Dating queen of wands

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The Queen of Wands represents the watery part of Fire, its fluidity and colour. Also, she rules in the Zodiac from the 21st degree of Pisces to the 20th degree of Aries. The dating for the Queen of Wands is therefore from the 11 March to the 10th April.

Dating queen of wands

I have always used wands as summer These timing methods have never let me down As for the Queen Personally, I've always seen court cards as being 'undefined' when it comes to time. With the Queen of Wands, I'd echo the others in saying Summer, but because she's a court card it could be any time in Summer. I'd agree with Fudu, as even I mostly use the GD principles for timing.

However, it also depends on the deck you use, because I always feel that the image within the card can also signify timing.

Notice clues in the scenery, what time of day is it, what does the temperature in the card feel like. Lastly, this could refer to someone who takes the lead in the relationship, imprinting it with her Queen of Wands characteristics.

Today's Tarot: Queen of Wands - In the Cards

I found that explanation of the Court cards as they relate to relationships especially helpful. I'm still learning how to work with the Court Cards, and it's sometimes hard for me to apply the right archetypal identities to them and especially to balance the positives and negatives of each.

Thanks everyone, especially Thirteen for their replies. Where you need to be.

Queen of Wands as timing

And I am using the word Witch rather broadly here — a spiritual seeker, with or without spell casting. We are currently in a FIRE month. This is Sagittarius Season.

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We are supposed to foresee, forecast, predict, visualize, imagine. Where you want to be.

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  6. Well isn't this interesting. Shuffling to draw a card for my blog post today and I get the Death card.

    The Tattoo'd Spirit and the Tarot- Queen of Wands Video 73

    I drew this card the last time I was The Death Card comes for us all, eventually. The principle of letting go and moving on.