Modern egyptian dating customs

Families take care of each other through thick and thin; without a family of one's own, life becomes infinitely more difficult and expensive. But engagement is easier daydreamed about than done, and not for a lack of interest on the part of either Egyptian men or women.

Modern egyptian dating customs – The Art of Battle

The bottom line is that it's expensive to get married. Before any reasonable in-law would accept an offer of marriage to their daughter, they want to know if the man: This is in addition to all of the usual background questions about his family, upbringing, education, and so forth. This doesn't include those who were married briefly, but are divorced and single once again. Now, I usually hear this all from the angle of my female Egyptian friends. For them, it adds up to a whole lot of waiting.

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The plus side is that Egyptian women graduate with university degrees and are in the workforce in fairly high numbers, if for no other reason than to kill time until a man finally has enough money to marry them. I had a conversation with a male co-worker last night, however, that offered a different insight into the whole process.

Walking to the metro station last night with two co-workers both named Ahmed , one of them abruptly announced: But who is your fiancee? Even when you understand all of the words, sometimes communication just doesn't work! Ahmed took tally of what he has: Yup, looks like he's ready. Then he goes around searching for recommendations of nice girls.

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This is where I came in last night--he wanted to know if I had any suggestions. So I asked him his criteria. Here was the list: But the kids would have to be raised Muslim, so a Christian wife would have to agree to this.

Marriage of foreign women in Egypt

But, whatev, he said. He'd be willing to work with her on that point. For the record, it is extremely rare for Egyptians to marry in their teens. He amended his answer to He was very firm on this point. No drama, no hysterics. Rich, poor, educated or not, veiled or unveiled--but he wanted a woman that wouldn't drive him batty.

I could appreciate his concern.

Egyptian Dating Rituals

Ahmed, you've now narrowed it down to virtually every young woman in Egypt. I tell him I'll look around and let him know if I find anyone. Now, if he finds a pretty young woman with a Bryan Adams poster on her wall.. Try to talk to her. This is useful for anyone researching Egyptian culture, customs, manners, etiquette, values and wanting to understand the people better.

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  5. You may be going to Egypt on business, for a visit or even hosting Egyptian colleagues or clients in your own country. Remember this is only a very basic level introduction and is not meant to stereotype all Egyptian people you may meet! For almost 13 centuries Arabic has been the written and spoken language of Egypt. Before the Arab invasion in AD , Coptic, the language descended from ancient Egyptian, was the language of both religious and everyday life for the mass of the population; by the 12th century, however, it had been totally replaced by Arabic, continuing only as a liturgical language for the Coptic Orthodox Church.

    Arabic has become the language of both the Egyptian Christian and Muslim. The written form of the Arabic language, in grammar and syntax, has remained substantially unchanged since the 7th century. In other ways, however, the written language has changed the modern forms of style, word sequence, and phraseology are simpler and more flexible than in classical Arabic and are often directly derivative of English or French.

    Islam is practised by the majority of Egyptians and governs their personal, political, economic and legal lives. Islam emanated from what is today Saudi Arabia. The Prophet Muhammad is seen as the last of God's emissaries following in the footsteps of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, etc to bring revelation to mankind. He was distinguished with bringing a message for the whole of mankind, rather than just to a certain peoples.

    Dating Men Vs. Egyptian Men

    The Quran and the actions of the Prophet the Sunnah are used as the basis for all guidance in the religion. Among certain obligations for Muslims are to pray five times a day - at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening. The exact time is listed in the local newspaper each day. Friday is the Muslim holy day.