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Speed dating Speed dating is fun, trendy and convenient. To find an event near you, visit Hong Kong Speed Dating at hkspeeddating. You have just a minute or two with each person. Matchmaking Computers are fine but sometimes true love requires the human touch. Matchmakers have been bringing people together for centuries. Hong Kong Matchmakers - visit them at hongkongmatchmakers. Lovestruck Lovestruck calls itself the city's best dating site and lovestruck.

The service allows you to find someone who shares your interests, in your area. They also have an app. Meetup Less pressure than a dating service, a Meetup group event is a great way to meet like-minded people and explore the city. There's no shame in wanting a bit of fun, even if you're not looking for love. Hong Kong is one of the world's sexiest cities. It would be a crime not to make the most of it. Volar Many a Hong Kong prowler's go-to spot. Volar's late hours and reputation for debauchery make it a prime pick-up destination.

With two dance floors, it's double the fun. Basement, D'Aguilar Street, Central, tel: Club 97 On the less-glamorous end of the singles spectrum is Club Here, you're guaranteed a good time, often into the wee hours. The dance floor is a perfect combination of pulsing and low-key that encourages strangers to come together. Castros Hong Kong Island doesn't have the monopoly on the dating venues. Next time you find yourself in an amorous mood in Tsim Sha Tsui, head to Castro's.

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This convivial watering hole seems to host an inordinate amount of singles. Fatty Crab Gorgeous, fun-loving people crowd the bar at Fatty Crab every day of the week. With a few of their famous Picklebacks in you, you're almost guaranteed sexual success. Propaganda Propaganda is a divisive club in the gay community: Still, Propaganda is a pick-up spot nonpareil.

Those that look hard enough are sure to find. Bad breath tops a long list of turn-offs in Paktor's survey, followed by swearing, and among others, dirty fingernails, bad skin, yellow teeth, and heavy make-up. Belinda Flanders, marketing manager at Lovestruck, offers some expert advice on how to navigate the often intimidating dating world.

Become a better version of yourself Get fit, take a course, spring clean your life, make an effort. You have time to focus on yourself, so use it to reassess your personal narrative, your mission, values, goals and dreams. No one is coming along with the sole purpose of completing you. You're responsible for that. It won't last forever Make the most of being independent.

Live a full life. Do whatever you want to do. No one's stopping you. I meet people frustrated by their single status and, honestly, what's more attractive is to put a positive spin on it. They could be divorced for no fault of their own, and god forbid, unemployed.

There could be small town, arm-chair travellers. They may be more mobile and willing to join you in HK without working, or screwing around. People laugh at teachers in Asia. But not all teachers are burnouts, nor in a mid-life crisis with yellow fever, or gay. They will often have middle-class values, just no big pay-cheque, and maybe not an ambitious person. I am not saying you should lower your standards, as regards personal values.

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But you can lower the bar with regards to financial status or even social class people do marry across the classes as well as races. I don't know if you have any leanings towards a faith. But Church has always been a place where people meet partners. Sports and other clubs. Not so much the gym, but squash, badminton. Maybe a bridge or backgammon club.

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People go for the sport etc. But these activities unlike the gym require interaction, and this leads to socialising.

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Chambers of Commerce social events are also a good way to network socially. And so believe it or not is Toastmasters International. I joined and the demographic is Chinese men and women from , and expat men of mostly 50 plus. These expat men are usually university teachers and some senior managers, who like to help people nice values. There are also some very nice older Chinese gentlemen for the cynics there are many genteel Chinese, they are usually in government or universities.

In the synergy of nationality, religion and familiarity, it can be easy to get lost in the crossovers. Hong Kong is a forgiving place to live, very Westernised for the most part, but it holds a strong connection to its traditional culture. As an extension of this, conversation with locals in Hong Kong can be a very different experience. If your Chinese partner tells you that they miss you or like you, they may have singled you out as a spouse.

Connecting expats and locals looking for love and romance - Lovestruck is Hong Kong's best online dating agency. The ins and outs of meeting people and making friends in Hong Kong. Updated 9 Sep Making friends with the locals in Hong Kong This is a question that a lot of expats ask — where to meet locals who are receptive to Westerners. Local lingo As an extension of this, conversation with locals in Hong Kong can be a very different experience.

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