Is casual dating good

Hey, I get it. Casual dating is necessary, girls. During our crucial developing years as young girls, everyone from Hollywood to society to blogs and pushy friends repeatedly tell us that we should just loosen up and enjoy dating! Even without a purpose or direction. This is the time to kick back, be open and have fun!

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Haha…who does that, right? In theory, this is all sounds great. I can see the appeal of spending time with various strangers, going to dinners and drinks, until something gives. Hey, one of them is bound to like you, right? Going on a bunch of dates with a person leads to one of two results. Or possibly worse, you find yourself facing the possibility of entering a relationship you may or may not be ready for out of loneliness or curiosity, among other reasons. Are those really our only options?

Random failed dates or monogamous relationships?

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Arranged marriages and courting may have gone out of fashion decades ago in the Western world at least but we still have a long way to go before women finally stop being pressured into thinking and doing what everyone else wants for their love lives. You may be incapable of casual dating, but that only means you care.

Casual Dating Tips and Advice

Your family, your friends, your dog. You wonder how everyone moves on so quickly.

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You really take your time after a relationship ends learning as much as you can from it and focusing on yourself. Your last actual boyfriend was years ago. You want labels and strings attached. You want permanent weekend plans.

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You may or may not have slept with that dude from that one Lady Gaga video. You want something worth it. So much so that you hate it. You hate dating in Neverland within a pool of Peter Pans. As it should be.

8 Rules For Casual Dating

If your casual dating involves casual sex, the risk of contracting an STD is high. HPV is the virus that can lead to genital warts and cervical cancer. Your body is your temple and you get tested regularly.

How to have a casual relationship and not a committed one