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This is a gross generalization, but I felt that the majority of the people I was dating in Manhattan seemed to either want to rush into a relationship or avoid one entirely. I obviously know some great people who live there, but that is just what I kept encountering on the dating scene. I think it also had more to do w general lifestyle preferences than race preferences. I am a pretty laidback individual and I was finding people w similar tastes were more often than not in the surrounding boroughs.

Do you have a type at all when it comes to dating? Like is there anything that your past partners usually have in common.

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I'm a white woman and was always attracted to Asian men. I think sticking to the upper east side is hurting you. I know you're trying to maximize your time and energy but if you focus on one area you're going to exclude a ton of people with whom you'd be a great fit. I met my husband on tinder and there is no way in hell our paths would ever have crossed had it not been for that app. We worked in different fields, lived and worked in different parts of NYC, etc. BTW Okcupid was great too. I've known NyErs who expanded their search location to Include Philadelphia etc- just gotta make yourself available to as many people as possible who could be attracted to you.

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What if the one for you is living in a close by town or city and just never gets the chance to meet you? Online dating can help solve that. I used to work in finance and, over the years, had crushes on two Asian coworkers. Neither of them pursued me even though I put out very friendly signals, so I suppose they were not into me. The Europeans I worked with sure as hell were, or maybe they just put out way more obvious signals. My white female friend in California married an Asian dude and is on her second child with him. She loves his family too.

I'm just sharing this so you know there are people who would be Into you! But imo the more you broaden your search scope geographic location, etc the luckier you'll find yourself getting. Half asian guy whos lived in NY my whole life - Ive never had a problem. Usually blonde white girls. Just act like a regular guy and dont buy into any racial stereotypes.

Hmm think I can answer your question. Asian dude here who's in NYC quite frequently.

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I haven't had any issues. A lot of it depends on who you hang with. If you most hang around Asians you'll get more Asians.

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Also, it's shallow but how do you look? If it's evident, women notice that shit. From your post, you seem to lack some confidence and also put non asian women on a pedestal. Also try to expand your interests. Have you tried cooking classes, paintings? I know exactly what you mean.

But I think you're reaching too far and assuming things that are untrue. Putting nonAsian women on a pedestal? Nope, in fact, asian women are becoming more and more favorable to me. I used to be very open-minded, but its clear that others don't treat me the same. I don't struggle too hard with getting dates. Maybe that lack of self confidence is coming across to the women you date and turning them off.

Just something to think about. I've said the problem isn't dating. Of course every individual is different, but there's no denying statistics , and other comments here seem to support that white women don't really date asian men though other races are more open, which has been my experience as well. So I'm fairly certain the problem is not just me, thank you very much. Just answer me this question, have you seen any Asian men-White women couples and do you seriously think it's rarity has nothing to do with race?


And like I said, I never thought this until I entered by 30s, and being open-minded has clearly hurt me with long-term dating. A lot of soul-searching has pretty much led me to the conclusion that most white women, although open to dating me for a while, plan to have more-serious relationships with only white men anecdotal, but a Jewish girl broke up with me after 6-months because "it's been going on long enough"..

Seriously, we can't just ignore that most nonAsian women don't prefer Asian men. Guess I should move outta Manhattan and go to somewhere with more diversity lmao. I don't want to sound too harsh, but you are only contributing to the problem by letting it affect you. By looking at your own race in a negative light and feeling that being Asian is a disadvantage, you are allowing others to enforce all the negative stereotypes associated with being Asian. Also, we shouldn't put specific ethnicities on a pedestal. OP's comment might've been snippy but your response seems to show that you yourself discriminate and paint broad, dismissive strokes over an entire culture of people.

You assume Asian men are short- I myself am 6 foot, which I would never consider particularly tall but not short either. Girls who are 5' 8" not too short can comfortably wear heels around me. Zhou Qi on the Houston Rockets is 7foot. She values independence herself and wants that for me as well. You don't like Asian food- fair play, as a lot of Asian food consists of parts of the animals Westerners will never touch which is rooted in historical poverty in East Asia and the need to be pragmatic and consume all parts of the animal for sustenance.

African and Afro-Carribean cuisine do this as well. Most Western countries have never really had this problem but plenty of Asian Americans raised in the West have a similar distaste for their ethnic cuisine as well. Again, broad strokes for an entire race. I thinks it's pretty funny how you keep talking about how its probably me, and not my race, when you're literally talking about how you're not attracted to and would not even consider dating an Asian man.

Saying you're not attracted to anyone from a certain race sounds pretty discriminatory, but you do you. Dating another woman is a sexual preference issue- not a race issue. Not dating a trans person is also not a race issue, though I would say if you are against the idea of dating a trans person there is an issue there. You said it yourself- you do not find an entire race of people attractive.

The reasons you gave for it are based on broad assumptions of that race rather than qualities of individuals. And when did I every say white women were racist for not being attracted to asian men? It's obviously not racist, everyone is entitled to their own preferences. But thanks for listing out all the reasons you would not does that mean never? Yea, I can be smartass, but that seems to attract more women than push them away, at least in Manhattan, though I'm thinking it affects the quality of women I attract. And with regards to "maybe it's you.

I've never blamed my race for my failures before, I always thought about what I, as an individual, could do to improve my life. You can't seriously deny that race isn't a big factor just look at who's president! I on the other hand ventured out and it worked for me. Working on getting fit, having proper clothing style, hygiene, diet and just being confident enough to speak to other people has worked for me.

But I do have a way fairer skin complexion than most south asians. And my accent is like a british accent so maybe that helps? I feel like being Asian in America kinda sucks. With the exception of Mexican and Indians, Asian have shorter height and less natural untrained muscle definition. In my neighborhood I'm like bit over average, then I go to Manhattan and I'm a midget.

In the gay world it's no secret that Asian men don't do well, but I think there's exceptions.

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An attractive Asian guy is going to do better than an unattractive white guy. Just control what you can, I hadn't dated Asian men previously but that was largely down to body type more than race. From my experience living in nyc for almost 11 years race really does not matter here at all. Are you white by any chance? Originally Posted by snifferer. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

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