Online dating while traveling

I met a gent for a bike ride near my hotel and though there was no romantic connection, he was a proud fan of his city and showed me around some hidden gems.

It made me feel as homey as I could at the other end of the country. We were able to establish trust — crucial when it comes to online dating no matter where you are in the world.

8 Best “Travel” Dating Sites — (That Are % Free)

Another time in Winnipeg a date became aggressive as we drank in the lobby bar; I signaled to the waitstaff, who cut him off and asked him to leave. Even after he did, I had security escort me to my room as an extra precaution. Being aware, speaking up and removing myself from a situation are key steps to take if things become uncomfortable or I feel my safety is in question. This is why I usually stay close to my temporary home base for my dates.

Of course, sometimes a date is just plain old bad. Two years ago I was in Calgary for a few weeks and knew not a soul. I activated Happn and connected immediately with a cute guy a few doors down. Within half an hour we were having drinks. A couple days later I went on another date — this time with a guy whose debit card got declined.

Expanding the brand beyond dating, it matches users with people to befriend.

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Bumble BFF could have found him a friend with ease. A blond woman with a big smile and a knack for travelling caught my eye and after we matched I messaged her to tell her my deal: Show me around your city! We remain close friends and whenever I fly out west, I see her. To make meeting an out-of-town love connection or new pal even easier, some apps are offering specific features for users looking to connect with members in different cities.

The Inner Circle , launched last month in Canada and already popular in Europe, is the first dating app to offer a travel section.


This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. If you love hiking or museums, you can easily chat and plan to meet up with people interested in doing the same things. They can add to their wish list places they would like to, or are planning on visiting, and include their availability. And please check out this post on staying safe while hooking up.

You simply enter your flight number to see who else is on the same flight and you might be able to find a hottie to share an Uber with, and maybe grab dinner once you land. Just a note, there is an app called MileHi, but since I am not sure if it is affiliated with the previous dating site, I cannot recommend it. You can investigate on your own if you like. Skout is a bit different in that you type in the location of where you are, say at a bar, festival, or a museum, and you search to see others located nearby.

12 Ways To Master Online Dating While Traveling The World

Imagine an app that works without internet access? You mean if I see a fine man sitting two rows ahead of me on my flight, we can cyber flirt? Hell, yeah, thanks to Airdates Buckle Up. Wingman sounds different because, well, it is. You friends can describe you and help you find a suitable match.

You can meet other travelers who may want to split a taxi to or from the airport or just make a new friend. Yet another app for travelers, but without the lengthy questionnaires and boring profile drama that makes you sit for an hour trying to come up with a cute, fun description of yourself. What makes Travel Host Date extra special is that they make it really difficult for escorts, scammers or catfish to sign up by making members verify at least one photo. Lady Travels seems a bit similar to Miss Travel. Women get to sign up free, however, while men do need to pay for a premium membership and sign up by using their Facebook accounts.

But what do I know…check it out for yourself. I recently found out about eLoveDates and have not personally used it yet. It states that this is a free site for men and women, but rarely have I seen a dating site that is truly free other than OK Cupid or Plenty of Fish, but even those, as well as Tinder, have paid, premium versions as well. Please let me know if you have any luck, or what your thoughts are. Why pay for a data plan when you can use the wifi at many restaurants, cafes, hotels and even metro stations.

Having an idea where the closest hotspot is located can come in handy when finding and planning dates, or just a quick Tinder swipe session. Coffee is always a safe bet for a first date. As an added bonus, you can stay on a budget by skipping the fancy dinner. Grab a cheap old-school flip phone before you arrive and load minutes onto it the second you arrive.

How to meet Girls on Tinder while Travelling

Your phone will be your gateway to making plans on-the-go. Ready for your mind to be blown? The whole world uses WhatsApp and wants little to do with iMessage. Download WhatsApp, get used to the emojis, and start using their preferred form of communication. Read up on blogs, explore Foursquare, and speak to the locals. One method is to jump on a travel blog, such as TripAdvisor.

Another alternative is to download Foursquare. You can browse by cuisine and read the comments to find the perfect atmosphere and dishes for you and your date. If you want to go the more traditional route, just start asking around. If that sounds intimidating, you can always start by asking your concierge at your hotel.

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AirBnB is often cheaper than a hotel and more comfortable than a hostel. When you take your date out, make sure that you are somewhat near your apartment for obvious reasons. Use a recent authentic photo for your online dating profile.