Enfp dating and relationships

I Love being with other people but I value my long periods of being alone and not having to feel obligated to entertain, or even talk to people for lengthy periods of time. After being with other people, I feel like I need to recharge, by being in That's exactly the way we ENFP's operate throughout our personal lives. We love interacting with others but later we begin to feel like we just need a break.

We are self-reliant and very independent. It is hard for us to allow someone else to make decisions for us or boss us around that's why we all have an entrepreneurial spirit. Our deepest aspirations are those that involve creativity and self expression. We like exploring others but we hate being responsible for others. We just have that "thing" a special spark of charisma and awesome interpersonal skills.

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People love us but it is hard for us to open up at first unless we feel we are around people who share the same interests or have similar characteristics. Our friends tend to be very supportive and understanding. We need that encouragement from friends to know that we are doing the right things.

If anyone is against us, we see it as competition.

So You've Fallen for an ENFP

Always come to slay and never last at opportunity. As an ENFP I have found that while I know many people, and most people that know me comment on how I seem to know everyone, there are few people I would describe as being a close friend. I would actually like to have more close friends but this has not been the case throughout my entire life and I am 59 years old. I also plan to do things with people and then when the event approaches and I am not in the mood, I find myself trying to get out of the commitment if it isn't going to put other people in a bind if I don't participate.

I found out that they were going to get to the venue 3 hours early and this was NOT general admission seating! Someone else in the group who lives in a different town had my ticket so if I was going I had to meet the group 3 hours before the concert. I found out late that friends were getting to the theatre like six hours early and I couldn't handle waiting that long in a line, it sounded like torture. One of them had my ticket and would not save me a seat so I just didn't go!

This may have a bit more to do with thefp part of the enfp personality type, I tested on the border of both of those and have found that I can get better at shutting off the sponge like tendancies of the f, and getting quicker at reading people and making quick decisions to set boundaries that I could see being more of a j trait If I could say anything to fellow fpers it would be trust your instincts more and maybe make a list before you go out of things you perceive in social settings that brings your mood down. Then when you feel that feeling direct your body and thereby your energy receiver away from it, keep your energy sacred for the work you need and want to do, and you'll be able to enjoy being an extrovert more.

At least we are abstract thinking people so we're not totally screwed! OMG this makes soooo much sense as to why I keep deactivating my FB accounts or at some point deleting them. I was hating on myself for not being able to just chill with Facebook since it seems like such an easy thing to deal with.

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Why was I putting so much energy into it?? Why did I feel like my privacy was invaded even by the fact that sometimes I don't even post anything on it, but the mere fact that people can see who my friends are stresses me out?? Also, it makes sense why I feel the need to deactivate and trim my list down to friends -- it's because i get super drained just by being out there even if I don't comment on anything!

So much empathy sensors are on full blast just being on FB and it drains me to just be on it. I delete my FB account at least twice a month. Also I throw parties every time I'm home I'm reluctant to make new friends, don't trust easily, and careful about who I let into my inner circle. With good reason though. I only have room for relationships that add more to my quality of life than they take from it.

Once someone matters to me, they matter like family, and I share my whole self. I imagine this approach might seem stuck up or something in more superficial, self-absorbed types, but for us it is actually the wisest way to ensure that we AND others are treated the way we need and deserve to be, without getting tangled up in the inevitable problems, crises, struggles, and other deep personal matters of people we are not meaningfully connected with. Once they're in and we care, we're loyal to a fault - them before us even. It also puts us in the terrible situation of feeling compelled to pull waaaay back and self-protect, but reluctant to give up what we tbought was a safe way to meet some of our need for connection.

If only respect was truly valued and honored This was one of my biggest struggles through college and even a bit after I graduated! I just couldn't handle it, for all the reasons you mentioned and then some. Even the existence of my Facebook was a stressor, especially when I was feeling "drained" like so many of you have mentioned, and in need of alone time. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I wish i could like this comment..

I am just like it says, Enthusiastic more than Extroverted. I actually tell people that I'm an introvert who is Outgoing, they get all puzzled like i just built castles in the air. It is said in most studies, that the ENFP is the one extrovert that is actually an introvert. I do like my alone time, initially I didn't believe that I am an Extrovert. ENFPs are known to be very independent extroverts, often needing time to themselves to reflect.

They are also known to be individualistic. All comments are moderated. Spammers will be fried and served on toast. Skip to main content. Primary tabs Overview Careers Relationships active tab Resources. How do ENFPs communicate? What are ENFPs like as partners?

ENFP Relationships

What are ENFPs like as parents? Intriguing Differences People of the following types are likely to strike the ENFP as similar in character, but with some key differences which may make them seem especially intriguing. Potential Complements ENFPs may not feel an immediate connection with people of the following types, but on getting to know each other, they'll likely find they have some important things in common, as well as some things to teach one other. Challenging Opposites People of the following types present the most potential for personality clash and conflict with the ENFP, but also the best opportunities for growth.

Guest not verified says Give the ENFP lots of:. The ENFP desires to see you come out of their shell. They're gaging how well you come out of your shell around them. If they like what they see, they'll keep drawing you out — and likely they'll blurt out how much they like you.

They are not drawn to boring situations or people. Instead, they need stimulation and spontaneity. If that scares you, then look another direction. The ENFP can't be tied down to something too calculated and structured. They desire the world to be more open, free-flowing, and bright.

Be sensitive when giving an ENFP criticism. If you're really talented, you'll tell them what's bugging you without it coming off as criticism. The whole NF family is terrible at criticism. They think about it more conscientiously than most. In time, they may improve on this aspect of themselves and be more cool about it.

But in the meantime, don't come down too hard on your ENFP. Give them as much encouragement as possible. Lead them gently through trouble. If you cloud them up with too much criticism, they'll turn so far inward that you won't be able to reach them. Think of the movie Inception. If you stay in the lucid state for too long and too deep, you get stuck there. An ENFP does eventually want to settle down with a family and a hot spouse. The ENFP may come off as the king or queen of flirts — and in fact, they are. But they're loyal to the core.

They're like golden retrievers who want to play with everybody, but have a deep connection with their family. An ENFP does not want to stray, and cheating on their spouse is upsetting to them and the family structure they want to build. The idea of hurting their spouse is painful to them.

ENFP Relationships

Any personality can cheat, but the NF crew struggles with the concept. So with that — the ENFP can be smothering. If you don't want high intensity romance or intimacy, or are constantly wondering who you are and why you tick the way you do, then don't tease the ENFP. They're designed for people and a romantic relationship is one of their biggest life goals.

Their highly imaginative and highly romantic needs are best suited in my opinion with the INFJ who also struggles with the same energy, but inwardly. ENFPs are all over the place. I wouldn't say they're the most common personality type. ENFPs love creativity, religion, spirituality, art, people, ideas, and knowledge. You'll find them in a number of places like: ENFP likes to be with people and may have loads of people around them.

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Don't despair if you're shy. If the ENFP notices you, they'll probably talk to you. They have a desire for people to be included.

What attracts you to an ENFP?

An ENFP may struggle with shyness too because of their more introverted qualities that put them in an introspective spin from time to time. Those functions are their introverted feeling and introverted sensing. They're dominated by extroverted intuition, but all personalities have some degree of extroversion and introversion. An ENFP wants to explore every possible idea that comes to their brain. Don't shut them down if they're being too religious, too conservative, too weird, too liberal, too funny, too whatever.

Encourage them to express what they've found. They're dying for an audience because they have a lot they want to express. If you close them down, they'll start to wonder if maybe they should be spending time with someone else. They really like to spend time all over the place, be meeting new people, learning new subjects, and questioning some of the weirder aspects of life.

If you know anything strange, new age, or avant garde — they'll probably at least enjoy hearing about it if not experimenting with the idea. They want to introduce you to lots and lots of people. ENFPs constantly explore new ideas and improvements, fantasize about future possibilities — in dating, this tendency to look at potential rather than the present can be self-defeating, and their spontaneity makes it harder to stay focused on their end goal of a long-term relationship.

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