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All three of the interviewees have plenty of exciting projects ahead of them. How did this partnership come together?

Top Chef Champ Stephani Answers Hot-plated Questions - People

We met through some mutual friends. I was very inspired by their team focus, office culture, and dedication to sourcing amazing ingredients. When the opportunity came up to work with Harold for our Thai Destination Salads, it was a no-brainer. She also handles all of our books and financials.

Top Chef Season 1: Where are they now? A look back at the inaugural cast

She makes my life easy! Perilla is open seven days a week for dinner and for brunch on weekends. Your email address will not be published. I'm still nice and friendly and humble and I can cook. Don't be an asshole Sweet Cheeks Q in and Tiger Mama in Though she definitely doesn't regret appearing on Top Chef because she had fun and "learned a lot," Faison, who spends most of her time working or researching, not watching TV, no longer watches the show.

First Top Chef Winner Harold Dieterle Marries Fellow Foodie | ajypeges.tk

We do not know what's cooking up for Dieterle during fatherhood, but hopefully it's something delicious we all can try. Top Chef Season 1: Where are they now?

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