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Hey UMass Amherst, we got one more surprise for you. Students of more than 95 nationalities study at our university. They study and are taught in two languages: The opportunity to study in the internationally formed group will be offered for second year students who will be starting their studies on the 1 st of September this year. The group will only be taught in English and will have the same number of Lithuanian and foreign students. Benefits of studying in this group: Improve your professional English language skills.

Meet people of other cultures and nationalities. Help each other learn and deepen the medical knowledge already acquired. Do you think this is impossible? Let's try it all together. The shortest study period is one semester half a year. Please send requests by e-mail: My entire weekend was filled with nothing but fun and I would repeat it all again! This was one of the many comments that were given about the recent Palanga trip.

Although it was the first, it was certainly successful, bringing participants all together. The trip started on Friday, the 4 th may, where the participants were taken by two buses to Palanga. A trip which lasted approx. These activities filled the atmosphere with friendly competition and light hearted pleasure for all. The prizes given to the winners filled them with joy and excitement for the next games.

The comfort of the rooms filled us all with a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness. The participants were given activity free time for the remainder of Friday in order to allow them to unwind from the long journey and be ready for what Saturday would hold for them. The next day, after breakfast, all the participants were ready to explore what the day had in store for them. Most of the participants made it their top priority to move through the stations of the hunt and be the best team there is.

This activity, unquestionably, brought out the creative side of the students. In order to carry on this activity, the participants were split into groups. Each group had to go through all the five stations and in each station a different task was given, whether it was singing or solving a puzzle. The winner was selected by the participants based on the team which had the best acting and imagination skills at the last station. The effort of all the teams in making the winning video was not only amusing but it was also filled with imagination. Once more, the participants were taken by the buses to the spectacular HBH where they were able to get lunch, take a look at the most adorable pets and to some who wanted the extra adrenalin rush- visit the spine tingling Adventure Park.

In the evening, back near the beach, the most anticipated activity, beach volleyball, was played. The participants proved their resilience and their outstanding volleyball skills as they showed their passion and enthusiasm into making their team be the champion of the game. As sun started to set on Saturday evening, it came time for the activities to come to an end. The winners of the activities were announced along with a closing ceremony to appreciate the time spent with the students.

The participants stood from their seats to cheer and clap as the mentors and the organizers of the trip were called up to receive a certificate of appreciation which was signed by the dean of LSMU to show gratitude for all their work. And of course the cherry on top, ice cream was given to all the participants of the trip and regardless of the chilly evening, no one can say no to ice cream.

On Sunday, the 6 th of May, as much as we all wanted to stay in the peaceful and calming seaside of Lithuania, it was time for us to return back to Kaunas. It was pleasing to see that even though the trip exhausted the energy of the participants, they still had the vibrant spirit to keep the bus journey back home filled with positive and memorable vibe. After the examinations and motivation interviews, LSMU delegates presented the University faculties, departments, extracurricular activities and answered practical questions.

Prospective students were excited getting an offer to study biomedical sciences at the LSMU and are eagerly awaiting the start of their studies in upcoming autumn. Philip Perlov and 1 individually registered applicant have attended entrance exams and interviews. Three of them were offered to study Odontology, twenty three - Medicine and two — Veterinary Medicine.

LSMU graduates Ariel Krutouz graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in , Evgeni Miroshnik graduated from Odontology Faculty in and Philip Perlov graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in shared their experiences with the prospective students and answered their questions. Fill in an online application form which is available at http: The applicants invited by the agencies and several individually registered candidates sat the entrance examinations. Seven applicants successfully passed the examination and were offered to study at the LSMU Medical and Nursing programmes.

During the motivational interviews the youth were sociable, brave, discreet, showed a strong wish to study and claimed that they are confident about their decision to study the selected study programmes. The LSMU presentations were held after the examinations, where prospective students were introduced to the structure of the University, study programmes and students' life.

The University delegates were happy to answer the young people's and their parents' questions. Gender, Science and History of Science from gender terminology up to challenges and limitations of the gender perspective. Registration obligatory; please indicate your name and institution: Her extended research profile and main publications can be found at:. Estimation of Temporal Perception and its Experimental Study in Risk Sport Situations the lecture includes practical experiment at class.

Her extended research profile and main publications can be found at: September 3rd — Celebration of the First Day of the New Academic Year, begins at 10am time and location will be updated ;. September 4th — Classes begin. Detailed timetables will be provided during the Registration Week. Also, special awards have been established by businesses. For registration till use this link: The Annual General Meeting of the Erasmus Student Network is the largest European student conference focusing on the theme of mobility.

In the year Spain hosted AGM Costa Brava from 15th till 18th March, with students representing more than Higher Education Institutions from 40 countries to elect a new International Board, debate the future of the network and the broader role of internationally oriented youth in Europe. The conference started with the traditional Flag Parade highlighting the diversity and various colours and voices of the countries that are part of ESN.

The flag parade concluded with an opening ceremony where we were addressed by dignitaries such as the Mayor of the city and the representative of University of Girona along with partners of ESN such as RyanAir, Hostelling International, Dr. Walter and many more. The next day we started with plenaries and discussions on the work done in the last year by the board members of ESN International who are elected volunteers and are passionate about making a change to the international student experience.

We also witnessed the candidates that aspire to be these elected full time volunteers and help erasmus students by getting policies in place for their integration into host universities. There were plenty discussions about the possible new logo and the possible structural change within ESN to make our network stronger than it is now and long lasting.

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The social programme also promoted mobility and cultural experience. We got the true taste of Europe through the International Dinner that presented the national dishes of 40 different countries. Followed by the Spanish Night the next day when we were given the experience of a typical night in Spain while being busy with engaging discussions about our network. Through our daily events and activities organised on the local, national and international levels, we, the dedicated volunteers, are shaping the cultural heritage we will leave for our children.

We are the ones to step into the roles of global leaders. We have to fully realise the power of our potential. AGM is one of the events that motivates students to keep on doing what they are doing for Erasmus and International students and encourages a dialogue on change and shows them how other students just like them are involved across Europe. All prospective students had good knowledge and 40 applicants were invited to study Medicine, 2 — Odontology and 1 — Veterinary Medicine. Some students hardly stopped their tears of happiness when were offered a study place at LSMU.

Students have heard a lot of positive reviews about LSMU and wanted to join their friends and relatives who are already studying at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Some prospective students had good knowledge about our country as they have been already in Lithuania. Other applicants are planning to visit Lithuania and the University during the Open Days, which are organized by the International Relations and Study Centre. Moshe Cohen, the head of the company. On the last day of the visit, the LSMU representatives met the parents of students who already are studying at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and discussed the running issues.

This visit to Israel was very successful and we would like to believe that students from Israel who were offered a study place will arrive to Lithuania and will join the rapidly growing multicultural academic community of LSMU. Visitors of the LSMU stand were familiarised with the study and postgraduate fellowship possibilities at the LSMU as well as with the Lithuanian support for the Ukrainian citizens studying in Lithuania.

More than visitors attended the exhibition during three days. At the LSMU stand, high school students and their family members were mostly interested in Medicine, Odontology and Veterinary Medicine study programmes. Master study programmes received less attention — there were few visitors in the exhibition looking for them. During the exhibition, the LSMU representatives met with student recruitment agencies in the Ukraine and discussed cooperation possibilities.

Collaboration opportunities were discussed with the institution which organises trainings for the Ukrainian university teachers of medicine, pharmacy and public health in foreign countries. Studies abroad are very popular among the Ukrainian young people. The number of Ukrainian citizens going to study abroad increased from 21 thousand to 59 during the last six years. According to the statistics of the exhibition organizers, the most popular countries for studies are Poland, Germany and Russia.

Study possibilities in Lithuanian universities are little known to the Ukrainian youth. Many visitors of the LSMU stand were surprised by the opportunity to study in English, which they appraise seeing the added value to the mobility of labour force. The results of the University representation at the educational exhibition after more than five years break show considerable changes in Ukrainian higher education market over this period.

The choice of studies abroad increased more than twice. There has also been improvement in the funding opportunities of the studies. A clear potential is seen in this market in offering studies in English and orienting them towards the Ukrainian youth who looks for bigger labour force opportunities. We are pleased to announce that the biggest and most awaited event of the year 'Diplomas Graduation Ceremony' will be held on 29 June The program of event will be announced later. During the last years some new Faculties of Medicine have been opened in Spain providing more possibilities for young people to study in homeland, therefore application amount of Spanish students at LSMU decreased a little bit.

The examinees had shown good results and after the precise check of education certificates and interview, study places were offered to the best eight examinees.

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One applicant has been exempted from the entrance test because she had BSc degree in Biosciences. All the young, passionate and smart people were given the opportunities to study at LSMU and join our international community of medical academics that made the trip fruitful for the institution and the young individuals alike. Participants of these traineeships will receive zero Erasmus grants. PowerPoint presentation about Jark healthcare: International Relations and Study Centre, A.

The main goal of this event is to inform United Kingdom UK students about the benefits of studying abroad, to introduce the study programs and conditions in our university, the quality of studies, admission requirements and etc. The country's market is huge, and studies in English language are attractive to UK pupils, because they are organized in their native language. More than 50 representatives of higher education institutions from different countries participated in the event and were presenting their study programs.

Our graduates have been actively communicating with young people and their parents, sharing their study experiences, job opportunities in the United Kingdom after graduation. The majority were interested in the 'Medicine', 'Odontology' and 'Nursing' programs. Among the opportunities for interested students in the LSMU, we also met many Lithuanian students who have completed basic education in the UK, but will seek higher education at our university.

Also, during the visit to UK International team had organized an entrance examination. Mindaugas Malakauskas congratulated the certified veterinary and lifestyle medicine specialists and pointed out that diplomas symbolize work and effort, invested in the University studies. The Chancellor expressed a wish for a speciality not to become a frame which puts limits and encouraged to seek what the heart desires. The 28 February event of the diplomas award is special in the way that the first Lifestyle Medicine graduates finished the LSMU on that day.

The new University graduates on the occasion of completing their studies were also congratulated by the Veterinary Faculty Dean Prof. She agreed with Prof. Mindaugas Malakauskas saying that in their path of life they will have to escape from the inborn boundaries. Apart from the University representatives, Members of the Parliament and politicians also congratulated the participants of the diplomas award event. Moments of the diplomas award event can be found here: This staff week aims to share the best experience in working with international students, promoting University and its study programmes, collaborating with partners and organising mobilities and networks.

The target group is international office managers, international programme coordinators or anyone involved in internationalization. Participation in the training week includes lectures, workshops, cultural and social events, networking, trip to Trakai and welcome dinner. There is no registration fee to join this staff week.

However, the participants are expected to cover their travel, accommodation and daily expenses. Some social events during the staff week will be provided free of charge. Please register by using the following form: The deadline for registration is 15 April Participation will be limited to two persons per institution.

In the selection process, priority will be given to the partner universities. During the visit, the opportunities and strategies of attracting new full time students to Nursing, Pharmacy, and Dentistry programs were discussed. Our first visit to DIFC was very successful. The University's representatives also organized a quiz for future students about Lithuanian culture and history. After the announcement, the LSMU desk was visited by a group of young people who were familiar with the LSMU, had found information on the LSMU website, and only wanted to get more information about the things which concerned them.

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On February 16, when Lithuania celebrated the centenary of the restoration of the state of Lithuania, the representatives of LSMU organized an entrance exam. Out of the 43 applicants who applied for the entrance examination 37 received invitation to study at the LSMU. Such results indicate that future students who are attending preparatory courses are strongly and well prepared for the future studies. Despite the fact that some of the applicants had not completed the training course yet, they were able to get the excellent grades.

During the motivational interviews, 26 young people were offered to study Medicine, 6 - Nursing, 3 - Dentistry and 2 - Pharmacy. We are glad, that there were students who chose to study Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry. For the young people who passed the entrance examination and have chosen these study programs, LSMU was the first choice among the possible universities. The alliance is one of the largest global platforms, connecting bussiness, investors, public sector, scientists and non governmental organizations.

The Alliance is under close coopertaion with the European Commisssion, national and regional gvernments and influential worldwide organizations. Participation in the alliance will definitely strenghen international collaboration of LSMU in development and deployment of healthcare innovations. LSMU was the only institution among them offering studies in different fields of medicine and veterinary sciences. LSMU table was of great interest. Most of Swedes considers Lithuania as a good destination for degree studies and values LSMU because of well-organized studies and rich experience in education of international students.

All prospective Swedish students applied for the Medicine study programme and a few of them were invited to study at the LSMU.

All candidates were really motivated and they are planning to visit the University during the Open Days, which are organized by the International Relations and Study Centre. Most of the interested people have already known about LSMU, and wanted to get more information face to face. Therefore, LSMU booth was crowded all the time and intensive conversations were going non-stop. Moreover, a recent Swedish graduate Gaziza Shamsi and a current student Omar Mustaf had joined the LSMU booth to answer all questions of the curious prospective students.

Sounds of joy were reverberating in the corridor after the exam results were announced and offers to study at LSMU were given out. The very next day, another entrance examination has been held in the meeting room of Clarion Hotel. Test results were not so good as in the previous examination and only two examinees were given an offer to start studies in September.

Three applicants have been exempted from the entrance test because they had BSc degree diplomas in biosciences. After the precise check of education certificates and interview, they all were offered to continue an academic journey in medical sciences at LSMU. All members of LSMU academic community students, teachers, staff who are interested. Students who will be instructed in French or German language should take examinations except native speakers or language certificate B2 and must register here: LSMU representatives promoted study programmes during the two Education Fairs and accepted the entrance examination of prospective students.

Philip Perlov successfully passed the examination, too, and were offered a study place in the Faculty of Medicine. They shared the foretime experience and described the study particularities at University, as well as living conditions in Lithuania. Both Education Fairs were well-attended — more than prospective students and their parents had attended each fair and stands of LSMU were overcrowded all the time. International Relations and Study Centre is satisfied by the visit results. We would like to believe that Israeli students will accept the Offer of study place and will start studies at University on the coming September.

This event was initiated and organized by Prof. They recognize the need for devoting more attention for preparing students for academic career, knowing that a significant aspect of this career includes publishing scientific papers. The goal of the workshop was to provide an insight to the environment of scientific publishing considering the perspectives of both publishers and editors, as well as to provide an overview of basic skills needed for preparing a scientific paper, with the final aim - to encourage young researcher in writing and publishing scientific papers.

The programme was covered by two invited speakers: Justyna Kasprzycka and Ljuba Bacharova. Justyna Kasprzycka leads a portfolio of scientific journals in Central and Eastern Europe at Elsevier. She introduced the role and contribution of publishers, the foundation and structure of an article, the importance of using proper scientific language, and the process of reviewing a manuscript.

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She also presented bibliometric indicators and Elsevier products that can be used for increasing visibility of an article: She shared her experience as an author, as well as the executive editor of the Journal of Electrocardiology and the organizer of the IRIS initiative, where Journal of Electrocardiology plays substantial role. She presented also the IRIS initiative, and the experience gathering during 12 years of the existence of this initiative. Also — opening a possibility on organizing more complex and comprehensive courses on academic writing at universities, either in Lithuania or Latvia.

The main messages to take home from this workshop were: They are not always recognized and included in the university curricula or just in a limited extent. However, the attitude is changing — this workshop can serve as an example of this changing approach. We invite you to participate in the contest for the best video clip about Studies Study programme! What are the prizes for winners? There is also a Commission prize of euros.

The video clip must comply with Facebook's requirements. Videos can be taken anywhere: If you decide to record during the lecture, be sure to contact the tutor beforehand.