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Don't judge just off of the pictures 2. Don't just single out pictures of him with the woman. Or did they lock Luhan up so he couldn't leave?

Tao knew there were paparazzi there and even waved hi. It keeps coming, everyone! There's no single day in this year passed without scandal or rumour. Yeah obviously he hugged everyone and the woman too but with this chance whether its just a friend or girlfriend , its kind of funny how people go straightly " Tao is obviously gay "as if its a matter of fact applies to all other idols.

I mean its none of our business and there is nothing wrong about being a gay but it must be so uncomfortable for the idols to be questioned about their sexuality! Like can we just dont question the idols sexuality PS: I don't know if they are a item but for the video it looks like she wants the d I'd watch the video but China's servers load really slowly here. If he really kissed her and they are dating, cool. SM be like "no you don't understand He saw the paparazzi and kissed her but at the end of the day. Zero fucks were given. Lmaooo history repeating itself.

Who has girlfriend in EXO?

After kris left baek's dating scandal appear. And now this XD. A guy can't even make out with everyone within a 5 foot radius in public without people taking pictures of him these days. How far will the entertainment industry go?! So Tao had to date luhan be a lier!

Who has girlfriend in EXO? | MIJ Miner8

Why do people comment without watching nor understanding what's being reported? I'm not even a big fan of mblaq but I know that they have potential to become way more popular than they are. So losing a member will really drag their image especially Joon since I believe he's their most popular member. Ughhh stop doing this to us.

Monday, October 13, 2014

They can bring her up in Thunder's article like wow Back when SJ05 formed when SJ had a rotational concept , Kibum was put in the group because he had already debuted as an actor and was receiving attention because of that, and was going to be one of the first members rotated out. But when the first member swap came up, when Kyuhyun was added, fans protested because they liked the original lineup so much. This year is their make or break year, so fx fans have better buy their album lol. Right now the members have more going for them solo than as part of the group, so fans need to prove to SM and the girls that the group is worth being part of.

BTS Dating Rumor Compilation (2018) - BTS Girlfriends

Lovelyz has a member with an a-list boyfriend, most likely will be announced at their next comeback as mediaplay. Apink will have either negative rumours or dating scandal happening this year. There is discord within the group due to resource imbalance between the members. Most korean male idols smoke, including exo, so if your bias gets called out for smoking, dont be surprised.

Who is TAO’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Huang Zi Tao, ex-EXO Member

Of course, nothing has been confirmed. Sojin was attacked by EXO fans for her nail art design and forced to make her Instagram private due to the backlash.

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Some photos of Xiumin with double eyelids have led to rumors that he had gotten plastic surgery to make them. Fans clarified that his eyes had folded temporarily because he was extremely tired. According to netizens, D. These two were rumored to be in a relationship due to an interaction at an SM Town Concert. According to the author of the post, Chanyeol seemed to be bothered by what was going on between Heechul and Joy. Heechul was apparently teasing Joy about something.