We are dating but she never calls

She never texts you first because she’s not much of a texter.

She never calls first but always returns my calls. Recently, I was on the phone with her as I was driving and my phone died. When I recharged it, and turned in on there is no indication that she even tried to get a hold of me or was worried. Last week, I did a little experiment.

This behavior is puzzling to me. What do you think it is? And how should I handle this? There could be a number of reasons for this seemingly ambivalent behavior:. This could be coming from her family values, or religion or both.

Signs She Doesn't Like You Through Texting

Some guys like this kind of extreme expression of femininity and submissiveness, while others including myself would be put off by it. She would especially want you to prove yourself to her if she has recently been hurt by a guy, like you mentioned. In an attempt to never come across as needy and desperate she went to the other extreme.

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I could see how this behavior would bother you. Even the most confident, dominant man wants to know that he is being wanted , and I hope that as many women as possible get to read this.

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  • She never texts you first because she’s (really) busy..
  • Signs She Doesn't Like You Through Texting | PairedLife;
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I think the best way to handle this issue is similar to handling many other touchy issues with someone you started dated. I do enough typewriting in a day to last me a lifetime. I would much rather a phone call than a text. It completely throws me off balance.

7 Honest Reasons Why She Never Texts You First | Thought Catalog

I forget about texts and then I end up looking like an asshole because I never reply or worse I reply a couple days later. What can I say?

So, I mentioned being busy. There are some men who have been interested in me who respect and understand that, so they never complain about texting me first.

10 Things Women Say When They’re Not Into You

Be the bigger person. She wants to give you time to handle your business.

There is no love lost in a late text as long as it comes with genuine, fruitful conversation and a sweet compliment. Contrary to what I previously stated, she may not text you first because you never have anything to talk about! Even though you text her first your texts are always the same—dry as hell.

Last Contact With An Ex: How To Know If You'll Ever Speak Again?

This is something you can fix, but first impressions are lasting.