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And they clearly had him improvise a bunch of different lines, Apatow style, but instead of just using one they jump cut through six or seven of them:. And a hula skirt. And a saddle on my back. With a big ass NFL hat on.

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The barrage of increasingly nonsensical shit makes it funny. Outtakes in the actual movie instead of the end credits. Kind of a revolutionary technique I think. And the phones are flip phones.

And Black always specifies that they are cellular phones. Then he co-created the teen sitcom Romeo! It stars his real son, already a No Limit rapper under the name Lil Romeo, and he plays the father. This was when we were still waiting for The Chronic , so this polished Dre style was mind-blowingly new. I have a feeling this is the best of the movies.

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I asked what music she liked, and she said Master P this was in or something. It was an interesting conversation, so I gave the Subway three-stars on Yelp. I have never seen this film. I used to listen almost exclusively to hip-hop. Then all of a sudden you could. At this point WCW had gone overboard into bringing as much outside attention as they could, having athletes like Dennis Rodman who I remember actually being good in the ring and later on Jay Leno not so good in the ring. The whole Master P debacle is a bit fuzzy having been lost to time for me, except a few key facts. Rather than let it linger and let it cause a race war on Monday nights, the company wisely killed the whole angle off.

Master P never became a household name in Germany. To be honest, the only thing that I think about when it comes to the topic of Master P, is a joke from D. In one episode a character sold all kinds of bootleg stuff, including shirts of musicians, that were purposely misspelled by just one letter, to make it not too obvious.

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For some reason that still makes me chuckle and to be honest, it sounds funnier than this movie. Wow Vern, you are full of surprises. I know nothing about this movie. My friend was so fond of it that he brought it with him everywhere he went for years, and it became something of a mascot at our school. Both soundtracks are absolute classics. On the up side, they were doing brilliant shit in Atlanta and Houston and Cash Money had some good beats at least. Yeah, I lived in New Orleans from 97 to 01 so I can corraborate the huge hometown pride in No Limit and Cash Money going on at the time and this movie as well- they did a big Hollywood style premiere at the Joy on Canal St - though almost all of that stuff was garbage.

So either he went broke again or decided wrongly that people suddenly cared about that last, crappy record he put out. Fun shows though, but yeah, garbage music. Juve is the greatest. Weird that he doubled his price though. He might be overestimating the reemergence of bounce music. Related to rap movies: All the dialogue is rapped. Also, that poster might be the worst poster I have ever seen. Everything about it Is bad.

I Got the Hook Up

The unconnected photoshop images. The way too big hand in the center. Outside of the obvious and seeing him at the bank my main exposures to Juvenile have been live. Finding good rap albums was as easy as drawing breath. Blessings upon the 56k modem that helped with that.

So, yes, mainstream hip hop had this unprecedented Golden Age, and now the dream of being a superstar god is dead and the ability to make music has been so democratized that anybody can do it. I just have this little problem of not really liking very much of the music that this glorious age of democratization has produced.

I spent a lot of years staying optimistic and keeping up with the new stuff that was coming out. I found a few artists I like and a lot of stuff I listened to a couple times and never thought about again.

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Most of the rock bands are wieners with no grit or soul and most of the rappers have zero mic skills and production so boring and plodding that I hesitate to even call it hip-hop. I would describe my stuff as some combination of DJ Shadow, Mike Patton, and Girl Talk, but with more guitar solos than that comparison might imply. I record under the name Walker Sexist Mangler. Bear in mind that I have no real knowledge of how music works, and that I generally just find elements I like and try to slap them together in ways that seem weird or funny. I feel like I specialize in interesting failures.

This is very different than the way I go about my primary creative endeavor fiction writing so it uses a different, more abstract part of my brain.

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The process is kind of maddening but a lot of fun. Thank you, technology, for letting even a tuneless asshole like me get the theme music of my Calvinball of a brain out there into the world, even if no one but me ever hears it. Well, if there will ever be a possibility to listen to your shit, let me know. And yeah, I know how difficult it is to make music. My harddrive is full of unfinished music, from more commercial House tracks, to weird sample orgies, to Hip Hop instrumentals. But you know me. I just use GarageBand, which is a ridiculously intuitive program that streamlines the process to an astonishing degree.

Within a few hours of using it for the first time, I had a perfectly listenable if a little simplistic little tune. It was extremely encouraging and hooked me right away. Definitely a good project. As for listening to your stuff: I would say make an account at hearthis. Let me put it another way. Master P, who also served as screenwriter and executive producer, co-stars with stand-up comic A. But when a van driver mistakenly delivers a shipment of cell phones to their marketplace, Black and Blue opt to become slightly more upscale entrepreneurs. With the help of a neighborhood hacker Anthony Boswell and sexy cellular fraud investigator Gretchen Palmer , the con men do a brisk business with their unreliable merchandise.

Also on the trail of the con men: John Witherspoon is hilarious as a cranky TV repairman whose seedy shop fronts a veritable Playboy Mansion of sexy excess. Ice Cube, a rap star whose own success in movies likely inspired Master P, has a brief, self-satirizing cameo. Master P and A.

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Johnson glide through the chaos with all the smooth self-assurance of actors who have already read the script and know they will turn out just fine in the end. Unfortunately, neither lead player is engaging enough to give the audience a rooting interest in his fate. Dialogue is difficult to understand in a few scenes. Otherwise, tech values are reasonably competent. Produced by Jonathan Heuer. Executive producer, Master P. Co-executive producer, Bryan Turner.