Kc concepcion dating history

But was that romance doomed from the very start? After all, the relationship was more surprising than it was inevitable.

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As we cross our fingers and hope that things between her and Papa P have really been sorted out, we brace ourselves for the worst. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Spot. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. Find out more here.

Tracking The Dating History Of These 15 NBA Stars | TheSportster

Barea is doing even better because he has had two women marry him and both of them are among the hottest women in WAG history. For a man who averages 8.

Dating Relationship History & Ex Boyfriends of KC CONCEPCION

Barea, is a Kim Kardashian clone apparently, even though she has been around such a long time. Whether she was here before Kim K. Once he got divorced from Zuleyka, J. Barea moved on fairly quickly and met and married another supermodel, Viviano Ortiz.

KC Concepcion Dating History

Dating Destiny Marie List of Women: Jessica Burciaga, Daniela Rajic. Paul George is one of the NBA's most disrespected players. If it is not one thing, it is another. He has to constantly prove to the owner's and coaches that he is a top talent in the league and deserves respect. He is hands-down a better overall talent than any of them, period.

That massive raise is coming in his future and should do nothing but good things for his personal life, which is currently just a bunch of great Instagram pics of him and is girlfriend Destiny Marie, who is also one of the most underrated hotties in recent WAG memory. Until he gets paid, he is going to wear that as a badge of honor and use that to help propel his game into a completely different level. Married to Jewel Smith List of Women: Since his first years in the NBA, J. Smith has been underrated as a starting shooting guard.

He even turned into a sixth man for the Denver Nuggets, helping them turn into one of the NBA's scariest offensive powerhouses. However, his best time on the court came when he was starting and getting 30 minutes a night, not coming off the bench and hoping to get He averaged around the same minutes per game whether he was starting or not but the consistency has increased with his current addition to the Cleveland Cavaliers starting rotation.

As for his personal life, well, let's just say he does pretty well for himself. He even married his current wife, Jewel Smith, after having dated Britani Girard very openly for awhile. His marriage shocked fans because no one knew he was even talking to her again until he announced his marriage.


They must have had such an open relationship that he was allowed to date whomever he felt he wanted to and she would be fine with it. Married to Gabrielle Union List of Women: Dwyane Wade could have a list of women that reach double digits and the only name that would matter on it would be Gabrielle Union. From the moment he started dating her, he knew, just as we did, that he was at the top. There was no going higher than Gabby Union. She is so beautiful and so gorgeous that there might be two women on the planet Earth that are considered hotter.

Even then, we are not too sure that would be a consensus either. So, eventually, he married her and locked her up before she got away. They lived in South Beach, Florida, you know, Miami, but since his move to Chicago, have had to deal with traveling between the two places. She is not only beautiful, she is loyal and is one of the biggest stars on the planet without him, yet remains courtside for most of his games. Married to Alexis Welch List of Women: Ciara, Amber Rose, Serena Williams.

After spending much of his final few seasons in and out of surgery, Amar'e Stoudemire finally decided to make the decision he was working so hard not to, to retire. He retired officially last summer, after 14 years in the league. Instead of enjoying his marriage and spending all his money he has accumulated since he joined the NBA, Amar'e decided to go play for the Hapoel Jerusalem in the Israeli Basketball Premier League.

His deal runs for two years and in his first season, he helped them secure the Israeli Basketball League Cup, proving to us all that he still has a few more days left in those knees. Dating Hazel Renee List of Women: Sure, he might squeeze out a win or two in the Washington Wizards opening round playoffs series this year, but will that be it for them? Even if they win the series, and possibly the second round series too, they still do not have enough to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, or even worse, anyone in the top three spots in the Western Conference.

Can you picture these Wizards beating the San Antonio Spurs? What about the Golden State Warriors?

10 Possible Boyfriends for KC Concepcion (In Case it Doesn’t Work Out with Papa P)

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