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How many petitions have there been against sasaengs? Why is there never any action taken against them? You are so accurate in everything you wrote. So many fans are a walking contradiction of themselves its sickening. I think this is unrealistic to actually achieve, but I fully understand their motivation behind this. It's really sad how Dispatch or other media sort of makes a "game" out of peoples' private lives, spying on celebrities and then choosing someone to expose at every New Year for some good headlines. It's frustrating but I honestly don't think the fans will have success with making the government shut Dispatch down, sadly.

I will never forgot how Princess Diana died due to paparazzi chasing her. Lessons are still not learnt on giving people in public their private space to enjoy romance.. But, these celebs were given enough support that many others did not get. Look at Hyuna and E'dawn! I mean its great of their fans and agencies to be supportive YG must be still in shock ;P but people should move on n let them live their lives.

The petition only makes the situation worse and put more limelight onto this. Plus it is Dispatch's job to do this, I don't support paps invading people's private life either but its done! These idols deserve to have private love lives and they should not be hiding it due to fear of public retribution.

It's not like Dispatch broke into their homes or vehicles to get these shots. They were literally in public. It's hard to claim "invasion of privacy" while in a public place. Dispatch might be a bit unsavory in some people's minds, but no laws were broken. People should seriously turn their attention to sasaengs who do in fact break the law and put idols in harm's way. That is a petition worth signing. Okay yes I wouldn't want someone diving into my personal life, but when you are a celebrity, all of that information is exposed. And getting mad at every single media company there is out there probably isn't that mature.

And neither is getting mad ato only one for only one specific situation. They are only doing their jobs. And Im quite positive both Kai and Jennie knew what they were getting into when they joined the groups. And please, if you have nothing nice to say about their relationship, don't say anything at all. Worry about yourself, not two people who you barely know and don't own.

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Dispatch dont deserve any petition. Why dont we think otherwise. Korean idol need to openly or freely dating with another like what western celeb do.

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If u want dispatch has nothing to do is letting kcelebs freely seeing someone, no need to hid their realtinship as well, so whats the point of Dispatch stalk them. Why dont we accept who dating with who, please see ur idol as someone or group who talented: Ya'll know that what is happening is the main objective of dispatch right?

To have ya'll speak your opinion, whether positive or negative or neutral, that is exactly what keeps dispatch alive and fired up. Dispatch obviously aint shutting down anytime soon. Netizens create petitions for anything and everything. And mostly all are irrelevant.

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These might be the same ppl that asked to ban BTS from Korean award shows just bcos they might win majority of the awards. Not only is freedom of the press integral to freedom of speech, it is the cornerstone of any democracy. You don't have to like what the press reports. You do need to understand and be grateful for their right to do so. Demanding that a news agency be shut down is supporting fascism. Dispatch is doing a great thing and the more couples that will be revealed, the more it will help to one day reach the state where dating isnt seen as a "scandal" anymore.

I actually think this is a good idea. Media outlets should have broader guidelines of what they can or can't do. Stalking is never okay no matter what the purpose for it is, I'll never understand why people think it's okay for the media to stalk public figures.

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Look do I like what there doing no, but dear people there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in a public venue. Unless these were taken in a dressing room, there home, or at there agency there is literally nothing illegal about it. There are anti stalking laws but if you want that enforced against a reporter then it should enforced against everyone including fans and I doubt you would like how that turns out. Tbh, Dispatch is not the problem here.

If Dispatch wouldn't have reported on this, fans of both groups would have found out eventually anyway. And - as we all know - fans can be maniacs when it comes to their favorites are dating someone This is the flock of newbs and bandwagons in Kpop. No offence but Dispatch isn't anything new. Are they trash yes but literally sit the fuck down and stop acting fake woke and shit, this is NOT new Dispatch and breaking news or false news it's literally been a thing for fucking years, even before the s.

None of y'all acted this fucking tight before holy shit. And when people have complained it doesn't get anywhere since it's sadly their job. If you want Dispatch to not do this, do NOT pay attention when they do cause they do it when they know they can bank on it. Agreed, being celebs and in the limelight is so hard.

There should be some law in place to leave new lovers develop their relationship without the intrusion. They will reveal when they are ready and relationship stablised..

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I think this is great, dispatch invades the lives and privacy of many people in K entertainment. Idc about others things or situations, all I know is that this is a good move to make. Fans of K entertainers are the target audience of dispatch, what a power move as fans to directly submit a petition against dispatch!

They're taking a stand against something they can actually change, and I am all for it. I think people have to show to Media they don't go to stand their inexistent etic, manipulation and stalking. Sneaking around taking pictures of people and posting them without their permission, should be illegal! If your sneaky pictures cause others emotional distress, and you post them without permission, you should be charged! I know many people, not just celebrities, who enter relationships, keep them private; until such time as they feel they can announce it to friends or family first!

Common decency says privacy should be respected. Upvote if you think more people should see this post! Posted by yckim 15 days ago. HanixHeechul 15 days ago 9 15 days ago. MXKpopFan 15 days ago 1 15 days ago. Cash 15 days ago 0 15 days ago. Nina14red 14 days ago 0 14 days ago. Mkm 15 days ago 2 15 days ago. Nina14red 15 days ago 1 15 days ago. Mkm 14 days ago 0 14 days ago. Blueblankety 15 days ago 0 15 days ago.

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I hate that you posted this so late in the game that your comment is buried, because this is the real tea Like fansites invade idols personal space at airports, mall, etc. It's called free-press whiny bitches, appreciate it or move to China. Hopefully 15 days ago 5 15 days ago. SharCx 15 days ago 0 15 days ago. Secretninja 15 days ago 0 15 days ago.

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MidnightKpop 15 days ago 1 15 days ago. OhQuack 15 days ago 3 15 days ago. Nina14red 15 days ago 0 15 days ago. Ricu 15 days ago 1 15 days ago. Ninjapotato 15 days ago 0 15 days ago. They are here to stay, ya'll. I can only guess which group of fans came up with the petition idea to shut down dispatch XD But, these celebs were given enough support that many others did not get.

ThomFrances 13 days ago 0 13 days ago. Ive been expecting this. I hope they get shut down. They spread lies and stalk people. Dear Koreans, Not only is freedom of the press integral to freedom of speech, it is the cornerstone of any democracy. Winston 15 days ago 0 15 days ago. Canucks4Life 15 days ago 0 15 days ago.

HSK 15 days ago 1 15 days ago. RimmieMeli 15 days ago 0 15 days ago. YlisseanBoi 15 days ago 0 15 days ago. T he dating controversy has shed a spotlight on the highly regimented world of the multibillion-dollar K-pop industry where stars are subjected to a gruelling training regime from an early age to project an image of perfection and utmost loyalty to fans. Keeping romance a secret remains an unspoken rule.

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They announced the news in an August interview with the Yonhap news agency. Two more K-pop careers bruised or broken because idols have to maintain the illusion they are single, too young to date see K-pop infantilization or that they belong to fans some harm, even kill themselves when they hear their fav singers are dating. H owever, with the global reach of the K-pop industry rapidly escalating, the shock decision also generated widespread outrage from bewildered and angry fans, many of them foreign.

They will show the flaws in companies! Dating needs to be normalised! You guys are strong! We love you two!