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This can not only end a friendship, it can have a ripple effect of making patients doubt themselves. A survey conducted in by Dr. Don Baken, a clinical psychologist at the School of Psychology at Massey University in New Zealand, found that patients often felt embarrassed by their physical limitations; a third felt embarrassed about the disease itself. What this study shows is that popular misconceptions about the illness make patients feel stigmatized. As a consequence, if they are somewhat functional, they may feel reluctant to tell people that they are ill.

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This is particularly true of people who have led active social or work lives before falling ill. Pretending to be well sets up an almost intolerable internal conflict, because the more an ill person fakes it the more ill they become. There are a number of ways that an ill person can give enough information to friends without necessarily risking a conversation that involves a lot of advice or tactless comments.

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His account is humorous, but it is also honest enough to strike a chord with anyone who has tried to maintain a romantic relationship while ill. Maintaining a romantic relationship is difficult even when people are healthy. But, when a person falls ill with a chronic disease, the strain may prove impossible to handle. Cheney once said that if the relationship was good to begin with, it would survive the illness. But, if not, the pressure would be more than the relationship could bear — especially if the person who falls ill is the one who is supposed to carry most of the weight.

It is sad, but sometimes romantic relationships have to go the way of fair weather friends. But if you are committed to an honest relationship with your partner or spouse, there are ways to strengthen your bond, even when both partners are ill. One of the hardest things to bear when you are ill is the effect your illness has on your children, especially if they are young. Children depend on their parents, not just for love and support, but for their survival. Young children may feel more than abandoned when their mother or father is ill — they may feel as if their very existence is at stake.

They will be frightened and confused, and those feelings will manifest themselves in ways that may be hard for you, as a parent, to handle. As a parent, your responsibilities do not stop when you are ill. And so, even though you are ill, you must continue to support them, and show that you are still their mother or father. Read the latest research news on chronic fatigue syndrome CFS. ScienceDaily features breaking news about the latest scientific discoveries -- on everything from astrophysics to zoology -- from the world's leading universities and research organizations.

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