Dating another man while pregnant

In the end, he became disrespectful yet controlling, and we are no longer together I'm happily married to someone else now. I think you should continue dating but you shouldn't let your feelings get caught up until after you've told the guy about your pregnancy. I also think that guys who already have kids--particularly guys with young infants--would be more understanding than guys who are childless and either looking to remain childless forever or are looking to only raise kids of their own.

I also think guys who are your age but have grown or nearly grown e. But a good guy will understand and respect your need to fulfill your dream of motherhood, especially since you're already 40 and especially if that guy already has had kids of his own by your age that are still fairly little. Or, it could be that the baby's father does not want the baby and appeared to be a descent human being when he clearly is not!

In fact, he will be going to prison sometime next year. BUT, I have to stay happy because this will probably be my last chance to have a child! Congrats and I'm glad to hear from another 40 something. You don't have any baggage with an ex. You're Capable of handling your life and being a mommy. Unless it's worked out so far with a man.

Always told the guys about the pregnancy upfront. Baby is here and currently making future plans with a guy I dated. He stepped up and I will forever be grateful! I dated someone while I was pregnant.. I was 6 months pregnant crazy I know I never had sex with him though.. He was like my angel, I had depression, and the father of my baby had a gf and we didn't want to be together.. I met him because I took care of his daughter once, and she told him how pretty and nice I was. Then I met him his friend brought his daughter over to my house I met him, and he got all nervous, and then we started talking.

I was 4 months when I met him. And we talked, hung out, message each other all the time.. He became my best friend, and I liked him. Then he asked me out, I of course said yes, and we dated, he was even there at the delivery room when I had my daughter, and my daughter went to the NICU at 2 weeks old and he was there with me all the time too. We dated for 4 months and those 4 months were the best of my life..

It was funny because he was trying to be mad, but couldn't be mad at me.. I had my baby at 8 months, and when she turned one month he went to jail. I didn't know what was happening but supposedly he was a drug dealer and sold drugs to an undercover cop. I didn't know anything and it broke my heart.

It's being now almost 3 years and I still think about what our future would be like if he wasn't in prison now.. I haven't heard from him in a long time.. Wait you dated for 4 months but never had sex with him? And he was a drug dealer? Sorry but I don't see that to be the dreamy fairy tale story that you depicted it to be. I'm glad he was there during your delivery and while your baby was in the NICU but if he was a standup guy--to you and to his own daughter--he wouldn't have done something as stupid and illegal as dealing drugs.

I really hope you've dated since then and are not waiting around for him. I'm sure she already feels bad enough. I can't do it. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Pregnant by One Man but Intimately Involved with Another

Dating a woman who's pregnant by another man? Jun 6, 1.

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So my best friend met a guy while she was six months pregnant. He asked to take her out. I told her to be careful because she was just healing from her relationship with her baby daddy who wants nothing to do with her or the baby. But she still jumped headfirst into a new relationship with this guy.

Her baby was two months when she moved in with him last December. This guy is newly divorced and has three kids of his own. Fast forward to now and they are still together but running into a few problems as with any relationship. I still don't trust this guy as I don't quite understand his motives.

Dating while pregnant?

You have three kids to take care of yourself. Why would you take on the care of a newborn?

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My friend is dealing with the rejection from her baby daddy which is why I feel she was in such a rush to jump into another relationship. This guy came along and made her feel wanted.

Dating while pregnant?

But they have moved too fast. She moved in with him too quickly the same thing she did with her baby daddy. She moved in with him after only knowing him for three months and then she ended up pregnant shortly thereafter. The baby daddy soon changed and their relationship took a turn for the worst, hence her moving out I just don't want the same thing to end up happening. I think this new guy realizes she's in a vulnerable state and may feel like she needs him. I don't want him taking advantage of her. But if I speak up I may come off like I'm salty and a hater.

I mean it's her life to live but I'm tired of seeing her make the same mistakes over and over again. Jun 6, 2. Both of them seem desperate. Your friend will probably make these types of choices for the rest of her life. Jun 6, 3. Seal married Heidi when she was pregnant by someone else who was denying that baby, and still does, I think?

They married, had kids, then she fornicated with the help. I assume your friend is not a hoe.

Maybe the guy actually loves her? Wish the best for her. Jun 6, 4.


Jun 6, 5. I know some people in my family who stay in these kinds of situations. Your friend thinks this is the life she deserves. Who are you to tell her otherwise? Jun 6, 6. Jun 6, 7.

Men who prey on heavily pregnant women are disgusting and get the side eye. Why is she letting a strange man nut in her whilst she is pregnant? Before anyone tries it, you really think he is wrapping it up when he doesn't have to worry about knocking her up? Why would you com across as salty and a hater tho, nothing about her situation is enviable.

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Tell her what you think but only she can make the right decision. Does she not have family to help her out? Jun 6, 8. Plus, she's pregnant so he can still do his thing since it's not his baby. Jun 6, 9. Jun 6, Side-eyeing some of these responses as if this dude is a modern day Romeo. This is not some fairy tale; there are all types of things wrong with this story.

Number one, he's newly divorced and I highly doubt he's looking to jump back into another marriage so soon so where is this relationship going? Number two, you have black dudes deserting their children daily so this one dude put on his cape and willingly steps into the daddy role when he has three kids already to take care of and shell out child support for?