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It was harder than he expected: Yup, that's the Co-Founders drinking out of giant German beer mugs. We took the challenge to become more service-minded. We had some inquiries as to who qualified for our website, so we blogged about it. VolunteerMatch , a company we admire, tweeted us! A nice introduction of who we are, and why we decided to start an online dating site for volunteers. Limited time launch exclusive 3 month subscription free for all volunteers! March 25, Can service save us? August 16, Goodnet. June 5, Here's an audio snippit about us from New Jersey's Star May 27, We blogged about the success of couples that share a common bond!

May 19, Hands On Twin Cities featured us in their blog! February 12, A busy day!

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February 11, The iHeart team created their first promotional video! January 14, Chris blogged about his attempt at being service minded. How do I send and receive messages? How do all of the messaging features work? How can I tell if a message has been sent? What happens when I send a message to a user?

How can I block a user from contacting me? How can I unblock a user? What happens if a paying member sends a message to a guest user? I saw an inappropriate photo, how can I report it? What happens if a user uploads an inappropriate picture? What circumstances would have to occur for iHeartVolunteers to remove a user from the site? What happens if a user complains about me? I met someone on iHeartVolunteers and would like to share my story. How do subscribing members apply for iHeartVolunteers annual grants? How do I stay safe while online dating? Can iHeartVolunteers protect users from the criminal actions of others?

Does iHeartVolunteers conduct criminal background checks? What is a catfish? Are you going to SPAM me with ads? Do not create a password based on any obvious items of personal information. For example, social security number, street address, middle name, name of a child, etc.. Never share your password with anyone. Please note, iHeartVolunteers will never ask for your password. Enter your new password in both fields. Keep in mind that passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least 3 of the following 4 types of characters: First, make sure you are typing it in correctly.

Second, check to see if your password is being inserted automatically by your browser. You cannot change your username in your profile settings.

Founded 20 Years Ago to Make Civic Involvement Easy

We will respond to your request as soon as possible and update your username if it is available and appropriate. Any single individual who volunteers. Your volunteer service does not have to be a set term or regularly scheduled. The volunteer time served cannot be court ordered or for medical research. You must be 18 years or older to sign up. Citizenship is not required, this is a global dating site. Volunteer service cannot be paid, but it is acceptable to receive a living stipend. First of all, iHeartVolunteers understands the importance of personal privacy. Please note - the volunteer organization listed during registration will not be aware or informed that our verification process is for an online dating site.

Your volunteer organization listed during registration will be contacted by our professional screening subsidiary company and we will ask if the volunteer information you provided is correct. Alternatively, you can provide an official volunteer document during registration. Verifying volunteer service is a very common occurrence. For example, employers contact organizations to verify information that is listed on professional resumes.

Volunteer service is often listed on those resumes. Every individual who signs up for iHeartVolunteers will be required to go through a simple volunteer verification process. User completes the registration page - individual must provide full name given to the volunteer organization. At this time the user will be allowed to create a profile page.

Meanwhile, above the users profile photo will read Unverified until the staff at iHeartVolunteers confirms their volunteer service. If the user is verified the word Verified will read above their profile photo. During the verification process the individual will have access at whatever level they signed up. If a users volunteer service cannot be verified their profile remains Unverified and we encourage those users to volunteer at an organization that keeps volunteer records.

You can find a list of a few of these organizations on our Member Resource page. Please keep in mind that subscribing members will be given priority in our verification process. During registration you can upload an official volunteer document which states your volunteer service. Our verification subsidiary contacts your organization to verify your volunteer service. Or go to the Contact Us page, submit a form and we will work with you to verify your volunteer service.

A document or certificate an organization provides to you that proves you volunteered. For example, a certificate of completion, a certificate of volunteerism, a close of service description, a picture of a volunteer ID, a forward of an official volunteer email exchange, a screenshot of an online volunteer account visibly displaying your name and the organization's name, or any form from an organization that proves your service.

We feel a simple screening process which verifies the individuals volunteer service is the best way to create a great community of like-minded individuals. We understand that some individuals volunteer, and there is no way to verify their service, which is why they may remain on the site.

What's Going On?

You will be notified if we are unable to verify your volunteer service with the volunteer organization you listed during registration. If your volunteer service cannot be verified your profile remains Unverified and we encourage those users to volunteer at an organization that keeps volunteer records.

There is a list of a some of these organizations on our Member Resource page. Also, feel free to submit a form on the Contact Us page and we can work with you to help verify your volunteer service. We also, want to encourage people who have not volunteered to do so and then sign up on our site!

There is a list of volunteer organizations that are known to keep volunteer records.

New Dating Site Hooks Up Volunteers Who Are Looking for Love

You can view these organizations on our Member Resource page. Verified means iHeartVolunteers was able to confirm, with the volunteer organization that you listed during registration, that the information you provided regarding your volunteer service was correct. It means that iHeartVolunteers subsidiary professional screening company was either unable to confirm your volunteer service listed during registration or your verification is still pending. For this reason, we encourage all members to follow some safety guidelines and beware of catfishing. The length of time it takes to verify is different for everyone.

In most circumstances, we can verify volunteers within one to three business days. But, it can take longer depending on the information provided by the member, and the organization with which the member has volunteered. Occasionally, iHeartVolunteers will ask the new subscriber for more information when the information submitted is not enough, this can delay the verification process.

We consider a long-term immersive volunteer program as a commitment of 3 months or more, serving as a full-time volunteer with a set end date.

Dating and Marrying a Filipina: 3 Keys to Winning Her Heart

If your volunteer program meets those guidelines you will qualify for a free subscription until your service end date. Why do we offer free subscriptions to individuals who are currently serving in a long-term immersive volunteer program? We know that when someone is serving full-time as a volunteer, money is tight so we wanted to support these individuals by providing free subscriptions during their time of service.

A few examples of organizations that offer long-term immersive volunteer programs - Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Doctors Without Borders, etc The page displayed immediately after logging in to your account is your profile dashboard. Tagline is a small amount of text which serves to describe yourself with a form of dramatic effect. This is your slogan, your chance to share with people who you are in just a few words.

Employees Give Back to the Community As Well

The key to a good tagline is to be concise, keep it simple and be sincere or humorous. When viewing your profile, your tagline is displayed underneath your main profile photo. It is very important to have photos! Photos can drastically increase your chances of getting more communication and dates. Make sure to use good, easy to view, appealing photos. Here are a few more tips: Please note - deleting your account is permanent.

If you are unsure about whether or not you wish to delete your account, please consider hiding your profile instead of deleting it. Deleting your account does not automatically cancel your subscription. Email notifications from the iHeartVolunteers site include emails that you receive as a result of a user contacting you via the internal site messaging system. You can turn this back on at anytime. These types of messages go to your internal site messaging system.

If you are still not receiving external email messages, please go to the Contact Us page and submit a form.

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Then choose one of the three subscriptions and enter your payment details. Remember you may have refresh the page, to gain full access, when you return to your account after submitting a payment. Check out " Difficulties with the Payment Page " if you are having any payment issues.

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Complete the fields under the following sections: After completing your payment and returning to your profile, you may need refresh the page in order to gain full access to the iHeartVolunteers site. You gain full access to the site, all of the functions and to all of the users.

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Another benefit of becoming a subscriber is that you are eligible to apply for a iHeartVolunteers grant for your volunteer project or organization. Ten percent of our profits go towards our grants that are awarded annually. Or you can mail a check payable to iHeartVolunteers. We will give you full access to the site once we receive your payment and we will notify you via email. After you pay you will immediately gain full access to the site and your subscription period starts immediately.

For your convenience, your membership renews automatically unless you cancel your subscription before the renewal date. Rebilling will occur only when your current subscription period expires. If you choose to cancel your recurring payment through PayPal, you must call You will be required to provide your first and last name, the phone number or email address you provided when you signed up and the last 4 digits of the credit card you registered.

Depending on the subscription you chose, your renewal will automatically occur on the same day every month, three months or six months. You will receive automatic emails every time your renewal payment is made. You need to cancel your subscription in order for it to expire. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to change under "Merchant. Your payment information is not kept on our site. We pay PayPal to keep your information safe. Every transaction is heavily guarded behind their next-level encryption. Make sure the picture is rotated to the upright position before uploading your photo.

All photos uploaded to your profile are only visible to the iHeartVolunteers community. When you upload a photo you have two settings. You can change these settings as many times as you would like to an existing uploaded photo.

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You must rotate your image before uploading it to the site. There are many ways to do this on your computer, but all computers and programs are different. We can help you though. Just email the photo to info iHeartVolunteers. We can rotate, crop, resize the photo for you and email it back to you as soon as possible.