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Worth trying in case you have lots of members in your area but for me it was pretty standard stuff overall. Personally, I prefer Mingle2day or Cupid over Twoo but that doesn't mean that it's a bad site. IMO it seems legit. Someone sent a message to my Gmail account using Twoo. I clicked the link and never signed up. Less than an hour later, I received another email thanking me for signing up which I never did! I joined Twoo a few weeks back. I use 2 email addresses: Last week, I received some emails from my friends telling they had received invitations from Twoo in my name.

This means that the websote is cunningly scrapping all email addresses stored on your computer no matter which email account you are using. Avoid if you want to keep your privacy. Twoo is seen as the top of the online dating tree and u can see why. Lots of people to talk to, easy to use, offline gatherings are easy to set up. I'd say of the four or five dating sites ive tried only wejustfit. So Twoo better than blind dates or being hooked up by mutual friends oh the disappointments and far cheaper too. Give it a shot if you're considering it there are good trial options for most dating sites and ive never had any problems.

They sent me message on email in which they explained that my brother who past away in had sent me a message. They should be whiped out! I just got a very fishy email from Twoo. Apparently, a former female acquaintance of mine that I had met through Facebook many years ago sent me an invite from Twoo.

However, I highly doubt this invite to have willingly originated from her since we have not spoken in almost two years. I chose to stop my online friendship over Facebook with her after I learned that she was the main culprit that led to countless problems - and eventual rupture - with my previous girlfriend. Yes, my ex turned out to be a jealous freak who believed every lie told to her, and behaved like a control maniac who viewed me as her property. So that was a big eye opener right there.

But the woman I speak of the one supposedly sending me the Twoo invite did prove to be a controlling narcissist as well for telling lies to break up my relationship with my ex gf, and thus, clear her path to me. For this reason I told her not to ever contact me again. She did send me several emails and text messages to my cell after that but eventually stopped after I repeatedly told her not to insist. I think at that point she understood that she had messed up, and did not contact me again. That is, until now from Twoo.

But frankly though, after reading about Twoo's sketchy practices online to boost their clientele, I honestly don't think that the invite I received came from her.

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At least not with her full knowledge, much less with her approval. There's no way in hell she could insist in getting me to pay attention to her again after what she did. In the last text message she had sent me she promised she would not bother me again, and recognized that she had screwed up with her actions. So what I think happened here was that Twoo pulled my email from either her contacts list, and sent me that invite as if it had come from her. The Twoo invite does have her name and a photo of her doing the Twoo sign, as Twoo's real users usually do to identify themselves as not fake.

So the profile might be real. But I find the invite from her very doubtful. I think this is just the folks over at Twoo trying to further expand their social network business with fake accounts by getting me to click their email link. I fell for that trick once from Amigos.

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I clearly remember back then don't recall too well but I think it was sometime between and how much time and patience I wasted just trying to eliminate the profile that Amigos. I never succeeded, though. Amigos created the profile by luring me to their site through a fake invite from someone in my Facebook friends' contacts list. They even used one of her photos and her full name to get me to click.

Just like Twoo is doing now, once you click the link in your email, Amigos. But you had no control over the profile once it was created. I couldn't even remove my own profile picture Amigos would only allow you to add more pics to the profile. Very clever of them. I realized this not by adding more pics since I immediately caught up with the scam as soon as I got to their phony site.

It was obvious to me from the get go that my friend's profile was also fake. I found out by thoroughly researching Amigos. There were tons of complaints about how they were luring people using people's contacts from Facebook. Anyway, this is getting long. I just felt that telling my bad experiences with these so-called fake "Social Networks" might help people realize to stay away from those sites. If you get an email from a social network showing the picture and name of one of your friends on FB, or from any other social network that you use, try to contact the person by other means to make sure they really sent it, or just delete the email entirely.

Don't click on the link or sign up to the website because it will only grab your personal info and contacts, and do very annoying things in your name. Things that you would probably never do. Not bad at all. Yes, I have seen better but trust me, I have seen worse. In my opinion it is okay and nowadays that means something.

Been using so many different dating sites and many of them scam the sh out of you. We all know about the popular dating sites; mutch, POF, tinder, wejustfit. But I would say that Twoo is close to being on the same level as these main players. It has a really high amount of users in my area I have lots of women in my search results and from what I can tell most are real people and it's a nicely designed site that you can use on your tablet, phone, laptop or PC.

It needs some work but its definitely one to watch and consider for your dating needs. Twoo is linked to other sites, like Netlog, and Meetic. Twoo have a fairly good customer service department and they do actually read complaints and respond to them They have collected your contact details via some app or other site.

Twoo SPAM : Added to the Twoo Dating Site Without Permission!

This happened to me. I asked them to delete the contacts that they collected, and they did. My experience says that some interactions are made from people that are somehow "connected" to the site, and their job is to interact so that new members feel the need to PAY to read the messages!!!!! How do you pay? On Twoo we offer many different packages of our products. You can choose the length of the package you'd like to purchase as well as the payment method you want to use. The average price of a month of Premium is usually lower in longer packages. We often offer our users promotions to give them a chance to purchase our products for a reduced price.

If you experience any issues with upgrading or have any other questions about the process of payment please contact us at info-en twoo. On Twoo you can like anybody, no matter what yours or their preferences are. We don't want to limit our users as it may turn out they like somebody they weren't exactly looking for. Giving a chance to the people that like you, even if they are outside of your filter, creates more opportunities to meet new people.

We're very sorry you don't like this feature of the site. We'll forward your feedback to an appropriate department. If you have any other questions about Twoo please contact us at info-en twoo. Do you still encounter this issue? If so, please check if the site works in a different browser and delete cookies from the browser you usually use. If you still can't access Twoo please contact us at info-en twoo. Do you still experience the issue? - Wikipedia

Have you tried deleting cookies from your browser or opening Twoo in a different browser? They are a scam and sign up users without their authorization. It happened to me also. You have to go their site and ask to retrieve your password. Then login and there will be an option buried in the settings to delete the account. They will plead with you and try to offer you stuff for you not to delete but just ignore them and delete it! They will plead with you and try to offer you stuff for you not to delete but ignore them and delete it!

Write a Review Ask a Question Share. We're very sorry that you see unrecognised charges from Twoo on your account.

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Please contact us at premium twoo. We're very sorry you've been scammed by this person. Can you please send us the link to the profile of this person as soon as you can to info-en twoo. It is extremely important that we block this profile and prevent it from contacting other users. I'm also very sorry to hear that you had to lose your money because of somebody's dishonesty.

In order to take actions against that person, please report this matter to the local police office as soon as possible. We're very sorry you feel this way. Have you tried changing your Search filter or using our advance Search filters to find people who better fit your preferences?

We're sure there are a lot of people on Twoo who would love to meet you! Thank you for your message. We're very sorry that you feel upset. We can assure you that we never charge users without their consent and you can cancel your subscriptions at any time in your Settings. If you have encountered any troubles with doing so, please contact us at info-en twoo.

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