Hook up or plug in

My case only has the front and rear fans though.

Everything you need to know about hooking up a vintage turntable | The Turntable Doc

If it helps my motherboard is this http: More about hook case fans. Sakkura Dec 6, , 7: If the fans have 4-pin connectors, plug them into your motherboard.

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Otherwise, using molex connectors from the power supply is fine. Connecting them to the motherboard would let you control fan speed in BIOS. Can't find your answer? If you want to use the fan controller built into the case, then you will need to run a power line form the psu to the fan controller input, then hook up the fans to the output of the fan controller going to each fan itself.

How do I hook up my case fans to my PC?

It will be important to identify the type of power connector the fan controller uses. If the fan controller uses the small 3 pin plug, then you will need an 4 pin molex to 3 pin fan adapter. Otherwise, you can connect the fans as suggested in the previous posts. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you can have the 3 fans that come with the case hooked up to always run, and then connect the additional fans off the controller and turn them on as you need more cooling.

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Can I hook up all of the fans molex connectors together into one long strip and then plug that strip into the power supply? So, step one is to buy an interface. Step two is to plug everything in. The guitar gets plugged into the big hole, your external speaker or headphones get plugged into the little hole, and the Lightning cable runs to your iPhone or iPad.

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You may notice that not much is happening. The free option is GarageBand for iOS, which features a section dedicated to amps and guitar effects. These apps are all easy to use. Just fire one up, and it will automatically detect your incoming signal, process it through any selected amplifiers and effects pedal, and send the awesome result out the other end. It launches fast, and lets you preserve quick ideas or play whole songs. You could leave it right there, and most of the time I do, letting it keep my ideas for later.

It might sound like a gimmick, but this can provide serious inspiration. Especially as you can take the result and send it straight to GarageBand for further tweaking more on that in a future installment.


This lets you play almost silently, and grab ideas without firing up a whole rig. To tell Music Memos to listen to your plugged-in guitar, just tap the little guitar jack icon on the main screen, tap Channel , then pick your input.

How to plug your guitar into your iPhone and rock out

If you have a device with several inputs for a guitar and a mic together, for example , you can choose the correct one here. And make sure to turn on the Monitor option if you want Music Memos to actually pass the signal through so you can listen, instead of just swallowing it up.

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