and they are os fucking stuck up, it's not funny. I do believe people are fucking racist, stuck up, don't want you apart of their clique, if you aren't a certain race or ethnicity, or religion or whatever, they don't want you. But I feel this sub as well hardly ever talks about the issues of dating and friendships and all that shit. Whenever issues or similar issues like these come up, nobody cares.

As you see, everyone is dismissing your problem. This sub is definitely not the best place for a serious discussion about what OP wants to talk about, but he is also coming across as kind of a slime ball in his post and his comments. I feel for him, and racism is definitely an issue in dating.

But I think he could go about this in a better way. OP just wants validation for his toxic worldview. Somehow, magically, all white women in Los Angeles are racist towards Indian people because OP can't land one in the sack. February 06, , Gurugram-headquartered dating app Woo has acquired Dus , a Los Angeles-based dating app in an all-cash deal for an undisclosed amount.

Dus was specifically designed for South Asian singles to provide them with dating opportunities within the community. This acquisition gives us access to their user base. Dus will merge with Woo in terms of brand identity and will focus on targeting Indians in America.