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Aug 17, 7. Rob Paulen's pics are amazing.

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I've added to all of the threads, Thirdeye's wonderful contribution. Aug 17, 8. Can we update the Wiki?

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I can assist, but my wiki knowledge is pretty tiny. Aug 17, 9. You list a Contour and a Contour II. I believe that the leftmost razor is a contour, but the others shown below are Gem pushbuttons. I'm not sure what they'd be called. Aug 17, The three non Contour razors shown were introduced in as the Push Button. I can only guess that the original Contour, which immediately followed the Push Button, also had the push button feature. I have only seen a couple of photos of Contours with flip top heads. I've not seen one in person. I'm assuming that they were manufactured just before the Contour II came out.

Aug 18, Here is another one I have never seen before. I got the photos from user "merwtje", and he called it an EverReady "Jewel": The "Jewel" is a jewel.

Damaskeene blades - Gem razor

Last edited by a moderator: May 11, May 18, Zinn Gem - Different blades, although modern injectors do work today Beyond that, there is an abundance of model types, market releases and so on which form what I would call minor differences. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your username or email address: Do you already have an account?

Originally used the three hole blades but regular double edge blades work Gillette Goodwill Razor Gillette Reverse Stud Goodwill safety razor with cap. Bottom plate has diamond shaped studs that fit into the openings on the top plate. Also has slotted center hole and the top plate has square positioning posts. Embossed decorative top cap. One of several different design Goodwill Razors.

Silver color, three piece razor, top piece has the bar that fits in blade slot of bottom blade holder. Has thicker bar handle. Three piece razor, top piece has the bar that fits in blade slot with center stud for handle. Open comb type NEW razor. Open comb design, gold plated. In the original black plastic case and cardboard box. The Gillette Diamond and Arrow trademark is on the razor cap and also on the base of the handle. Came nickel plated or gold plated. Solid ball end handle. Has date code of S-3 Handle is a little dull as aluminum does that with age.

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Top blade holder has Gillette in block type letters. Date code P-3, Gillette in block type letter on top plate.

Gem Razors and why I like them

Gillette Arisocrat Safety Razor Vintage Gillette Arisocrat safety razor, era This variety of the Arisocrat has no notch for blade dispenser on the center bar and does have end caps. Uses regular double edge blades. Twist to open, uses regular double edge blades. The code is stamped on the raised part where handle is attached. Most Super Speeds weren't marked until Nickel plated with flare tip handle, notice the wide band above the TTO knob.

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TTO knob, Uses regular double edge blades. This one is date coded 'D-3'. This model was made one year only. Notice the handle doesn't have the squares in the design. Gillette advertised this razor during its sponsorship of the Cavalcade of Sports tv program in the late 50's. Has blade settings, TTO, uses regular double edge blades. Nickel plated with flare tip handle, notice the narrow band above the TTO knob.

This one has date code of L-2 This one has a date code of O-2 Came out in Razor is TTO, uses regular double edge blades. Nice brushed aluminum handle with grooved grip. Uses regular Atra refills. The blade cartridge contained a band which by turning a key the edge moved forward. Made from until Black plastic handle with a ribbed design on grip. The cartridges sometimes show up online. Was used as an advertising promotion, given away with a box advertising a customers company.

Not sure what type blade fit but researching as you read. Comb guard has edge ribs to align blade. Another odd razor for your collection.

Curvfit Lady's Safety Razor Vintage Curvfit, 'miladys personal razor', small gold plated lady's safety razor. Uses a special Curvfit single edge blade. Originally came out in the 's. Clix Safety Razor Clix safety razor, three piece razor, plastic handle with metal head. Was also made in an all plastic model.

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  8. Manufacturer Enders Razor Co. Patent information TM filed 17 Feb Uses an Ender's blade. Cream body with gold ribbed metal removeable head cover. Uses regular injector blades. Flip top head with short hexagon handle. Marked inside Ever-Ready, Bklyn, N. I believe this model came out about