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When it comes to the dating world, not everyone's preferences are the same. Some are looking for love, while others are looking for lust.

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And then there are others that are strangely specific. Here are some things you can get out of these apps. Simple to use and based on location, these mobile dating apps are largely appropriated for those seeking, ahem, instant gratification. Tinder With a super simple user interface, the mobile dating app Tinder links up with your Facebook account so users within certain proximity of each other can swipe left or right depending on whether or not they're interested in you based on your profile photo and basic interests. You can only message another user within the application if you both swiped right for yes , but after mutual interest is established and messaging is enabled, Tinder leaves it up to you to decide how to make the next move.

Grindr Before there was Tindr, there was Grindr, so all you geo-social networking fans know whom to thank next time you use the app for instant gratification. Much like Tinder, Grindr uses your location to find other users nearby and displays profile photos by proximity to wherever you are.

Perception vs reality: More on the Grand Rapids dating scene

Unlike Tinder, Grindr doesn't link with your Facebook, and is geared primarily toward only geared toward gay, bisexual and bi-curious men. Since hitting the app store six years ago, Grindr boats 10 million downloads and more than 5 million daily users. When you want more than a one-night stand but less than a legally binding document, these apps are best for singles looking to play the field.

With a boatload of member-created quizzes and multiple-choice questions, the more you answer, the better OkCupid's algorithm works to filter in your best potential matches. Online with a solid mobile app available. An old reliable, Plenty of Fish doesn't have any kind of interesting, new matchmaking approaches to speak of, but it's simple, has a familiar feel and allows you to use pretty much all of its features without a premium upgrade.

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Free with premium upgrade options Platform: When you're ready to settle down, these apps will help you find other singles interested in forging a long-term, committed relationship. First one on the scene way back in April, Match may be the grandfather of online dating sites, but recent studies show it's still getting more action than eHarmony, OkCupid or Plenty of Fish with 45 percent of online daters choosing the website and mobile app companion to find love.

Membership required for full use free to browse Platform: Read on for an honest peek into the ups and downs of the local dating scene in part two of a series. Maybe you've asked it. Messages like this reinforce that being part of a pair is superior, if not an expectation—and put the pressure on to find that better half.

In the first installment of this series, we looked at some offbeat local venues that make a great date destination. She describes Grand Rapids as progressive. When asked to characterize Grand Rapids, a sense of pride accompanies her descriptions of community-oriented, entrepreneurial and kind West Michiganders.

Perhaps as a result of the region's conservative label, others expressed the same expectation, so that by continuing to explore their options while pursuing other goals, some local singles feel they're defying traditional norms. Hailing from the east side of Michigan, Mike Schmid, 30 and fresh off the market, notices stark differences in religious values between the west side and east side of Michigan: Monogamy is his style. A general sense of commitment and trust, however, persists in Grand Rapids, perhaps rooted in those historically conservative values.

When it comes to finding a significant other, newcomers and boomerangs agree: Raised in Washington D. He acknowledges that dating would have been hard, had he focused solely on that. Growing multicultural diversity is a recognized issue that has Grand Rapids talking and taking action. All the guys I know left for college in different parts of the country and stayed them.

All the women who I know went to college tended to stay close to home or come back after with a husband. Yeah, I experienced the same thing. Most of the higher educated men I knew from school and even the technically skilled welders left the area. I came home after college to a vast void and no places to meet singles safely that wasn't a church.

Ended up importing hubby from Texas. And im the one discussing dating on reddit while calling everyone Neanderthals. Its called a joke, maybe that little tidbit will help you find a date neckbeard. Dating statistics show that women think of all but 20 percent of men are neanderthals. Tinder swipe statistics it is even worse. I'm below average looks, so I know why I don't date a lot.

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But I don't like the myth that intelligence as being held in some high regard by women, because it isn't even considered unless you meet a minimum looks threshold. You could be the number one genius in your field of all time, and still have problem with women. You aren't good looking enough or you aren't in the right field. This rhetorical is so flawwed as a premise for an argument, I don't even know where to begin.

All I'll say is, you just might have some issues regarding your feelings of personal worth, and might have to do some serious soul searching to discover the things that make you personally happy before you're going to find someone else who makes you happy. If you're able to do this, then you'll come to realise that the acceptance you get or don't from others does not define your worth as a human. Don't put the onus for your worth on a fictional grouping of perceived standards when that set of individuals have wildly fluctuating tastes and opinions, and each deserves their own version of what makes them happy in life.

If you've put in the time and energy to be good enough for yourself, then you'd probably put less weight on the numbers game of dating, and look at it as two whole people sharing time together instead of statistics on a spreadsheet. I dunno, I've been hearing all my life men have unreasonable standards for the average woman. Yet everything from dating statistics say the opposite. You tell me why there is a rise of incels, and harassment, men complaining they can't get dates period.

The only people who don't put numbers on it either don't have to, or are benefiting from it. I'd be seen as totally unrealistic, yet women seem to be immune from this. When people make posts like these, I find it rather insulting. Becuase I don't get dates and I'm not a Neanderthal.

You're welcome to peruse my 8 years of reddit history as evidence for this. The standard advice just doesn't work.

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Okay, but the core of everything to my argument is that there's not actually a problem. People are allowed to have preferences, it's a part of being human. It doesn't make sense to bemoan the preferences of others, because that's entirely out of our control. Sometimes the reality of the world is that sometimes things just really suck, and there's really not a whole lot you can do about it, nor is there any blame to be assigned in the matter.

Perception vs reality: More on the Grand Rapids dating scene

It is what it is, and none of us are owed any different. Sounds like you might want to stop defining your life as "better" by having a SO. That sounds super privileged to me. I'm actually just looking around at my friends and people I know and we all seem to come to the same conclusion. I'm not griping about the dating scene because it works in my favor if the pool of women is better.

Best Places to Meet Singles in Grand Rapids – Our Top Five

I'm trying to honestly decide whether it's a false perception or not. If I had to guess, I'd say that since there isn't a huge overall pool of high achievers in GR, people are generally more OK with putting family ahead of career here. Other places I've lived larger cities , most high achievers put family on hold for career.

So when you have motivated and high achieving women in GR, if they put their family aspirations on hold to get their career and life in order, they find out that there arent a lot of good guys left when they are ready to get into relationships. The reason I'd guess there is an imbalance in quality single men and women is that there's something cultural or religious that makes it harder for women to pursue higher education and career. Also, Im not talking about tinder swipe stats.

I'm not talking about first impressions. I'm talking about whether there is a quality imbalance, which isnt indicated in tinder matches. I think it makes tons of sense to be picky as a woman on tinder. Why the fuck wouldn't you be? I dont even understand your point. Im pretty sure that people universally want those factors in a partner. Women are pretty forgiving in the looks and intelligence categories, actually, if the guy has a great personality, is fun to talk to, and confident.

True confidence, not arrogance, is key. For example, I have a huge crush on Seth Rogen. Not the most conventionally handsome guy, you could say. But he is hilarious and has the aforementioned qualities. Also, if you are harboring resentment toward an entire gender, which your post seems to indicate, it is going to seep out and women will pick up on the vibe, which is very off-putting. Maybe work on accepting and appreciating yourself as you are. If you go out into the world thinking women won't like you, you'll make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.